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Singer Clinark sends out this message for the youth, with the song 'Babylon City' released on ITunes on 20 April 2012. Bermuda born, Clinark now lives in Edmonton, North London, and say's he saw firs thand the devastation last year's riots had on his local community and nearby Tottenham.


UK Riots Spawns Clinark's New Single ' Babylon City.'
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Clinark said ' I had the Crisis Riddim sent to me by Sam Gilly at the House of Riddim several months ago and I just had the chorus, 'Can't you see what a gwan in Babylon City,' As I watched the riots unfold on the TV last summer, I immediately thought of this song. When I passed through the affected areas, seeing that whole buildings had to be torn down.I was shocked. I just felt able to finish this song with those images in mind. It is a dire warning that we need to focus on our children's well-being, more than ever, to safeguard the future and all need to communicate better. '

Download Babylon City:

Clinark voiced and produced the final mix of Babylon City at Blu Pro Studios in London, UK, working with Engineer, John Webber.

Clinark is currently nominatied for Best Newcomer by public vote on by the British Reggae Industy Awards (BRIA) 2012..Clinark 's current album 'Journey to Foreign - Deluxe Edition '( 2011) is also nominatied for Best British Album by BRIA for his acclaimed classic Roots, Culture and Lovers Rock album updated from (2008 ) to include 20 Dubs. Clinark 's self penned album includes collaborations on some of the songs with Maxi Priest,,Richie Spice, Luciano, Kofi, Brinsley Forde (Aswad) Irie Love,Fantan Mojah and Gramps & Peetah Heritage. His song ‘Better Tomorrow’ feat Maxi Priest won a Clinark a nomination as Song of the Year .

Clinark also achieved prominence for his album of Tribute to Michael Jackson - A legend and a Warrior (2010) .This includes the 2 singles ‘Smile' and ' I’ll Be There.'‘ This work is also again nominated for a BRIA in the Best Brit Album category which is still open for fans to vote at Brit .

Babylon City Credits:
Song words by Clinark (C.Dill) & J L Edwards ,Nurture Projects Music Publishers 2012. (Administered by Jack Russel Music) Crisis Riddim by Sam Gilly (Edition Rootdown/Premium Blend Music Productions/Warner Chappell) (C) 20 12
Mixed and Mastered at Blu Pro Studios by John Webber
Music Produced by Sam Gilly at House of Riddim, Austria,
Trumpet-Hannes "Paba" Kerschner,Trombone-Markus Hoffmann, Sax-Claus Teufel, Keyboards-Christoph Richter,Keyboards-Parvez Syed, Guitar-Herb Pirker, Guitar-Tom Benneckem, Bass-Manfred Scheer, Drums-Sam Gilly

More information can be found online at - Juliet Edwards

"Michael Songs With A Reggae Feel"

Clinark is a singer, songwriter and producer who was born in Bermuda but now resides in the UK. In addition to writing and producing music, he also owns his own record and publishing copy – Nuture Projects Music.

The album, with a reggae feel, contains 18 of Michael’s songs, some of which go back to his days at Motown. Track-listing: They Don’t Care About Us, You Rock My World, Liberian Girl, Stranger In Moscow, You Are Not Alone, I’ll Be There, Never Can Say Goodbye, We’re Almost There, Heal The World, Smile, Heartbreak Hotel, Remember The Time, I Just Can’t Stop Lovin’ You, She’s Out Of My Life, Music & Me, You Were There, Lady In My Life, Gone Too Soon.

We recently spoke to Clinark about why he decided to dedicate an album to Michael and ask him why he’d chosen the songs he had.

What is your first recollection of Michael?
My first recollection of Michael was of course as he was a member of the Jackson 5. I had all their songs, watched the cartoons etc: My dad made me do jobs around the house so that I could save up to buy their records. We used to try and sing and dance like the J5 way back when growing up in Bermuda ‘round the neighbourhood. My favourites were ‘I’ll Be There,’ ‘The Love You Save,’ ‘Sugar Daddy,’ ‘Maybe Tomorrow,’ ‘Got To Be There,’ ‘Music & Me,’ and many more.

How did Michael become a major musical influence in your life?
I had formed a neighbourhood band – We practised in the garage and it just seemed natural to be influenced by Michael Jackson as he was so gifted. I followed his career created scrap books, purchased magazines such as ‘Right On’ every time they had articles and specials on Michael and the J5, for Michael and when he went solo, It was such an explosion of talent. I was always in awe of him. I particularly liked ‘Heartbreak Hotel,’ ‘She’s Out Of My Life,’ ‘P.Y.T,’ ‘Lady In My Life,’ ‘Billie Jean,’ ‘Earth Song,’ and ‘You Are Not Alone.’ This is just some of his great material I like.

‘A Legend And A Warrior’ isn’t the first album you’ve released. Would you like to tell us about the others?
Yes as a solo artist I formed my independent record label called Nurture Projects. I released ‘Clinark Live In Holland’ in 2006. It’s a collection of my own songs with a cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Heathen’ and my own reggae version of the ‘Lord’s Prayer.’ It all happened by chance. I did a short tour with Dutch band PMF. The very first recording of the live show was captured so well by the engineer, Sander Hartman. We had so many requests for copies we released it on CD and MP3.

In 2008 I released ‘Journey To Foreign,’ a studio album, co-produced with Mafia and Fluxy with Stingray records. It has 19 original songs including some are on the ‘Live In Holland’ album. For this album collaborations included, Gramps Morgan, Peter Heritage, Richie Spice, Maxi Priest, Brinsley Forde, (Aswad) Irie Love, Fantan Mojah and Kofi. The lead song was ‘Life in the Ghetto.’

We believe you had tickets to see Michael at the O2 Arena – Have you ever seen Michael perform live? If so…where and when?
Sadly, I never saw Michael perform live. I bought tickets for the O2 shows, a couple for the early shows and another set for near the end of the run. I was truly devastated! I’ve kept one of the tickets for a souvenir.

