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I Confess

Written By: Clinton Slayton

(thinking of Merle Haggard, David Ball et al. Possible whiney pedal steel in here somewhere.)

Now don't you look at me with those sad eyes,
Those eyes just fill me with dis -tress.
How can I make you come to re -a -lize,my heart, my home, my life's a mess?
I sus -pect you're need -ing some -one new,
Some -one to reach down there and pull you through
But I'm a -fraid that I'm a lot like you
We are both giv -en to ex -cess,
And I fall for strang -ers I con -fess.

I con -fess that I like com -ing here ev -en though no -bo -dy knows my name.
I've seen you have your laughs and have a beer
and it would real -ly be a shame
to think that some -day you might pass it by
be -cause of some -one who had made you cry
some -one who could have sat here high and dry
and felt the heat with -out the flame
and watched while oth -ers played the game.

The game where pas -sion trades for sor -row
you lose some hope a -long the way
you bet -ter think a -bout to -mo -o -row
on -ly fools play for to - day
To win your smile and your good wish -es
I need to think you'll play a -long
you have a right to be sus -pi -cious
I must con -fess, my hand's not strong

I nev -er learned to dance, I wish I could
Guess I'm too stiff to try to bend.
To hold you close to me would feel so good
with a beg -in -ning and an end
don't have to wor -ry o -ver what goes wrong
you can change part -ners for the fin -al song
I'd ne -ver know if you could ev -er long
to come to be more than a friend
I must con -fess, I would pre - tend.

(Bridge could be split into halves, 2nd half inserted before a repeated closing stanza.)