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The core of Climax Igloo, is an attachment to the Country, where the Guys all grew up. As the rest of the country was following the movements of Kieth Urban and more Locally Lee Kernaghan, the boys found a home in Blues, Rock, Grunge and anything else with alternative musical intelligence.

The beat behind the CI sound, Shanko was initiated through the Pink Floyd, Sting, Phil Collins Fleetwood Mac school of Rock, teaching himself drums as part of a his own spiritual journey in his early 20's, he has been a local backbone of the very niche local music scene. Mixing the style of his influences with his own taste, creating a very dynamically satisfying foundation for CI to Build on.
Shanko who would play with many bands prior to CI finally worked with Dan and John about 8 years prior to the birth of CI, playing as Out of the Box at the Totty bowling club, then once again, this time with CI's eventual Lineup at Dan's sisters wedding 5 years ago, With Jake playing bass. that night.

John, strangley enough turned away from guitar at the age of 11, in disgust of an instrument that needed that many fingers to play, only to rediscover it just 3 or 4 years later thanks to Michelle Owen and the bass line of Stand By Me.
In his time of learning the guitar and Out of nessecity due to no radio or tv from the inability to pay power bills, john taught himself not only to play guitar, but to also write and sing.
He had long written pooetry since early childhood and his natural wordsmithing ability allowed the creation of his first notable tune "Changed". Following no rules with his self intructed style, Changed started a trend of disjointed rythms and soft sung melodies of love and heartbreak.

John who had moved to Bathurst from Tottenham after yr12 moved back to Tottenham to then joined Shanko in Total Agree and then they Barney on vox, Buddah on Guitar, Cappy on Guitar with John on Bass Renamed The band to Meltdown.

As a 19 Year old in a very professional band that had been on again off again for the past 15 years. John played bass for some 6 months and introduced Meltdown to the concept of writing originals and trying to record.

With 6 new originals, 5 written by John and 1 Collectivley as band, they Headed to Hot Trax in Dubbo and recorded "Out of The Ashes" and after the initial excitment things went cool with meltdown, Cappy moved on, John Moved to Rythm Guitar, Jenny Potter (Williamson) joined on bass and Buddah continued on lead until moving to Parkes, and thats when Dan first came together with John And Shanko in a new outfit spawned of Meltdown "Out of The Box"

Who seems to have a spritual connection with his instrument, has taught himself and has an understanding of music construction that makes the mind boggle.
John and Dan grew up together and went o TCS until Dan moved away to Boarding School, upon parting ways Dan started on his road to`future guitar player. John would wait a further 4 years before discovering "it".
One christmas 4 years since they had last talked, Both 15 years olds, got together and showed each other what they new, all covers, nirvana, hendrix, metallica, but things had started to form. Dan was miles ahead on the 6 string and was honing his skills in lead.
At the same time Shanko was playing for Total Agree with another lineup change featuring Rod Gray on Rythm (one of johns school teachers) and Pete Thompson on Bass.

It would be almost 10 years before the Boys came together in out of the box.

In 1999, Meltdown played one of it's last shows as John announced his moving to Albury to Study music for 12 months and meet a few more like minds.

John left Tottenham and over the next 2 years studied at the Murray conservatorium of music formed band called Sole Desertion, John and Guitarist Ben, had an instant connection, and had started a plan to move up the east coast and take on the Majors. After losing their stable bass player and drummer just 2 weeks before leaving for Wollongong, John & Ben got Bens brother to join the band as a drummer with a new plan of finding a bass player once there. 3 Months later Sole Desertion had lost its way and for the time being came to an end. Ben & his brother moved back to Albury and John Moved back to Totty to fall back in with Shanko and the old band Meltdown, who went on to play a couple more shows and catching up with Dan in out of the box before deciding to head south again to try his hand at gold mining.

In the meantime, Dan travelled the world and Australia playing the 6 String, Singing when he had to and managed to scratch himself a living as he made his way around.

With a network of artists in Germany and around Europe Dans craft had become a force to be reckoned with. In 2003, Dan emailed john for the first time in 9 years and discussed John helping him record a couple of Blues Tracks to take Back to Germany with him. Dan and John got together recorded the tracks and instantly seen a possibilty of t