How did you feel when you watched ‘This Is It?’
I was mesmerised, firstly because of the tragedy of his death, and then to see how he worked and pulled all that together. It was going to be the greatest show the world has ever seen and it proved Michael still had it, even at 50 years old. He still had that great talent and he was about to show the world as well. It’s so sad he didn’t get that chance to once again demonstrate why he was the greatest entertainer to ever live in my opinion.

Why did you choose to use the term ‘Legend and a Warrior’ as a title to your tribute album?
Michael Jackson‘s life is indeed a legend. I felt he was a warrior in terms of his lyrics, such as in ’Earth Song,’ ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’ and ‘Heal The World.’ Michael contributed millions of dollars to charities around the world. He pushed the issues of poverty and ill health to the fore.

We believe you released ‘I’ll Be There’ as a single four days before Michael’s death, how did you select the other songs for your album?
‘I’ll Be There’ was on pre-release in May 2009 and officially released on June 21st, 2009 yes, ‘Smile’ was my choice. It was one of Michael’s favourite songs so naturally, I wanted to cover it. The other songs were suggested by fans and I decided which ones I would cover.”

‘You Were There’ is an unusual choice to cover as many people outside the Michael ‘world’ have never heard the song. What was the reason you selected this song?
I decided to cover ‘You Were There’ because that song really touched me big time and it was me paying tribute to Michael’s life like he did to Sammy Davis’ life. A beautiful, beautiful song that is.

In your versio - The Michael Jackson World Network

"Tribute Album Review"


Clinark’s album ‘Tribute to Michael Jackson (A Legend And A Warrior)’, while omitting some of the more iconic songs like ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Thriller,’ maybe the idea here was that some Michael Jackson songs need to be left to Michael alone. The album however includes 18 various songs, mainly popular, with a selection taken from right across the board. The 18 tracks incorporate a mixture of different styles too from reggae, dancehall, one drop reggae, pop, R&B and soul, and it is bound to give listeners an interesting and different flavour to the songs.

The first track on the album is an up tempo or better known as dancehall rendition of Michael’s ‘They Don’t Care About Us’. Here Clinark has added the word ‘really’ to the title, seeming to tone the protest notion down a notch and making it ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us.’ Other songs delivered in this catchy style include ‘Remember The Time’ and ‘Heartbreak Hotel.’

He does a good interpretation of Michael’s ‘Liberian Girl’ from the ‘Bad’ album with a more acoustic flavour.

Also worth mentioning is the more obscure yet powerful choice of ‘You Were There.’ It was written and performed only once by Michael at the Shrine Auditorium for Sammy Davis Jr’s 60th Anniversary TV special on the 13th November, 1989. Word has it that Michael said later that he would never sing the song again as it was Sammy’s song. After listening to the words, ‘You were there, before we came, You took the hurt, you took the shame…Yes, you were there, and thanks to you, There’s now a door we all walk through…one can’t help but commend Clinark for having included this song and having turned it around to a moving tribute to Michael.

Again, with the inclusion of ‘Smile’, from Michael’s ‘HIStory’ album, what may not seem like an obvious choice, Clinark’s sincerity is obvious here. He adds a smooth reggae style to what is now known to be one of Michael’s favourite songs.

‘Heal The World,’ from Michael’s hit album ‘Dangerous,’ released in 1991. A song with a strong message and what is said to be the song Michael was most proud of. Clinark delivers Michael’s message with his own unique one drop reggae rendition.

Clinark’s vocal talent is highlighted on several ballads that also feature on the album, one of which is ‘You Are Not Alone,’ a hit single for Michael from the ‘HIStory’ album released in 1995. It is interesting to note that Clinark adds a very unusual, yet clever touch here by using part of Michael’s recording of ‘You Are Not Alone’ in the background, to his own rendition of the same song.

He also does a solid take to another ballad, one of Michael’s older songs and one that sums up Michael’s life, ‘Music and Me,’ released by Motown in 1973. Once again, Clinark’s reasoning for selecting certain songs seems apparent here.

Clinark performs a remix of ‘I’ll Be There,’ originally recorded by the Jackson 5 in 1970, as a duet with British female singer Adele Harley. It is believed that Clinark recorded his reggae cover of the song days before Michael died. Together Clinark and Adele deliver a soulful interpretation of the ballad.

Other tracks on the album include ‘Stranger In Moscow,’ ‘We’re Almost There,’ ‘Lady In My Life,’ ‘Never Can Say Goodbye,’ the emotional ballad ‘She’s Out Of My Life,’ which Clinark gives a different twist, and ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,’ kept close to Michael’s version, and accompanied on the track by Elaisha Santana. Clinark’s rendition incorporates both English and Spanish together on the same track.

It is no surprise and appropriate, given Clinark’s obvious sincerity in doing this album, that he ends his tribute with a more subdued rendition of ‘Gone Too Soon.’

While the album may raise a few different reactions with hard core MJ fans, on the unique and distinctive take on Michael Jackson songs, overall, it is a well done, well thought out album, with careful consideration taken to the choice of songs. What I am sure is bound to be unanimous in opinion, is that it is certainly a heartfelt tribute on Clinark’s part to The King Of Pop.

Reviewed on behalf of MJWN by Paula Katsikas - The Michael Jackson World Network Reviewed on behalf of MJWN by Paula Katsikas

"Early musical influences inspire Clinark’s new album"

Reggae artist Clinark is launching his new album ‘Tribute To Michael Jackson A Legend And A Warrior’ tonight.

The joint launch party, which will also feature Shine Hayward’s ‘Saxy Drummer Boys’, will take place at Shine’s House of Music and Entertainment from 6 pm.

Many of the songs on Clinark’s 18 track album reflect his reggae influences as well as R&B. Some are acoustic tracks, such as Michael Jackson’s classic ‘I’ll Be There’, which features Adele Harley, and which was previously released as single just prior to the King of Pop’s death.

