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Brampton, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Brampton, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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"Journey to Foreign by Clinark www.united"

Debut album from Bermuda/UK artist Clinark has the feel of a classic.

This all-new album of ‘contemporary roots and culture and lovers rock’ places Clinark amongst the front ranks of contemporary reggae acts. Born in Bermuda, Clinark grew up within a strongly religious family and with a passion for Bob Marley’s music and the songs of UK band Aswad. All these influences are evident within these tracks.

As if Clinark’s own performance was not enough, he has assembled here an ‘A’ list of contributors including Gramps Morgan and Peter Heritage (of Morgan Heritage), Richie Spice, Irie Love, Maxi Priest, Luciano, Fantan Mojah, Kofi, and Troy Anthony and Brinsley Forde from Aswad. The host of collaborators adds to the range and the impact of the music: Fantan Mojah guests on Nowhere TV, while Richie Spice appears on Living in a Concrete Jungle, both songs dealing with common themes of artificial, inauthentic, existence. It is almost possible to imagine Marley himself delivering some of these songs, strong and powerful messages of resistance and liberation, particularly on Colonized (Remix) with its classic rhythm section. On the title track itself, the style takes us right back to the origins of reggae in melody and vocal harmony while the album closes with two songs of personal faith, Inspiration Remix and Lord’s Prayer Remix.

Along the way, the guest performers add light and shade to several tracks, including Luciano on Glorify and, especially, Maxi Priest on As a Man I Weep. But this should not detract from the individual contribution of Clinark to what is after all a debut album. Recorded in London, and mostly written by Clinark himself, this is quite a debut. Apparently four years in the making, it has the feel of a future classic.

- Ranking John

"Journey To Foreign Album Review"

Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
It took about 4 years before Clinark's debut studio album "Journey To Foreign" finally hit the streets, and then quite a few weeks more to reach our mailbox, but the long wait has been truly worthwhile.

Bermudian reggae artist Clinark aka The Reggae Torch is no newcomer in the music business, but it has been a difficult journey for Clinark to reach to this point in his career. As a child growing up in Bermuda, Clinark was heavily influenced by his Seventh Day Adventist upbringing and his love of reggae music, particularly Bob Marley and the group Aswad. His father encouraged him to sing and he learned to play the piano.

Clinark first came to prominence in the early 80's with local Bermuda based band called Youth Creation. The band was successful, leading to touring overseas. They disbanded in 1990. Clinark then joined a new band called Studio Six. They did the full circuit of clubs and hotels in Bermuda, with a broader spectrum of music, including soca, soul etc. The band broke up in 1993. Clinark joined Bermuda's top reggae band called Jahstice in 1995. They backed most of the visiting reggae acts including Freddie McGregor. They also represented Bermuda at the Caribbean Song Festival in Barbados. Clinark left Jahstice at the end of 1999. But this proved to be a most unfortunate and desperate time. Clinark was on the verge of a big break in the music industry, but he was suddenly struck down with a mysterious debilitating illness. After years of being incapacitated with sudden bouts of dizziness and inability to walk and unable to work, he was finally diagnosed as suffering with a severe vertigo symptoms. Meanwhile, Clinark's voice remained in full form. In 2003 He was asked by his life long friend, neighbour and former Jahstice keyboard player and songwriter, Antwon Pitt to form a duo called African Descendants. Their demo of co-written songs proved to be a success, being played on national and nternational radio. Offers from producers in Jamaica, and the reggae fraternity in Europe and USA came in, but Clinark was not yet fully recovered and was unable to travel until 2004.

Internationally Clinark is best known for the hit single "Dem Come", which he sang under the name of Dillinjah on the Dread Unity label in 2004. It was a modern day cyber production with Clinark writing and voicing tracks in his native home of Bermuda and the production being done in the UK. A planned trip for the duo to record in Jamaica was postponed. So Clinark decided to take up an invitation to record a couple of tracks and travelled to the UK in December 2004. Clinark met up with drummer and producer, Tony 'Technical T' Edwards, brother Rob Edwards Jnr and his sister Juliet Edwards who have now come together to form the Nurture Projects music publishing house and record label. Clinark's visit produced a buzz of excitement in the studio and a plan was hatched to record an album at a later date. Clinark and Juliet Edwards immediately got to work on creating songs for the project. So throughout 2005 and early 2006 the team worked on. Eventually, by the end of 2004, Technical T had produced a demo of an 18 track album called "Journey". Clinark and the team continued to work on the "Journey" album project and started recording with UK top producers Mafia & Fluxy. Meanwhile, in 2006, a 9-track live album with Dutch reggae band Poor Man Friend, "Clinark Live In Holland", was released featuring live versions of a couple of songs from the forthcoming "Journey To Foreign" album.

