Climb Jacob's Ladder

Climb Jacob's Ladder

 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Amplified Acoustic Rock & Soul, Funky Reggae & Blues.

Dave Matthews and Bob Marley have a jam with Stevie Wonder and Little Walter. Rhythmically charged acoustic guitar, wildly original modernist harmonica, groovy cajon (wooden box drum) and percussion, funky bass, and solid keyboards.


Recommended for fans of: Ben Harper, Blues Traveler, Ray LaMontagne, Dave Matthews, Michael Franti, Ziggy Marley

Climb Jacob’s Ladder presents an organic blend of lyrically charged songwriting; with an unusual and eclectic approach to vocal and harmonic styling. The music is steeped in the vibrations of Bob Marley & The Wailers, Eric Clapton, Willie Dixon, Al Green, Little Walter, George Clinton, P-Funk and Howard Levy. It's delivered with a unique instrumental resonance that features rhythmic and chordally rich acoustic guitar (Gary Mitchell) combined with wildly original modernist harmonica (Paul Messinger), groovy and riveting percussion featuring the cajón (Richard Klecka), funky electric bass (John Federal), and compelling dual keyboards (Jason Merritt and Tim Smith).

Our instrumentation and therefore our sound is unusual enough that it warrants description. It is dynamic, not bombastic. We prefer to play at comfortable volumes for listening. 3, 4, and 5 part vocal harmonies sweeten the sound. Paul's harmonica playing is outstanding and unique... no blasting blues through big amplifiers (and he has studied and played with the best harmonica teachers in the world). Gary plays acoustic guitar, not electric. Richard plays cajón (a wooden box) as the primary drum sound. That a person sits upon and beats a wooden box has been an attractive novelty that people notice and are curious about. The electric bass parts and keyboard parts are meant to enliven the dynamics of the tunes, but not overpower the acoustic nature of the sound. No electric guitar and no drum kit... they are generally too loud for the concept.


DooWatchaDoo LP - Release date: September 20, 2011

Set List

Example Set 1 (approx. 50 minutes):
Think About It
Bongo Boy
Peace, Love, Respect
The Fire Song
Enough For Me
The Apple Song
Little Things
Everything and Nothing
Jacob's Ladder

Example Set 2 (approx. 50 minutes):
Wang Dang Doodle
Makin' It
Do The Funky White Boy
Empty Pockets
Document My Life
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Do With You
Zen Republican
Is This Love?
Psycho Yuppie
Afraid Of The Dark