“The Jackson Five and Michael Jackson were a major musical influence and inspiration to me as I grew up,” he said. “Later, my influences were the late reggae legend Bob Marley, and UK Reggae band, Aswad, amongst others.”

In May 2009, with the anticipation of seeing Michael Jackson in the ‘This Is It’ concert in London, the artist was singing along to ‘I’ll Be There’.

“My manager, Juliet Edwards, suggested that I record the song,” he said. “It was pre-released in May 2009, unfortunately, Michael died in June. As time went on the recording has been received well by DJs and fans as a tribute to Michael.”

And the artist is still affected by Michael Jackson’s passing. “I watched as the tragedy of Michael’s passing unfolded and I joined fans around the world in the condolences.

“I recorded and released a few versions of the song ‘Smile’ in December 2009. It was one of Michael’s favourite songs. I was still devastated by Michael’s death, but set about putting the optimism into the song and celebrating the great contribution Michael made to this world.”

Clinark was encouraged by fans again and in June 2010 he recorded “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You “and ”You Are Not Alone”. These songs are now available on this tribute album.

Facebook and Twitter fans encouraged the artist to do a complete Michael Jackson tribute album.

“I was encouraged by DJ Musical Genius and many fans to record this ‘Tribute to Michael Jackson A Legend and a Warrior’ album,” he said.

“So I re-assembled my old album crew of great musicians who worked on my debut album ‘Journey to Foreign’ and ‘I’ll Be There’. I hope you appreciate this tribute from my heart.”

He added: “Michael Jackson inspired me, he was the greatest performer to ever live and a great humanitarian. RIP Michael Joseph Jackson.”

At tonight’s launch party Clinark will perform and Shine Hayward will play the saxophone.

The Saxy Drummer Boys’ will be available at Shine’s House of Music, Music Box and Arnolds.

‘Tribute To Michael Jackson A Legend And A Warrior’ is available in mp3 on iTunes, CD and Bermuda stockists are Dub City, Soundstage and Music World. - Rene Hill

"Singer makes Jackson tribute album Clinark Dill gets rights to cover the King of Pop's songs with a reggae and R&B twist"

12/17/2010 2:42:00 PM
Singer makes Jackson tribute album
Clinark Dill gets rights to cover the King of Pop's songs with a reggae and R&B twist

n Photo by Sarah Lagantribute:?Clinark sings a Michael Jackson song at Shine’s House of Music where he will perform songs from his tribute album on Monday.
* Photo by Sarah Lagan. Tribute: Clinark sings a Michael Jackson song at Shine’s House of Music where he will perform songs from his tribute album on Monday.
Sarah Lagan

A Bermudian reggae artist has released a tribute album made up entirely of Michael Jackson cover songs with a reggae and R&B twist.

Clinark Dill was ­approached about making the album by close associates of the King of Pop himself, including family members and one of his top drummers, Jonathan Moffett. They encouraged him to write a full album of covers after hearing his version of Jackson’s Smile with the Soul of Prophecy Choir in London — released on CD in 2009.

The current album — A Tribute to Michael Jackson, A Legend and a Warrior — features 18 tracks including They Don’t Really Care About Us, Rock My World, Liberian Girl, I’ll Be There (featuring Adele Harley) and Heal the World.

Mr. Dill, whose stage name is Clinark, will perform songs from the ­album at a special release party at Shine’s House of Music on Reid Street on Monday, December 20. He will be sharing the stage with Mr. Hayward, who will be performing songs from his new Christmas album Saxy Drummer Boys.

Clinark, who now lives in London, has been a Michael Jackson fan since as far back as he can remember — he grew up listening to the Jackson Five and watching their cartoons.

“The Jackson Five were my first influences before Bob Marley, even though I’m a reggae artist.

“One day I was singing I’ll Be There and my manager and girlfriend Juliet ­(Edwards) said I should record it in the studio. Michael was preparing to come to England at that time for his 02 concerts in London. He ended up passing in June (2009) so we ended up releasing it as a tribute ­single to him in the U.K.”

The recording was received well by DJs and fans as a tribute to Jackson, and was played on radio stations around the world.

When Clinark was ­approached to do a full ­album of covers following Michael Jackson’s death, he was reluctant to do so.

U.K. producers

“I didn’t want to look as if I was trying to capitalize on his death but this August I felt the time was right.”

Clinark teamed up with top U.K. producers Mafia and Fluxy and musicians Stanley Andrews and Dillie and to create the album.

“It wasn’t easy — Michael Jackson’s songs are difficult, with lots of bridges and changes.

“Reggae is simple but I didn’t want to do them simply — I wanted to keep to the structure of the ­originals but do it in my way.

“We finally got it down and it was a really excellent project.”

Clinark has produced three albums during his musical career, including Journey To Foreign which features artists including Maxi Priest and Richie Spice. His live music career has also been star-studded, having opened concerts for the likes of Ziggy Marley and Aswad.

Asked what advice he would give Bermuda’s ­aspiring young musicians, Clinark said: “There is so much talent here but it is raw talent it needs to be nurtured and polished.

“I?have been overseas and come back — we have as much talent as over there but we just don’t have the exposure and we are sometimes lacking the engineering expertise that will give you that international song.

“I tell a lot of young artists they have to think outside the box — don’t just think about getting your music played on local radio. The egos have got to come down as well — they think they are big stars but you have to get your music played overseas.

“It’s also about the technical ability, the ability to get that fat sound and to get the vocals blended right and equalized right.”

The tribute album is on sale at Shine’s House of Music, Music Box and Arnold’s for $20. - Sarah Lagan Writer/Sub-editor

"Clinark-Tribute To Michael Jackson A Legend And A Warrior A Piognant Set Straight From the Heart"

Bermudian Singer Clinark has droped his own 18 peice Tribute - Angus Taylor

"Clinark to Release Tribute album to Michael Jackson - with a twist"

November 10, 2010 -- Solo artist Clinark, will be launching his new album “TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON A LEGEND AND A WARRIOR” on 28th November 2010 . It will be available in mp3 on iTunes and CD Formats. from CD and Many of the songs on this 18 track album reflect Clinark’s Reggae influences as well as R&B. Some of the songs are acoustic tracks. Jackson's classic "I’ll Be There" is already a favoured track amongst Clinark’s fans which features Adele Harley. (See YouTube video below) having previously been released as single just prior to Jackson’s death in 2009.