And now, after the final production was done at Stingray Studios in London UK with involvement of 'Dilly' McLeod as production engineer and also Gussie P, there's the official release of an album that features 20 entertaining tunes. Besides Clinark's solo efforts there are no less than 9 collaborations with artists from Jamaica, Bermuda, Hawaii and the UK including top artists like Luciano, Richie Spice and Maxi Priest to name only three. The quality of the tracks ranges from solid to excellent and it's obvious Clinark and the people that have supported him in the creation of this album have put much time and effort in the compositions, arrangements and lyrics of each song.

With so many tracks on an album it's almost impossible to write something about every tune, so let's solely focus on the standout efforts, split into solo tracks and collaborations. To start with the latter, it's the poignant "Life In The Ghetto" done in combination with Gramps and Peter Heritage that proves to be a truly excellent song with a strong roots vibe. It's followed by another great effort, "No Where TV", the combination with Fantan Mojah in which they warn us about the doctrines of TV and video games. For "Living In A Concrete Jungle" Clinark teamed up with Richie Spice and the final result is simply great. Both artists deliver their lyrical go - Teacher & Mr T

"Clinark Live In Holland with Poormanfriend Band"

Clinark - Live In Holland

The Reggae Torch

For me the true test of an artist is his live performance and with the release of ‘Clinark Live In Holland’ there can be little doubt that Clinark has not only the talent, but the stage presence to take the reggae world by storm.

The album was recorded in May 2006 at Groene Engel in Oss and released on the Nurture Projects label. Clinark was backed by the very tidy, six piece roots band, from Holland ‘Poor Man Friend’. The band consist of Marcus ‘Kila’ Leliveid, the band leader and composer, on keyboards; Phillp De Goey on tenor saxophone; Howard Englebert on lead and rhythm guitar; Fabian on drums; Papa Jan on bass and backing vocals; Billyman and Ras Elijah on percussions and backing vocals - For more info on PMF check out their website

There are nine tracks on the album which opens with an outstanding take on Bob Marley’s ‘Heathen’. All the other tracks are originals and written by Clinark and Juliet L Edwards. Several notable songs are performed, like ‘Dem Come’, which was released as a single under the name of ‘Dillinjah’ in 2004 and the soon to be released ‘Fire Bun’ which without doubt is gonna be big in the dances. Personal favourites of mine have got to be ‘Colonised’ and the final song on the album ‘The Lords Prayer’ in which, quite rightly so, the band gets introduced and recognised for the great musicians they are.

I must at this point give mention to the sound engineer Sander Hartman. The recording of the performance is just perfect, he truly is a master at the controls. Clinark himself commands the stage with the confidence of a veteran at work, voicing his songs with ease. He’s known as the ‘Reggae Torch’ and based on this performance his upcoming studio album ‘Journey’ is gonna be red hot and I for one can’t wait to hear it. If you asked Clinark where his home is he’ll say Bermuda, but I believe that he’s really at home when performing on stage. But don’t just take my word for it, get yourself a copy of the album and you’ll see what I mean.

