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"Spotlight #5 Billboard Breakout"

Clint Crisher & Spotlight have landed on the charts for Billboard Breakout #5 for HOT DANCE CLUB PLAY 12-8-07. - Billboard Magazine

"Review of "Terrific Distraction" by Xavier P."

Clint Crisher’s addictive collection entitled “Terrific Distraction” will leave fans of pop thirsting for more! Radiating influences of many styles, including rock and reggae, this CD boasts mass appeal. On some of the tracks, Clint creatively mixes his own vocals and riffs on top of popular pop/rock songs. “I Knew U Were the 1” is a groovy duet, showing heavy Caribbean influences. The hypnotic and racy “Run Baby Run” incorporates great electronica effects and flaunts a very catchy chorus. Clint has an undeniable gift for creating memorable rhymes and melodies, exploring topics of God, love, sex appeal, and anger. Moreover, Clint’s edgy yet smooth vocal tone adds personality and life to these tunes! Terrific production is just one more reason for fans of pop figures like George Michael and Prince to buy “Terrific Distraction” today! Oct. 3, 2007 -!

"Clint Crisher Selected for WMC 2001 CD"

Clint's track, "Been There, Done That" was selected for the Winter Music Conference 2001 Compilation CD. - Winter Music Conference News Page

"Clint Crisher Signs with Cetacean Records"

On July 30th, Clint Crisher signed a single deal with Cetacean Records for his song "It Can Happen To You" which will be released WORLD WIDE on June 10, 2003. - TAXI

"HOT Local Music of the Week 4-28-03"

DC Social Insider's Pick for HOT Local Music of the Week APRIL 28, 2003

In 1996, Clint started recording and performing at such clubs as 9:30 Club, Elan, Deco Cabana, Cobalt, ELEMENT, Chaos, ZEI Club, and Night World in DC. Clint also recently headlined at one of Miami's hottest clubs, Crobar, a 3,000-person venue in trendy South Beach and The Web one of the largest clubs in Manhattan, New York

- DC Social Insider

"Bobby Shaw to promote "Spotlight""

Spotlight "The Remixes" CD will be promoted by the "BEST INDEPENDENT DANCE PROMOTER" Bobby Shaw!
Crisher Entertainment is proud to announce that Bobby Shaw, who has achieved more than 100 Number One Billboard Dance Chart Toppers in the past 7 years will be promoting SPOTLIGHT "The Remixes" CD. The song Spotlight is the first single from "Terrific Distraction" Clint Crisher's new CD that has 15 *NEW* songs and has already had THREE NUMBER ONE SONGS. Run Baby Run (Top 100 Mp3 in UK) Dr. Grip (Broadjam Rock/Funk) Tinker Bell Spell (Broadjam Rock/Funk) Bobby has won"BEST INDEPENDENT DANCE PROMOTER" National Dance Music Awards WMC 2007 and 2006 - Crisher Entertainment

"Clint Crisher 1/1/08"

Music is everywhere: in the car, the clubs and even at work. The one thing that makes us notice a particular song or artist is if the song touches us, and for sorewsme, all it takes is a great beat. Clint Crisher is no exception. Crisher took time out from traveling all over the world to tell the Blade about his career and why he chose to reside in Orange County.

Blade: I understand that you have had great success in Great Britain.

Crisher: Oh, yes. Run Baby Run topped the U.K. charts on Sept. 23, 2007, and is still in the top five today. I am kicking off my Terrific Distraction World Tour at the Midem 2008/World Music Trade show in Cannes France in January 2008.

How do you react when people try to label you as a gay artist?

I laugh first. Then I say, "Of course, I'm gay, but really, it's all about the music, not who I am sleeping with." Usually when someone asks if I'm gay, I ask them, "Why? Are you?"

You are getting recognition in Orange County as an in-demand artist at clubs. How does that make you feel?

I am excited that Orange County is enjoying my music. I recently performed and shot my music video at club Friction at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa for my new remixed single "Spotlight," which was also featured at a fashion show at MPowerOC called Project Rungay. The only problem is that performing is difficult due to lack of venues that hire live performers. When I was living in South Beach from 2001-2002, I had my own show with fabulous dance sets and about 6,000 locals each Sunday at Crobar. Unfortunately, when Sept. 11 happened, most of the clubs and hotels closed. Since no one was flying, I had to shut down. That was the first place I had my own name as the headliner on the marquee. I'm looking forward to being back there for the Winter Music Conference in March.

That had to be rough, but I understand you have managed to rise from that setback.