Favoured tracks that reflect Clinark’s vocal talent are “Heal the World, the classic song, “We’re Almost There,” is given a new Reggae twist. Tracks “Lady In My Life” and “You Were There” are presented in an acoustic style. He makes his first venture into Dancehall style which lends itself to “They Don't Really Care About Us.” “Heartbreak Hotel” and Remember The Time.”

Clinark says, "I am totally honoured by the support I have received on this work. The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson were a major musical influence and inspiration to me as I grew up. Later, my influences were the late Reggae legend Bob Marley, and UK Reggae band, Aswad amongst others."

In May 2009 with the anticipation of seeing Michael in concert in London at the 02 Arena, Clinark was singing along to “I’ll Be There.” Clinark says, “My manager, Juliet Edwards, suggested that I record the song. It was pre- released May 2009, unfortunately, Michael died in June. As time went on this recording was received well by DJ’s and fans as a tribute to Michael, being played around the world on radio stations.

Clnark says he is still affected by Jackson's passing. "I watched as the tragedy of Michael’s passing unfolded and joined fans around the world in the condolences. I recorded and released a few version of the song “Smile” in Dec 2009. It was one of Michael’s favourite songs. I was still devastated by Michael’s death, but set about putting the optimism into the song and celebrating the great contribution Michael made to this world." Clinark’s treatment of the song has received much acclaim including this quote, “When I listened to Clinark’s song “Smile,” I cried… and smiled… Michael would have loved it.” Larry Nimmer, “The Untold Story of Neverland,” Nimmer Pictures, Inc.

Clinark was encouraged by fans again and in June 2010 he recorded “I Just Can't Stop Loving You “& ”You Are Not Alone.” These songs are now available on this tribute album.

By August 2010, Clinark had many requests from fans via Facebook and Twitter for a Michael Jackson tribute album. He says, “I was encouraged by DJ Musical Genius and many fans to record this “Tribute to Michael Jackson A Legend and a Warrior.”So I re-assembled my old album crew of great musicians who worked on my debut album “Journey to Foreign” and “I’ll Be There.” We went back to Stingray’s Studio in London, with Dillie, Mafia & Fluxy, Stanley Andrew and Barbara Nap, with the addition of Michael Martin for classical piano and brass and strings for “Heartbreak Hotel.” Clinark says, “I hope you appreciate this tribute from my heart. Thanks to all those who have supported me in the works and Kevin Reeves of Universal Music Group for the mastering, who also I worked with on previous projects with Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 amongst others.”

Clinark says “Michael Jackson, inspired me, he was the greatest performer to ever live and great a humanitarian. RIP Michael Joseph Jackson.”

Clinark is planning shows for early 2011.Forthcoming reviews: & and more.
The album “TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON A LEGEND AND A WARRIOR” is already receiving international radio play by Galaxy FM, Power 95, and Christine Williams - Cool Meditations, KAZI 88.7 FM Austen, Texas and more.

Promo tracks available for the media, please email: - Juliet Edwards

"Clinark Journey To Foreign"

Journey to Foreign
By Brent Hagerman

Bermuda's tiny scene is usually overlooked in the reggae world, but hopefully the success of Collie Buddz will help change that for other artists. While Journey to Foreign is Clinark's solo debut, he previously recorded under the name Dill-in-Jah and several of his singles show up here in remix form, such as the excellent "Colonized" and "Life In The Ghetto." Journey to Foreign offers an impressive, tight set of nu-roots and lovers rock, revolving between social justice, anthemic calls to arms ("Sign Of The Times") and religious/inspirational prayer songs (such as the dread take on the "Lord's Prayer"). Clinark's vocals are complemented by an impressive list of guests, including Fanton Mojah, Richie Spice, Maxi Priest and Luciano, and with the UK's Mafia and Fluxy producing the record, the riddims are hard enough to mash up any live dance. And once the world hears Clinark sing, "Dem come come with the badman wagon/Killing the people with their ammunition" on "Dem Come," Bermuda may just enjoy a second reggae star. (Nuture Projects) -

"Patience Pays Off" - Bermuda Royal Gazzette

"Fans celebrate Clinark Dills Debut Album" - Bermuda Royal Gazzette

"Clinark Dill to perform this evening" - Bermuda Royal Gazzette

"Song of the Year February Songwriting contest Results"

February's Songwriting Contest Results

The February 2009 songwriting winners have been announced. The top songwriters were from The United States of America, Germany, Ecuador, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Australia, Greece, Italy, Canada, and South Africa. The judging was based on 'songwriting' alone. Vocal ability and production quality was not taken into consideration. A special congratulations goes out to Fulvio Pietramala from Italy who received two finalist placements (with two songs in two different categories) in February's round.