Reviewed by idread

Track Listing


Dem Come

Life In The Ghetto



Beautiful Island

Fire Bun

Inspirational Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

- Idread uk reggae Guide


Clinark's Discography

To date Clinark has been involved in the following releases.
Journey to Foreign Album Released Sep 2008 CD& MP3

Released Dec 2006 CD FORMAT
Album: Clinark Live in Holland with Poor Man Friend Band
Venue: Groene-Engel, Oss, Holland, May 5th 2006.
Label: Nurture Projects
1. HEATHEN (Written by Bob Marley)
2. DEM COME (Written by Clinarke Dill)
3. LIFE IN THE GHETTO (Written by Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)
4. RUNAWAY (Written by Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)
5. COLONISED (Written by Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)
6. BEAUTIFUL ISLAND (Written by Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)
7. FIRE BUN (Written by Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)
8. INSPIRATION PRAYER (Written by Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)
9. LORD’S PRAYER (Arrangement by Clinarke Dill)


Released: 2004
Single: Dem Come (10'')
Label: Dread Unity
Written by Clinarke Dill - Sung under the name of 'Dillinjah'


Released 1987
Jah's on our Side Album CD format
Youth Creation Band
Label: EDMAR
8 tracks on the album
Clinarke wrote and these 4 songs and sang as lead.

1. The love that I feel
2. We must fight against apartheid
3. World wide problems
4. Drug Population


Released 1985
Single:Come in a de land
Youth Creation Band


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Clinark - The Reggae Torch

Biography (Short Version 3 Nov. 2013)

UK based Reggae singer, songwriter  and producer, Clinark, is known as The Reggae Torch. Clinark  (pronounced Klin_ark). He was  born on the British colony of Bermuda.  His real name is Clinarke Dill.  He sang and  played keyboards and drums for top bands. A chronic bout of vertigo caused Dill to turn his back on music in 1999. Dill was encouraged to return to music in 2004. He wrote and recorded the vocals for a song called 'Dem Come' (2004) under the name of 'Dill-in-Jah, this was for UK label Dread Unity. He moved to the England in 2005 and formed the independent record label, Nurture Projects Music.

In  2006, Dill released his first album, Clinark Live in Holland with Poormanfriend Band. Dill  continued  to write more songs, a mixture of Culture, social commentary, ballads and Lovers Rock. This became his debut studio album Journey to Foreign. (2008) and Deluxe Dub Album (2009) . He worked with producers Mafia & Fluxy, guitarist Stanley Andrew and Matic Horns, and Dilly at Stingray Studios in London. The 20 track album included collaborations with Maxi Priest with the song Better Tomorrow receiving a  nomination as 'Song of the Year (2009).  He also collaborated with Richie Spice, Luciano, Kofi, Brinsley Forde (Aswad)  Gramps  and Peetah Heritage.

In June 2009, Dill released the Jackson 5 Classic,Ill Be There, It was released just 4 days before Michael Jacksons death.. Dill said I was devastated that Michael passed and decided to release another single 'Smile' (2009), which was one of Jacksons  favourite songs .This was recorded at Blue Pro Studios in London.  Fans persuaded  him to put out a whole album of songs. This was called  A Tribute to Michael Jackson - A legend and a Warrior (2010). The 18 track album covers songs with what Dill calls a'Reggae Twistand two acoustic mixes. This includes two previously released singles: and  You Are Not Alone, and   I Just Cant Stop Loving You. This album was also nominated for British Reggae Industry Awards (BRIA) in the Best British Album category as well as "Journey To Foreign.

Dill released the single' Babylon City' (2012) a self-penned conscious Reggae song spawned by UK summer riots.In the same year, He worked with a track from House of Riddiim in Austria and at Blue Pro Studios.InDill released a new EP, They Dont Care About Us - A Tribute to Michael Jackson (Remix).

Michael Jackson fans still kept Dill busy in 2013 with requests for more covers Currently he has 'Human Nature' on pre - release. It is a mellow soul version of the classic, proving to be a hit with DJ's. Also he released a newly penned song in August 2013 in commemoration entitled "Happy Birthday MJ.  It was well received in the Soulful House genre.  February 2013,

In September 2013. He collaborated on Songweavers  "Ray  of Hope" for the 4th International Charity CD (International Peace Project) lyrics by Shimon Peres, President of Israel, Clinark produced the music in Pop/Soul style.

On 22 October 2013. Dill  released 'No More War.' A sequel to his song 'Babylon City.'This time he produced his own vocals and  final mix  and collaborated on the 'Jah Bless Riddim' with One Harmony Records. There is also another project in the pipeline with this team. This time Dill  has written and recorded a Lovers Rock song on this project called 'What You Gonna Do.' The song is on the Unification Avenue Album with various artists which is due to be released this year.

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