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Climate Control

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa | SELF

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa | SELF
Band Alternative Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Climate Control on the Horizon"

Originally formed in 2005, Climate Control have been slowly honing their skills and sound, as they aim to climb to the top of the South African hard rock/metal scene. Having gone through a number of members over the years, the band has finally settled on a formidable line-up – minus the elusive bassist, whom nearly every band struggles to find. What is it with bassists?

Combining various influences into a sound, which can best be described as an amalgamation of post-hardcore, metal, and progressive rock, the boys from Alberton have unleashed their EP, The Fall behind the Horizon.

“We recorded The Fall behind the Horizon roughly 1.5 to 2 years ago with Clint Watts from Watts Productions,” vocalist/guitarist Nicolas Gonzalez says. “We enjoy working with him a lot as we connect musically and constantly bounce ideas off of each other.”

Showing a keen ear for melody and possessing the ability to get the pits circling, Climate Control are holding all the cards to their destiny. Keep your eyes and ears on this young band – they’re sure to go far!

As a bonus to MusicReview’s readers, Climate Control have kindly given us a link to share with all of you, so that you can download their EP too – legally!

Here you go:

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"The Fall Behind The Horizon" EP

We currently have a song playlisted on TUKSfm



In early 2005, guitarist and vocalist Nicolas started searching for band members. Wanting to contribute to the musical world along with others who were passionate about music, he started the band, initially named White Noise.

The first band line-up consisted of 3 members, Nicolas, drummer Geoffrey Hobson, and guitarist Dashan Munsamy. One year later, Callum Coldwell joined the bands line-up. After expressing interest in music and wanting to play in a band, and due to the bands lack of a bassist, Callum became a member and started learning bass. After Callum joined, the band decided to change their name to Just Passing Through, relating to their desire to try many different genres of music, such as Punk, Alternative, and occasionally Alternative Metal. After another year and a half of inaction due to concentrating on schooling, changed interests and lack of dedication, Geoff and Dashan left the band.

During this time period, Luca Zeeman joined the band on drums. He had already been playing for a year and accepted the bands offer to fill the empty chair behind the drum kit, and start fresh. Meanwhile, the search for a second guitarist continued. The band remained a three piece for another year, until Luca changed instruments and picked up the guitar instead. Without a drummer, they played acoustic shows while looking for somebody to fill the post.

In mid 2007, Jacques du Toit joined Climate Control as the new drummer, completing the bands line-up. While contemplating the feasibility of the bands name, the band decided that another name change was needed. After brainstorming and sharing ideas, Nic suggested the name Climate Control, for the reason that with the bands music, the name would relate to the emotional climate of a person, rather than the climate of the Earth. The idea behind Climate Control was to make music that could control, help, relate to or bring out the emotions of the listener.

With Luca bringing his calm but attacky, live guitar sound, Callum driving the band with his deep, crunching bass lines, creating a solid undercurrent to the bands sound, Nicolas leading with his heartfelt lyrics and melodic, crunchy guitar tones, and Jacques holding up the backbone of the band with his original and creative drum patterns, Climate Control had finally found the right formulation and creativity to form the wall of sound they had worked for.

As each band member’s personal taste for music evolved, so did their musical styles. After evolving their style and sound after time, more metal influences came into the music and less punk influences remained. The bands genre shifted towards Metalcore / Alternative Metal. CC’s key core is melody combined with power and aggression, to portray the emotions that each song brings out. Musical influences include Underoath, Deftones, Incubus, The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember, 36 Crazyfists and Circa Survive, As I Lay Dying and Funeral For A Friend.

Climate Control’s lyrics are inspired by life, events that happen to a person that has a further effect on their lives, either good or bad. A bad experience produced Nic’s lyrics for most of CC’s more recent songs, such as “Thoughts Of A Weak Minded Individual”, “Te Amo, Adios” and “Death Rattle”. Other lyrics are inspired by losses experienced, events witnessed and personal feelings about the world around each member.

In late 2009, Callum decided to leave the band for personal reasons.

Again as a three piece, Climate Control now made use of pre-recorded bass and synth tracks for live shows until a new bassist was found.

A 3 track EP, “The Fall Behind The Horizon”, was released as a free download in February 2010, produced by Clint Watts from Watts Productions.

In August 2010, Wesley Smuts joined the band, completing bands line-up and taking up the ranks of the ever-elusive bassist.

The band is currently recording their new EP titled "Preludes"

Accomplishments so far:

TGL Live
Lido Fest 2009
Death Fest 2009 @ Tempos
Tempo's (Lucky Fish Audition)
"Winter's Dawn" @ Roxy's
Starfish Charity Show II @ Lido Hotel
"Go Go Gadget Breakdown" @ Black Dahlia
Thornfest Winter Edition @ Black Dahlia
The Boston Rock Lounge - Innuendo; Turn to Dust; Exodus; Fearing Insanity; Black Out Fest 2
R.O.W.A.C.A - Asylum
"P.D’s 18th" @ Sundowners
Black Dahlia - Warthane’s last 2009 show
KTV live acoustic performance
“PARTYROCKERS” @ Sundowners
Sunfest 1 @ Sundowners – Deity’s Muse album launch
“Choose Life Fest” @ Sundowners
“Ninja Night” @ Sundowners
“Fire It Up!!” Fest @ Sundowners
“Freakshow” Halloween Fest @ Sundowners
“Bust Dahlia Bust” @ Black Dahlia
Seasons Wither 5
“Metal Gaga” @ Sundowners