Songs in MP3 Format



Martin Lasserre - American Dream


Thomas Smith - Don't She Look Good
Len Squires - Words
Shane Solomon - Loving You
Tootie Hiles - Because I'm Here With You



Van Vulpen, Kostek & Monika - Phobia


Alexander Karras - Can You Stop (The Night Tonight)
Osea Codega - Icy Eyes
Andre Renaud - The World All Around Us
RoPerry - Take A Litte Time



Chris Robbins - Middle Of The Road


George Glavas - The Myth Lives On
Boyan Radoslavov - Dreamless Eyes
Michael Ruocco - Hold on
Marco Massari - Don't Call Me Happy

Adult Contemporary


Chaz Langley - Walk Again


Fulvio Pietramala - Puccini
Stuart McPhillips - Penny For Your Thoughts
Paul Nicoll - Virginia Tech
Robert Aiken - Songbook



Melissa DiLuigi - Xrated


George Smith - Wind U Up
Girard DeMuro - When I See The Sky
Calo - Lands Beyond Dreams
D Beatz - Relief



Daniel Kushnir - Break Down


Shawn Harris - Playing By Your Rules
Rodricus Owens - Take This Pain Away
Benjamin Pitot - Don't Quit
Nakedi Mabusela - What's My Name

Lyric Only

Lilly Kaiser - Before You


Susan Krabisch - Listen To Your Own Heart
Tayla A Lantz - Passion
Patricia Botts - 35 Years Of Tears
Debbie Flathers - Story Book Tears



Rachel Van Slyke - I'm Coming Home


Jeff Rosenberg - Don't Piss Her Off
David Ganson - Face To Face
Caitlin Dunn - The Dog Song
Graham Betts - Sunday Drive



Yvonne Perkins - We Give You Glory


Robert Pollack - The Vision
Judith Thietten - Baa La La Noel
Maria Calfa-DePaul - Silent Prayer
Michael Kropman - Loving Kindness



Clinarke Dill - As A Man I Weep


Fulvio Pietramala - Sopravento
Michael Collins - Life Lasting Love
Staci Morrisson - The End
Alvin Choate - Flavor Of You

- SONG OF THE YEAR -Jenifer Fowler

"Bermudian Clinark clicking as international Reggae artist"

Finally: The CD which features Bermudian Clinark Dill live in Holland has been released in local and online stores.

By René Hill


London-based Bermudian artist Clinark Dill’s CD “The Reggae Torch” has just been released.
It is a debut album, which features the artist live in Holland with Poor Man Friend Band, at the Groene-Engel, on May 5 of this year.
Clinark is a singer, writer and producer, who says he has re-ignited his Reggae torch as an international artist.
Due to the overwhelming response he received in Bermuda during the summer, he said: “I had no choice but to bring forward the official international release of the “Live in Holland CD”.
“Thanks to an article in The Royal Gazette and air play from radio stations in Bermuda, I have had to make the CD available worldwide.
“So the CD will be in circulation by early December to allow for shipping. I have received so many messages from the promo release and from most of the Reggae fraternity via myspace.”
The artist has been delightfully surprised by response to the project.
“Actually, when I started to sell the CDs in the summer I only thought that a handful of my old customers and friends would buy it, as I am being constantly told that live albums don’t sell very well especially in Reggae,” he said.
“How wrong that has proven to be already. The members of Poor Man Friend Band are also delighted, as they had seen the potential of this work all along. It’s a great reward for all their efforts and teamwork that went into it.”
All of the tracks that are on the CD have a special significance for the artist.
“We would like to think that these songs form part of a social commentary,” Clinark said.
“For instance ‘Colonised’ is about the legacy some of us still hold in our minds from slavery to colonisation. In this song, which I co-wrote with Juliet Edwards, we focused on the mind of a young man, say in England or anywhere in the post-colonial world. The words sprang out after we created a few chords on the keyboard.
“It was Christmas 2004 and the beginning of the project. We came up with the words colonised and despair, and just expanded on the message. But we knew that we wanted to talk to the disaffected youth, particularly as I was witnessing in England.
“Our aim was to let people know our parents struggled for the freedom we have today and we must still find energy to continue to recover ourselves. Whilst some media would like to label all our youths as thieves, we are trying to say that we need to understand ourselves and our past leaves the residue of slavery and colonisation that turns us on ourselves, coveting things that will not let us reach our spiritual goals and enlightenment.
“In the UK it’s so difficult for a black male to be successful in business or commerce and what you find is that, I would describe, we are still experiencing the ‘aftershock’ of slavery and the erosion of the leadership role that the black male is allowed to play in our society today.
“Juliet’s parents are Jamaican, a former colony, and it is evident that there was a catastrophic lack of opportunity in Jamaica that led to massive migration from the early 50s.”
His track ‘Beautiful Island’ is about being torn between a love affair with Bermuda and making a decision to leave the Island for a new relationship.
“This song is also about taking chances with your life and hoping to be able to return successful and fulfilled,” he said, adding that ‘Life in the Ghetto’ was one of his favourites.
“We were on a bus in London one day, stuck in the rain and we saw a guy hanging out sheltering from the rain and he was always selling something.
“He is there most days and we thought ‘this is so sad’. When we got home, we had the line ‘Life in the Ghetto’ and it sprang from there. It was about imaginings of who this guy was as a child and what led him to be living a dangerous life on the streets.
“So we thought what sort of letter would he be writing to those that love him.
“Unconsciously, we come back to a prominent theme for the album. Again to the man in the street would say, ‘why is this person choosing this lifestyle? After all he’s not enslaved’. But then you realise that it is his mind that is still holding him captive as he has adopted a new way of oppression in a civilised society in a fatalistic way.
“The song talks of the period of innocence and freedom of childhood, but as a man he is almost paranoid about his survival. In the final lines he feels that he is helpless to change his situation and leaves it up to angels to rescue him.”
The tune ‘Runaway’ is just about love in simple terms, and is about a modern man who asks why loving someone is not enough.
“The guy in this song asks why his girl had left him for the glamour of the city,” he explained.
“Because he thought s - Bermuda Royal Gazette

"Son of the soil finds success overseas"

