CLIFTON has quickly become a "band to watch" in the Southeast. A handfull of crunchy southern indie rock. Please also check out:


Charlotte, North Carolina's southern indie outfit known as CLIFTON has been creating a buzz in the Southeastern United States. Since the release of their debut EP in early 2004, the band has received invitations to open for world-renowned headliners Michelle Branch (Virginia), LIVE and Los Lobos(California) In addition, two of their singles, "Unbreakable" and "The Distance" have been featured on four Indie music compilations for worldwide distribution. "The Distance" and "Lost in a Cave" (also from the clifton ep) were recently featured in the film "Among Brothers" directed by John Schwert. "Unbreakable" recently won Honorable Mention in the Billboard World Song Contest in the Rock / Alternative Rock category. Their songs have also been featured on MTV, the E! Network, A&E, NBC, and other TV networks.

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The Distance

Written By: Clifton Castelloe and Steve Reed

And you're gone
Like a shot that's just been
fired from a gun
And you're off to your next target
Not wasting any time
When you set your sites on something
You can never miss but
You shouldn't have to wait forever
You shouldn't have to wait because

The distance only makes you feel alone
Man what are you running from
Out of breath and dreading
The footsteps that are there behind you

It wasn't long ago
You had the look that would
Drop them to their knees
You'd love the way they'd beg for mercy
It gets you every time
But will you find what you want
Because you know that
You never could settle for less

And you shouldn't have to wait forever...


Written By: C. Castelloe

And there was no one to listen to
Nobody's good advice to take to your heart
When you were out there on your own
In the path of the storm
And facing it down

Staring straight in the eyes of the dragon
That's where you realized
That you might have to bend
Right 'til the end
But nobody's bringing you down
And if you thought you would never get through
You were fooling yourself
You are unbreakable now

And was it all really up to you
Or was it all laid out
Clear from the start
By holding the line
Were you missing out
On a chance to fall

It's always the ones who fantasize
That improvise in living out their dreams
Passing the point of terrified
But you're still moving forward

My Special 1

Written By: Clifton Castelloe

She says you better not change
And you will always be my special one

And I am always amazed
At how she finds her way into my skin
What is this I don’t know

But I can not seem to get enough of it

Oh no should I say anymore
What is this I will do something
I swear I will probably regret
But what the hell we only live once
And so the rules have changed
You can’t stop what is happening
When the stakes are raised
You have got to place your bets
Try and tell yourself there’s nothing to it
Try and fake it but you never listen
To the good advice all that matters is tonight

She says you better not change
And you will always be my special one yeah yeah


Single "Unbreakable"

Set List

A CLIFTON show typically consists of two 45-minute sets.

Break the Code
The Distance
Lost in a Cave
Pulling Mussels (from a Shell) -- Squeeze
Altar of You
If I Need You
In The End
(What's So Funny 'Bout) P, L, and U --Elvis Costello
Let Me Out
Bad News
I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better --The Byrds
We Could Be Good
Who You Are
My Special One
What Are We Waiting For
Get To Know Yourself
Never Felt Better
I See The Light (Cracker)