Yes, I have. One of the branches that Crisher Entertainment has is publishing. When I sell one of my songs to an artist or a record label, I want to be in full control. Everything from my label goes through Clint Crisher Music publishing and I have come to realize that publishing is where the money is. You could say that "I" am gay owned. - BLADE INTERVIEW by Marcus Andrews

"Through his dark upbringing, Clint Crisher found solace in music"


"Spotlight" is the title of the newest single by openly gay musician Clint Crisher, and it's what this talented guy has stepped into. Crisher is being hailed as an up-and-comer in the world of "funk-dance rock-a-palooza." Combining stimulating lyrics with his soulful and gritty voice, Crisher's music has taken him around the world performing at Crobar Miami, the Billboard Music Summit, and even for the Queen of England.

With the release of Crisher's new album, Terrific Distraction, and a tour promoting the album, it may seem like Crisher has it made. However, life has not always been so remarkable for the emerging music sensation. Crisher's biological mother was a Las Vegas stripper married to an abusive man, who later went to prison for murder. Crisher was conceived during one of his mother's conjugal visits to his father. After his release from prison, Crisher's father gave the then 3-year-old to his former military buddy and his wife to adopt in Florida.

Crisher grew up unaware he was adopted and his adoptive family treated him very poorly. To escape, he turned to music, which he first fell in love with after singing "King of the Road" as a young boy. But as he got older, he found his adoptive family wasn't supportive and ridiculed him for being flamboyant. The young musician continued to put his efforts toward music though and after high school he married a woman. Although he loved her immensely, eventually he had to face who he was and came out of the closet. He is still good friends with his ex-wife, stating, "Love knows no sexualities." Crisher is now happily-partnered and resides in Orange County with his devoted boyfriend of two and a half years.

Being openly gay has caused few hurdles for Crisher, but he feels he has been blessed with the opportunity to inspire closeted artists to "come out" saying, "Make sure you don't lose sight of who you are. Your audiences will come with you if you are spiritually and emotionally yourself."

For more information on Crisher, visit - Frontiers Magazine story w/ Clint Crisher (Vol 26 Issue 17) Jan. 1, 2008

"Clint Crisher (It Can Happen To You) #38 TOP 40 Canada National Dance Charts"

It Can Happen To You by Clint Crisher lands at #38 on the TOP 40 Canada National Dance Charts for the week of December 8 - 14, 2008. Compiled by the top ZIP DJ members across Canada. - Dec. 8-14, 2008


***The re- mastered and newly released 7 mixes of It Can Happen to You landed at #38 on the TOP 40 Canada National Dance Charts for the week of December 8 - 14, 2008 compiled by the top ZIP DJ members across Canada reported by and TOP 40 Canada National Dance Charts.

1. The Hot Boys World Volume 3 CD
Release Date: December 17, 2008
Crisher Entertainment
Foreplay aired on ABC Radio Networks Famegames and currently in active remix contest.

2. Run Baby Run "The Remixes"
Release Date: July 10, 2008
Crisher Entertainment
**Currently promoted by Harry Towers
Currently in heavy rotation

3. The Hot Boys World Volume 2 CD
Release Date: July 3, 2008
Crisher Entertainment
Lick It Pull It Love It Suck It aired on ABC Radio Networks Famegames and PNN Radio

4. The Hot Boys World Volume 1 CD
Release Date: June 20, 2008
Crisher Entertainment

5. Spotlight "The Remixes"
Release Date: November 7, 2007
Crisher Entertainment
**Currently promoted by Bobby Shaw and landed on the Billboard Breakout Chart for HOT CLUB DANCE PLAY for 2008! Spotlight is also moving up the charts on the MIX RADIO SHOWS with Harry Towers promoting the track. Spotlight continues to gain radio rotation and club play - a crowd favorite!

6. Terrific Distraction
Release Date: August 7, 2007
Crisher Entertainment
#1 and #7 Top 100 Downloads on Broadjam
#1 on the Top 100 MP3's in the UK
Several songs from this album have made Clint a TOP 100 MySpace Artist on his site
Run Baby Run currently promoted by Harry Towers and in heavy rotation

7. It Can Happen To You "The Remixes"
Released Date: June 21, 2006
Sirenia Records Signed by Harry Towers

8. Perfect World
Released Date: June 15, 1999
Crisher Entertainment
#7 Top 100 MP3's in the UK
Touring for this album seems to never end!