By René Hill


Clinark Dill decided that staying on this rock as a performer was not getting him anywhere.
So, he packed his bags and set off to the UK last April, and he has since found that the grass is in fact a whole lot greener.
Mr. Dill, who has since dropped the ‘e’ from his first name, was on-Island recently and popped into The Royal Gazette for a chat about his new-found success.
“I am working with two of the best UK producers – Mafia and Fluxy,” he said.
“They have worked with all sorts of artists like Maxi Priest and so many others. I have been working with them and the album is coming along. They are really impressed out there and a lot of people are waiting for it to come out. We are looking at getting it out in November or December.
“Some of the other artists come through and some just sit and listen to my stuff and they are like, ‘where have you been all this time?’”
When he initially went to London, he was working with an independent label and they figured that once they got the tracks to a certain level they would take it to Fluxy and Mafia.
“They are often booked up and the timing was good so they told me to come the next day,” he said.
“And that is when we started working on the project with them. Also we are doing it independently so we have to it step by step because it costs a lot.”
His plan is to release on white label, but he is also selling his live performance album on the Internet.
The sound engineers “are huge in the industry”, Mr. Dill said. “Everyone knows Mafia and Fluxy.
“So it should be a good quality project. Also the band that I work with is ‘Poor Man Friend’ from Holland and they want to be my permanent backing band. They want to go on tour with me.
“So stuff has just been falling into place because, normally, you have to put together a band and that is a lot of work.”
Bermudian artists have been at it for so long and there is so much talent on this Island.
“But we don’t get the exposure,” Mr. Dill said of the frustrations of the Island’s small music scene.
“People aren’t interested in Bermuda because it is so small and away from everything.”Once he moved to the UK, he found things began to fall in place much more easily.
“When I went over, I was only supposed to record a few songs, and they liked it so much that they suggested I instead do a whole album rather than a few tracks,” he said.
“Then I liked the lifestyle over there and the level of exposure and so I came back a few times because I run a business here – and now there as well – and then I decided to give it a shot. I then met my manager, who is also now my girlfriend, and one thing led to another.
“So now I am out there for good. There are so many more opportunities and you’re close to Europe.
“I took a risk doing it, because I was comfortable here in Bermuda, but I am glad that I did it because of what is coming out of it now.”
He benefits from the fact that age is not an issue in reggae, he added.
Many will know him from his past performances with local reggae groups Jahstice and Youth Creation, where he originally started out in the early 80s.
His reggae style is a mixture of conscious rhythms and lovers rock, he said: “Not a lot of political stuff, but a little of what is going on in the world.
“It is just about living right and everyday life and experiences of what I see. If I see something happening in the high street, I might think to do a little song about that.”
Mr. Dill is not only a singer, he also plays the keyboard.
“My father, who was a music teacher taught me to play from young,” he said.
His advice to up and coming Bermuda performers is to take the chance of leaving the Island and try their luck abroad.
“Just take a chance and go for it, because there are definitely opportunities out there,” he said. “And some of the producers out there have asked me about other Bermudian talent, because, other than Collie Buddz, they have never heard about anyone from Bermuda.
“There is a lot of talent on this Island, but people get frustrated and they feel that they can’t make any money from this.
“Bermudians don’t like to struggle because they don’t want to give up what they are used to here. But people just have to take a chance.”
Mr. Dill said he finds being on the brink of success thrilling.
“It feels really good and, in some ways, I wish it would have happened when I was younger, but everything happens for a reason and in its own time.
“I am in the mix of it now and with the top people in the industry. So I feel proud and also proud as a Bermudian as well because when I went to Holland people were asking, ‘Where’s Bermuda?’
“So it helps to promote Bermuda as well.”
To follow Mr. Dill’s progress visit
- Bermuda Royal Gazette

"Journey to foreign Album Review"


Journey To Foreign
Nurture Projects Music
December 14, 2008

Track list

Life In The Ghetto Remix feat. Peter And Gramps Morgan
Nowhere TV feat. Fantan Mojah
Ain't That Something
Living In Concrete Jungle feat. Richie Spice
Journey To Foreign
Angel Eyes
As A Man I Weep feat. Maxi Priest
Beautiful Island Remix
Sign Of The Times feat. Troy Anthony
Colonized Remix
Oh What A Blessing
Brown Eyes feat. Kofi
Runaway Remix
Dem Come Remix 2008
Glorify feat. Luciano
It's True feat. Irie Love
Inspiration Prayer Remix feat. Brinsley Forde
Lord's Prayer Remix
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Total votes : 6
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Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
It took about 4 years before Clinark's debut studio album "Journey To Foreign" finally hit the streets, and then quite a few weeks more to reach our mailbox, but the long wait has been truly worthwhile.

Bermudian reggae artist Clinark aka The Reggae Torch is no newcomer in the music business, but it has been a difficult journey for Clinark to reach to this point in his career. As a child growing up in Bermuda, Clinark was heavily influenced by his Seventh Day Adventist upbringing and his love of reggae music, particularly Bob Marley and the group Aswad. His father encouraged him to sing and he learned to play the piano.

Clinark first came to prominence in the early 80's with local Bermuda based band called Youth Creation. The band was successful, leading to touring overseas. They disbanded in 1990. Clinark then joined a new band called Studio Six. They did the full circuit of clubs and hotels in Bermuda, with a broader spectrum of music, including soca, soul etc. The band broke up in 1993. Clinark joined Bermuda's top reggae band called Jahstice in 1995. They backed most of the visiting reggae acts including Freddie McGregor. They also represented Bermuda at the Caribbean Song Festival in Barbados. Clinark left Jahstice at the end of 1999. But this proved to be a most unfortunate and desperate time. Clinark was on the verge of a big break in the music industry, but he was suddenly struck down with a mysterious debilitating illness. After years of being incapacitated with sudden bouts of dizziness and inability to walk and unable to work, he was finally diagnosed as suffering with a severe vertigo symptoms. Meanwhile, Clinark's voice remained in full form. In 2003 He was asked by his life long friend, neighbour and former Jahstice keyboard player and songwriter, Antwon Pitt to form a duo called African Descendants. Their demo of co-written songs proved to be a success, being played on national and nternational radio. Offers from producers in Jamaica, and the reggae fraternity in Europe and USA came in, but Clinark was not yet fully recovered and was unable to travel until 2004.

