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Clint Brown Ministries


Clint Brown Ministries Mission Statement: To be an extension, a branch beyond the four walls of Faithworld proclaiming the Word Of God through our actions, words and lifestyle showing what is pleasing and acceptable to God.


What is Partners in Praise? Clint Brown Ministries is a non-profit organization incorporated in Florida. Partners in Praise is a division of Clint Brown Ministries that was birth through a vision and burning desire to reach the masses by ministering through:
Praise and Worship;
Words of Encouragement; and
Assisting others learn and know God.

Pastor Clint Brown, an anointed preacher and motivational speaker, as well as an accomplished musician and songwriter. In less than 10 years Pastor Brown has seen his congregation grow to over 6,000 members and cover many pastors and churches throughout America. Faithworld is a multi-racial church with over 30 different nationalities represented in it’s membership and remains on the cutting edge of praise and worship services. His message is clear: "Praise brings change to every situation in your life, and worship is the relationship with the Life Giver." Pastor Brown has been met with triumph and tragedy in his life, and found that praise provides victory, and worship sustains you through any trials you may face.


Praise, praise His Name

Written By: clint brown

Praise, praise His name
Give him glory
Give him honor
Magnify and sing
Praise, praise His name
Come on give the Lord the highest praise
Give hime glory
Give him honor
Magnify and sing
Praise, praise His name

Praises, praises

Written By: clint brown & jeff ferguson

Praises, praises
ALl your children give yoou praises, praises
Your worthy of praises, praises
All your children give you praises, praises, praise
Just like Mary, pound her oil on you
Just like David, danced with a heart renewed
your worthy of
Just like Miriam, with a tambourine and shout
Paul and Silas sang their way right out
Well, I have learned from those before
Deliverance comes wen we praise you Lord

Mighty God

Written By: -

Let the earth be filled with glory
Let creation proclaim their thanks
Let the redeemed come tell their story
Of his awesome acts of grace
For there is no other like Him
In the heavens or here on earth
Let everyone He's ever brought through
Say what a mighty
mighty mighty God we serve
What a mighty God we serve
What a mighty god we serve
What a mighty god we serve
What a might
mighty mighty God we serve
Mighty in the heavens
Mighty on earth
What a mighty God we serve

Nothing But Church

Written By: -

We didn't come to see what we could get
We didn't come to enter in and sit
We didn't come to be seen or be heard
We just came here
For nothing but church
We came to give Him the glory
We came to testify
We came to say He's worthy
That's why we stopped by
Religion's not worth it
It just don't satisfy
We came to get crazy
Nothing but Church tonight


Clint Brown can best be described as a modern day David who is synonymous with praise and worship as well as gospel music around the world. Pastor Brown has written over 300 songs, some translated into 5 different languages. Much of his work has been recorded by other artists such as Ron Kenoly, Vicki Winans, Beverly Crawford and Bishop Paul S. Morton to name a few. Clint Brown got his start as a youth pastor at a small church in Eunice, Louisiana. As a young man, Clint Brown was hired by Pastor Rod Parsley as music director to lead praise and worship at World Harvest Church in Columbus Ohio. After 6 years with Pastor Rod Parsley, Pastor Clint Brown moved to Orlando in 1992 and started Faithworld Church following God’s plan for him to pastor.

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-Nothing But Church
-Night of Destiny
-Dawning of a New Day
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World Vision
Clint Brown, now partnered with World Vision is reaching out to African communities.
Copy the link below to your browser to sponsor your child today, joining Clint Brown in making a world of difference in the lives of the children of Africa!