Clinton Hall

Clinton Hall


I've been writing music for a long time and each time I write a new song I learn a little bit more about myself and each song gets a little bit better. I write mostly rock songs with jazz and other types of music elements and harmonies.


I've been playing and performing music since I was in middle school. I was in the choir and jazz band at my highschool. When I got to college I continued to sing and play guitar in the music program. It was while I was in college that I joined a professional working R&B/Top 40 band and began making a living playing covers. All the while I was using the knowlege I had gained to craft better and better songs. Now I am 28, I have a little boy and family, and I continue to play music professionally as a singer and guitar player and continue to bring new thoughts to fruition on my own and in collaboration with my friends in music.


I have independently released two CD's. The First, Fallen Skyward's "All The Same" and The Second, Orange Balloon's "Paint A Face"

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