Internationally Clinark is best known for the hit single "Dem Come", which he sang under the name of Dillinjah on the Dread Unity label in 2004. It was a modern day cyber production with Clinark writing and voicing tracks in his native home of Bermuda and the production being done in the UK. A planned trip for the duo to record in Jamaica was postponed. So Clinark decided to take up an invitation to record a couple of tracks and travelled to the UK in December 2004. Clinark met up with drummer and producer, Tony 'Technical T' Edwards, brother Rob Edwards Jnr and his sister Juliet Edwards who have now come together to form the Nurture Projects music publishing house and record label. Clinark's visit produced a buzz of excitement in the studio and a plan was hatched to record an album at a later date. Clinark and Juliet Edwards immediately got to work on creating songs for the project. So throughout 2005 and early 2006 the team worked on. Eventually, by the end of 2004, Technical T had produced a demo of an 18 track album called "Journey". Clinark and the team continued to work on the "Journey" album project and started recording with UK top producers Mafia & Fluxy. Meanwhile, in 2006, a 9-track live album with Dutch reggae band Poor Man Friend, "Clinark Live In Holland", was released featuring live versions of a couple of songs from the forthcoming "Journey To Foreign" album.

And now, after the final production was done at Stingray Studios in London UK with involvement of 'Dilly' McLeod as production engineer and also Gussie P, there's the official release of an album that features 20 entertaining tunes. Besides Clinark's solo efforts there are no less than 9 collaborations with artists from Jamaica, Bermuda, Hawa - Teacher and Mr T

"Journey To Foreign Album by Clinark"

Journey to Foreign by Clinark
Debut album from Bermuda/UK artist Clinark has the feel of a classic.

This all-new album of ‘contemporary roots and culture and lovers rock’ places Clinark amongst the front ranks of contemporary reggae acts. Born in Bermuda, Clinark grew up within a strongly religious family and with a passion for Bob Marley’s music and the songs of UK band Aswad. All these influences are evident within these tracks.

As if Clinark’s own performance was not enough, he has assembled here an ‘A’ list of contributors including Gramps Morgan and Peter Heritage (of Morgan Heritage), Richie Spice, Irie Love, Maxi Priest, Luciano, Fantan Mojah, Kofi, and Troy Anthony and Brinsley Forde from Aswad. The host of collaborators adds to the range and the impact of the music: Fantan Mojah guests on Nowhere TV, while Richie Spice appears on Living in a Concrete Jungle, both songs dealing with common themes of artificial, inauthentic, existence. It is almost possible to imagine Marley himself delivering some of these songs, strong and powerful messages of resistance and liberation, particularly on Colonized (Remix) with its classic rhythm section. On the title track itself, the style takes us right back to the origins of reggae in melody and vocal harmony while the album closes with two songs of personal faith, Inspiration Remix and Lord’s Prayer Remix.

Along the way, the guest performers add light and shade to several tracks, including Luciano on Glorify and, especially, Maxi Priest on As a Man I Weep. But this should not detract from the individual contribution of Clinark to what is after all a debut album. Recorded in London, and mostly written by Clinark himself, this is quite a debut. Apparently four years in the making, it has the feel of a future classic.

Tags: Clinark, Aswad, Richie Spice, Maxi Priest, Luciano, Fantan Mojah

- Ranking John

"Clinark Journey To Foreign"

Journey to Foreign
By Brent Hagerman

Bermuda's tiny scene is usually overlooked in the reggae world, but hopefully the success of Collie Buddz will help change that for other artists. While Journey to Foreign is Clinark's solo debut, he previously recorded under the name Dill-in-Jah and several of his singles show up here in remix form, such as the excellent "Colonized" and "Life In The Ghetto." Journey to Foreign offers an impressive, tight set of nu-roots and lovers rock, revolving between social justice, anthemic calls to arms ("Sign Of The Times") and religious/inspirational prayer songs (such as the dread take on the "Lord's Prayer"). Clinark's vocals are complemented by an impressive list of guests, including Fanton Mojah, Richie Spice, Maxi Priest and Luciano, and with the UK's Mafia and Fluxy producing the record, the riddims are hard enough to mash up any live dance. And once the world hears Clinark sing, "Dem come come with the badman wagon/Killing the people with their ammunition" on "Dem Come," Bermuda may just enjoy a second reggae star. (Nuture Projects)
- Brent Hagerman


They Don't Care About Us - Tribute to Michael Jackson (2013).EP Digital Download.
Babylon City (2012) MP3 Single.
Journey to Foreign Deluxe Edition Album Digital Format (Nov 2011).
Tribute to Michael Jackson a Legend and a Warrior CD Digital Formats. (Dec 2010).
I Just Can't Stop Loving You- MP3 Single(June 2010).
You Are Not Alone- MP3 Single. (June 2010).
SMILE - CD/MP3 Single( Dec 2009).
I'LL Be There - CD/MP3 single(July 2009).
Album: Journey To Foreign CD Format (Nov 2008)
1. Life In The Ghetto Remix Clinark Feat. Gramps Morgan & Peter Heritage
(C.Dill/JL Edwards/R. Morgan/P. Morgan)Nurture Projects BMI/ASCAP/ACOA/Heartical

2. Nowhere TV (Clinark Feat. Fantan Mojah)

3. Aint That Something (Clinark)

4. Living In Concrete Jungle (Clinark Feat Richie Spice)
(C.Dill/JLEdwards/ R.Bonner/M.Bonner)Nurture/Universal

5. Journey To Foreign (Clinark)

6. Choices (Clinark)

7. Angel Eyes (Clinark)
(C.Dill/JLEdwards/L.Heywood/D.Heywood) Nuture/BMI/Mafflux Songs

8. As A Man I Weep (Clinark Feat. Maxi Priest)
MAXI PRIEST & MAX ELLIOTT appear Courtesy Of Level Vibes Records Ltd.
(C.Dill/JLEdwards) Nurture/BMI/ Level Vibes Records Ltd. (COSCAP)
Vocal Production (Maxi): Livingstone Brown at The Boogie Lab

