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"Clint Martin"

Some folks find themselves standing close to the stage on a Saturday night with a cold beverage in hand, just a few feet from their musical idol thinking, "This guy's got it made. come Monday, I'll be back home to work, but he's off to another 24-hour party. A musician's life is the life for me." Make that statenent to Clint Martin, and he'll give you a grin and invite you to his south Texas home for a little horseback riding. Make sure to wear your boots and jeans. You'll need them while your're repairing fences and feeding the livestock. Martin is an old school cowboy who just happens to play music. His first release, Proven, is evidence that he's here for the long haul. Utilizing the same effort and perseverance it takes to hunt down the calf that wanders from the herd. Martin won't quit until he realizes his dream. In a fickle music world where singers transform themselves from country crooner to pop prima donna and vice-versa, Martin is content to pin a single label on himself: "I'm really country", he admnits "I grew up listening to George Strait, Merle Haggard, and George Jones. Right now there's more and more crossing over from pop to country. It gets on my nerves when I see pop artists come over to country. Then, after it fails, they go back to pop. I think you need to be yourself; if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Just don't try to be someone you're not." At an early age, Martin seemed destined for bright lights. As a precocious 5 year old, he'd burst into his own version of Strait's "All My Ex's Live in Texas" with a Mickey Mouse guitar. He was drawn to the Texas country scene after enrolling at Tarleton State University at Stephenville in 2001. Putting the Disney guitar aside, he purchased a six-string and taught himself enough to be noticed by a local band, Lost Cause. After a two-year stint, the group disbanded. At the time of his graduation, from Tarleton in 2005, Martin had already written several songs for what would be his first cd. The next two years found him running the Texas roads to college towns and musical hot spots, accompanied only by his acoustic guitar and a used PA. Then came the Clint Martin band in 2007, and recording at Floresville's Cherry Ridge Studios in 2008. In 2009, Martin emerged with Proven, the 11 track result of his life's dream. Opening the first cd's is a moment he says he won't forget. "I had 'em duplicated in Dallas, and my wife and I drove there to pick 'em up, " he says. "I remember opening one up and thinking, 'This is a dream come true'. "What was funny was that three or four days after that, I was still picking it up and looking through it, thinking, "This is cool. I'm up there with the big boys now.'" During 2009 Martin put his old-fashioned work ethic to the test, as he and his band shuffled their boots across many a Texas stage. Their efforts are beginning to reap rewards. "I just heard myself on the radio for the first time!" he says. "My wife and I were going to Thanksgiving up in north Texas, and we tuned the radio to KACQ 101.9 in Lampasas. They finished their local news and immediately got into "West Side of The Tracks" It took a couple of seconds and then I thought, 'Thats my song!' I was smiling from ear to ear. My wife got teary eyed." Martin has a favorite track on Proven, a reminder of the support and foundation he receives every day from his school teacher wife, Lindsay. "The Lady She Is" is my favorite song," he says. "Even though my wife and I are happily married, and it's about a breakup. The guy is on the raod, traveling and doing his thing, and she says. 'The heck with you. You're always gone.' "Years later she comes to one of his gigs and they hook up again. Then he starts to realize, 'Hey, I've got the treat her like the lady she is. She's all I ever wanted.' "My wife is extremely special, and I want her to always be treated like the lady she is. Like the song says, I want to treat her like I should." A true Texas cowboy unfazed by hard work, Clint Martin approaches his musical career with the same effort he'd use to wrangle a wayward steer. "Music has to be something you really want," he says. "The people who stick with it are the ones that make it."
Randy Cunningham is a freelance writer based out of Baytown, Best in Texas Magazine - Best in Texas Music Magazine


Proven is Clin't's Debut album with hit single "West Side of the Tracks" reaching # 39 on Texas Music Chart in 2009.

Last of a Dying Breed (released March 4, 2011) features 10 of some of the best Texas country songs. First track is Clint's biggest single "I Love Being Me" which held it's own for 6 weeks straight in the Texas Top 20 on Texas Music Chart



It is flying west on I-20 through west Texas ninety miles an hour with the top down. It’s in your face driving Texas Music. It’s an atmosphere full of cheers and people singing along. It’s the Clint Martin Band. His hit single “I Love Being Me” couldn’t explain any better how Clint feels about his career and life at this point. Clint says, “I wanted to write a song that showed how I felt about life in general and put a smile on some people’s faces.” That’s exactly what has been happening. Clint and his wife Lindsay were blessed with the birth of their firstborn on May 28th. Case Jarratt Martin has already put a million smiles on his mom and dad’s faces, and there will be many more to come. The song has made an impression over many people this summer, resonating airwaves all over the place. It sat in the Top Twenty on the Texas Music Chart for six weeks, and even inherited a nickname, “The Happy Song,” in the coastal bend of Texas. Backed by The Clint Martin Band, which was a Live Band of the Year nominee for 2010 (Bear Middleton, John Wolfe, and Bill Allen), Clint has been playing his music extensively around Texas. The band has opened for acts such as Kevin Fowler, Jamie Richards, Cory Morrow, Granger Smith, Two Tons of Steel, Jason Boland, Gary P. Nunn, Gretchen Wilson, Honeybrowne, and The Bellamy Brothers. 2011 has been a great year for the band, playing live shows all around Texas and getting to meet with so many fans from all around the state. In March, Clint released his second album Last of a Dying Breed. The title of the album is track four, which is a song he wrote for his grandpa, who left this world in 2001 due to lung cancer. “It was the very first song I ever wrote, and it’s by far my favorite song in the Clint Martin catalog.” The new album features “I Love Being Me,” “Storm of Her Memory,” and the rock influenced love ballad “The Long Ride,” as well as seven other tracks. Clint has been noted as a songwriter and performer who brings a combination of passion and energy at every show. The Clint Martin Band will leave you with that feeling of ‘Play one more song!’ after each show. That is exactly what they would like to do, but unfortunately many clubs have to shut down at some point!