This is a fresh and new move of spiritual expressions that refreshes the whole soul. I seek to touch the lost souls as well as refresh and enlighten others for Christ.


11839 CLIFTON BLDV # 508
(216) 221-5567/1-865-531-6460

My talent was discovered when I was 6 yrs old along with my brothers.
1964 – Formed group fashioned after the Sensations.
1968 – Formed new group the Enthusiastics, a name given by my grandmother, with my
brother Tony and my friend Willie. We performed in many annual talent shows at East Tech High School. We were called the Little “Ojays”. In addition, we also performed at the neighborhood center in the projects.

Early Career: Lead singer for the Box Office Attraction Band along with two other singers and five band members. We played the top 40’s all over Cleveland, Ohio. We were one of the most back by popular demand bands in the land at that time.

1978 - Started to write my own songs with simple melodies and much emotion.
- Joined Razz to Riches, an all girls band, after the Box Office Attraction
- Found a young group named The Black Magic Band.
- Gave an audition at the Salvation Army and won. Performed more than
eight years until the drummer passed away.

1988 - Attended college after the break up of The Black Magic Band to study the theory of writing music.

Earned lead singer spot with The Dynamic Homeboys group with the recommendation of the studio producer. We had the honor to shoot a video spot on tv as well as provide entertainment for Mr. Jesse Jackson during his campaign for Presidency in Cleveland, Ohio.

1995 - As part of the 20 artists in the Intermission Talent for the Haircare Oscars in Cleveland,Ohio, I was chosen to be the only opening act for many famous artists such as: Chanta Moore, Jesse Cambel, Men at Large, and Levert.

1997 – Had an inner city contract with a label for three years with a group named S.T.R.O.K.E. (Sensational Talent Reviving of Kicking it Edge). During this time, I wrote and arrange songs, vocals, and music for the group.

Most Worthy: My song “Freaky Lovin” was a smash hit on MP3 in less than two weeks and stay on the Favorite Listeners List for one month and a half.

2000 – Started as minister of music for a youth choir at A.M.E. Greater Bethel Church. At the same time period of three and a half year with Greater Bethel, I started my own production studio, and I studied digital tech with audio and video to help other artists and myself.

Current Project: Producing my own CDs/videos to generate a great response towards a record deal as well as to help others that are less fortunate and enlighten/encourage and edify the lost souls towards a better life with Christ..


I have samples of some songs from my debut CD, you can find them at
R & B samples can also be found at

Set List

My set consist of 6 original songs and 4 covers.
I give an hour and 45min concert.