9. Beautiful Island Remix (Clinark) (C.Dill/JLEdwards) Nurture/BMI

10. Sign Of The Times (Clinark Feat Troy Anthony)
(C.Dill/JLEdwards) Nurture/BMI

11. Colonized Remix (Clinark)

12. Vision (Clinark
(C.Dill/JL Edwards)Nurture/BMI

13. Oh What A Blessing (Clinark)
(C.Dill/JLEdwards) Nurture/BMI

14. Brown Eyes (Clinark Feat Kofi)
(C.Dill/JL Edwards) Nurture/BMI/Mafflux

15. Runaway Remix (Clinark)

16. Dem Come Remix 2008(Clinark)
(C.Dill) Nurture/BMI

17. Glorify (Clinark Feat. Luciano)
(C.Dill/JLEdwards/ J.W. McClymont) Nurture/BMI/Jahmessenjah

18. Its True (Clinark Feat. Irie Love)
(C.Dill/JLEdwards/I.Richards)Nurture /BMI/ ASCAP/Irielove Music

19. Inspiration Prayer Remix (Clinark Feat. Brinsley Forde)
(C.Dill/JLEdwards/B.Forde)Nurture /BMI/ASCAP

20. Lords Prayer Remix
(Clinark)Trad/Music Arranged by C.Dill) Nurture/BMI

Album: Clinark Live in Holland with Poor Man Friend Band
Venue: Groene-Engel, Oss, Holland, May 5th 2006.

Label: Nurture Projects
Released Dec 2006 Format: CD & MP3
1. HEATHEN (R. Marley)
2. DEM COME (Clinarke Dill)
3. LIFE IN THE GHETTO (Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)
4. RUNAWAY (Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)
5. COLONISED (Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)
6. BEAUTIFUL ISLAND (Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)
7. FIRE BUN (Written by Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)
8. INSPIRATION PRAYER (Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)
9. LORDS PRAYER (Trad/Arrangement by Clinarke Dill)

Single: Dem Come
Written by Clinarke Dill -Sung under the name of 'Dillinjah'
Released: 2004
Label: Dread Unity

Album: Jahs on our Side Format: CD
Youth Creation Band
Released 1987
Label: EDMAR
8 tracks on the album
Clinark wrote these 4 songs and sang as lead.

1. The love that I feel
2. We must fight against apartheid
3. World-wide problems.
4. Drug Population

Single: Come In a De Land Format :( Vinyl)
Youth Creation Band
Released 1985



Clinark - The Reggae Torch

Biography (Short Version 2013)

UK based Reggae singer, songwriter and producer, Clinark, is known as The Reggae Torch. Clinark (pronounced Klin_ark) real name Clinarke Dill , started out as a singer and musician (keyboard & drums). He was born on the British colony of Bermuda. He sang and played keyboards and drums. for top bands, firstly, Youth Creation,(1982 -1990) which he co-founded, then, Studio Six (1990 to 1993) and Jahstice,(1994 -1998). The bands opened shows with Aswad, Third World, Steel Pulse, Dennis Brown, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers and more. A chronic bout of vertigo caused Dill to turn his back on music in 1999.

Dill was encouraged to return to music in 2004 'He wrote and recorded the vocals for a song called 'Dem Come' (2004) under the name of 'Dill-in-Jah, this was for UK label Dread Unity. It was a hit on the underground UK dub scene. He accepted an invitation to record in London and moved to the England in 2005 and formed the independent record label, Nurture Projects Music, with his management and began writing songs for his album project.

In February 2006, Dill joined a small concert tour with Zema and Dutch Reggae band. This allowed him to release his first album, Clinark Live in Holland with Poormanfriend Band. Dill continued to write more songs, a mixture of Culture ,social commentary, ballads and Lovers Rock. This became his debut studio album Journey to Foreign. (2008) . He worked with producers Mafia & Fluxy, guitarist Stanley Andrew and Matic Horns, and Dilly at Stingray Studios in London. The 20 track album included collaborations with Maxi Priest with the song Better Tomorrow receiving a nomination as 'Song of the Year (2009). He also collaborated with Richie Spice, Luciano, Kofi, Brinsley Forde (Aswad) Irie Love, Fantan Mojah and Gramps and Peetah Heritage and Troy Anthony.

In 2009, Dill released the Jackson 5 Classic,Ill Be There, featuring Adele Harley .It was released just 4 days before Michael Jacksons death in June 2009. The song became his first tribute to Jackson . Dill said I was devastated that Michael passed and decided to release another single i 'Smile' (2009),which was one of Michaels favourite songs.This was recorded at Blue Pro Studios in London.

Fans contacted Dill on Facebook and Twitter with more requests for Jackson covers, that he was persuaded to put out a whole album of songs. This was called A Tribute to Michael Jackson - A legend and a Warrior (2010). He produced the album himself , working again with Mafia & Fluxy and guitarist Stanley Andrew and recorded at Stingray Studios. The 18 track album covers songs with what Dill calls a'Reggae Twistand two acoustic mixes. This includes two previously released singles: and You Are Not Alone, ( 2010) and I Just Cant Stop Loving You (feat.Elaisha Santana)(2010). This album was also nominated for British Reggae Industry Awards (BRIA) in the Best British Album category. Portugals radio show Zona Reggae voted the album' 'The Peoples Choice Number One album for 2011.

Also In 2011, the success of Dills work prompted a release of Journey to Foreign - Deluxe Edition which included the addition of unreleased dub versions. The album was also nominated in the Best British Album category, (BRIA).

Dill released the single .'Babylon City' (2012) a self-penned conscious Reggae song spawned by UK summer riots.In the same year, He worked with a Track from House of Riddiim in Austria. at Blue Pro Studios. In February 2013, Dill released a new EP, They Dont Care About Us - A Tribute to Michael Jacksonand a new music video. The song is a new Remix of his previous cover.This features a new Dub and an instrumental version recorded at Blue Pro Studios, Clinark continues to write & perform songs.

Band Members