Released Date: May 11, 1994
Crisher Entertainment

*All songs published by Clint Crisher Music (ASCAP)




National Recording Artist
Billboard Breakout Artist- Top 40 CANADA National Dance Artist - Top MySpace and Reverbnation Artist

“He’s got it, mon!”
- Wayne Jobson, Grammy Award-winning producer

“Clint’s got the Funk!”
- Pepper MaShay

“He’s the next Superstar!”
- Harry Towers, Deet Promotions

“It can happen to you; to yourself be true...If you want it to, all your dreams come TRUE! Catch a rising star and you can go far! If you know who you are IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!”
- Clint Crisher

“Breaker-One-Nine!” CLINT CRISHER is the new croupier of funk-metal rock-a-palooza dealing out hit after hit with impressionable well-crafted lyrics wrapped around crisply textured vocals that reflect his soulful nature and oh-so southern trailer park ways. Once on stage, CLINT’s youthful, lithe, and toned body comes alive… gyrating in a manner not unlike that of a young Elvis Presley. Possessing that special gleam in his eye, CLINT CRISHER has a fierce and seductive stage presence that will grip even the most discriminating of audiences.

CLINT CRISHER’s foray into the world of music erupted at age seven deep in the Florida everglades when he emerged as the front man in an alternative rock band called PAINTED SUN by winning a pencil fight with the band’s drummer. It wasn’t pretty, but not long after that CLINT CRISHER, as lead tenor and student director, lead his Florida-based Madrigal Singers to Westminster Abbey in London, England to perform for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and before members of Parliament-By jove! I do believe CLINT’s got the Funk!

Skilled in the guitar and trombone and just about anything he can wrap his hand around, CLINT CRISHER has since performed in the most celebrated venues in America such as the Crobar-Miami (headliner), the Web-NYC, Webster Hall-NYC (headliner), the 9:30 Club-DC, and Club Platinum-DC in addition to performing at outdoor concerts in the Nation’s capital in front of 250,000 people and at numerous festivals across the United States. CLINT CRISHER also performed at the Billboard Magazine Music Summit in 2002 (after signing a single to Cetacean Records) and recently at XM Satellite Radio’s One Millionth Subscriber party attended by Quincy Jones and a host of other celebrities. He was presented by ASEK Entertainment Group to a STAR SEARCH panel that found CLINT’s performance to be “very exciting, fresh and new.”

CLINT CRISHER is, however, getting it done on both sides of the Atlantic. In late 2002 , his song “Perfect World” soared into the Top 10 on the UK MP3 Top100 chart, climbing as high as No. 7 without the benefit of Grammy Award-winning producers Wayne Jobson and Brian Jobson (who are currently producing CLINT CRISHER) behind him-a testament to his songwriting abilities. Not only is CLINT CRISHER a true professional on stage as well as in the studio, CLINT CRISHER is a major star in the making and is about to set the music world on fire with the release of his second album “White Boy”- and that’s a big 10-4 good buddy!…as long as you want ta’ Funk that is!”

Clint moved to Los Angeles during the FUNK project where he began Crisher Entertainment. "Terrific Distraction" was recorded with 15 new songs on the album and Spotlight the first single with "The Remixes" release made Clint a Billboard Breakout Artist was released in November of 2007. In late 2007, his song “Run Baby Run” went straight to No.1 on the Top MP3 Top 100 chart and was released by his company Crisher Entertainment. Spotlight rocked the dance clubs and put them on fire with the 2007 release of Spotlight “The Remixes” being promoted by Bobby Shaw who has won "BEST INDEPENDENT DANCE PROMOTER" National Dance Music Awards WMC 2007 and 2006. Bobby Shaw, who has achieved more than 100 Number One Billboard Dance Chart Toppers in the past 7 years and made Clint a Billboard Breakout artist with Spotlight the first single from "Terrific Distraction" The 15 songs CD has already had THREE NUMBER ONE SONGS. Run Baby Run (Top 100 Mp3 in UK) Dr. Grip (Broadjam Rock/Funk) Tinker Bell Spell (Broadjam Rock/Funk)

In 2008 Clint and Crisher Entertainment released The Hot Boys World Volume 1, 2 and 3 and Run Baby Run "The Remixes" which is currently climbing the billboard charts while Spotlight "The Remixes" is still playing on heavy rotation at over 100 radio mix shows around the states everyday. The re- mastered and newly released 7 mixes of It Can Happen to You landed at #38 on the TOP 40 Canada National Dance Charts for the week of December 8 - 14, 2008 compiled by the top ZIP DJ members across Canada reported by and TOP 40 Canada National Dance Charts.

Crisher Entertainment is also getting ready to release two new artist on the label and are in production for the film based on Clint's life called Conceived In Prison.

CLINT CRISHER is exclusively managed by CE.

Jeff Ross
Crisher Entertainment