clint morrison

clint morrison


Great Songs by great writers, fairly well played{by me}.


Born and raised in small town Kansas.  Started piano at age 7.  Got the music bug at age 9  after 1st piano recital.  I played well, people clapped, I was hooked.   At 13,  I picked up the guitar and taught myself how to play.  I was a fat kid and not real  good lookin’,  so I thought it would help me get the chicks, and it worked (eventually).   Played some shows in high school.  When we would finish playing,  young girls would  scream =  best feeling ever.  

Went to Berklee College of Music at 17.  Got kicked out my 1st year,  but that’s another  story.  Went back home, sold drugs, used drugs,  got drunk and played guitar.  By the grace  of God, didn’t get thrown in jail.   Couple years later, got a call from my old roommate from Berklee.  He lived in Chicago and  needed a guitar player for an album he was workin’ on.  I was rotting away in the middle of  nowhere so I moved to Chicago.  We started a southern rock band called Whiskey Kitchen.   We played damn near every bar in Chicago over the next 7 years.  Got on T.V. a couple  times and  recorded 3 albums together. We Drank too much and had some of the best times  I’ve ever had.   (Attended Columbia College somewhere in there)

I got diagnosed with a rare  autoimmune disease and was told I might only have 9 months  to live.  Reassessed my life and determined there was nothing else I wanted to do.  Got   serious and wrote and recorded as much music  as I could.  Treatment for the disease  worked, (sucked a little though) and the disease is in remission.  My dad got sick, I moved back home to help take care of him.  He died a slow horrible  death that he didn’t deserve.  He was a great dad and I miss him.   By the time I came back to Chicago, the band moved on, got married, had kids, etc.  I moved to Nashville a couple years ago and started from scratch.  Got in a head on crash a  few months ago at  60 mph.  Flipped a few times, car on fire.  Only broke my finger. Once  again,   I thought about my life so far,   and if there was any other way I’d rather lived my  life.  Other than a few small regrets,   I can’t imagine doing it differently.     I might make it  in the music business and I may not, but I’m either  too stubborn or too stupid to quit.   Maybe both.


I Hate Men

Written By: Clint Morrison

VERSE:He saw her sittin' there all alone as he strolled across the bar-room floor. AS soon he stated talkin', she started lookin for the door. He said is this seat taken, mind if I sit down. I'm just lookin' for a little company, hey I got the next round. If looks could kill she'd of shot him dead but that didn't slow him down. But before he finished his pickup line she said you should know right now.

CHORUS: I hate men they're all alike, for a while they'll treat you right, love and leave you in the end, I hate men.

VERSE2: They promise you the world, the moon and stars and the heavens up above. As long as you don't mention marriage, a family or love. They always want the virgin, the wholesome girl next door. Until you dim the bedroom lights and then they want a hooold on now honey ya got it wrong we aint all the same. He said I'm a sensitive man and it hurts me deep when I hear you say.


VERSE3: She talked about lyin' cheatin' two timin' dead beatin' no good men. Then to her surprise, she realized he heard every word she said. He was witty and charming and asked her to dinner, said I know I can change your mind. She thought to herself well what the hell maybe I found a good one this time. Why not she said you might be right your not so bad after all. Then his face turned red as the bartender said hey man your wife just called.