Clinton St. John

Clinton St. John


The current live band is billed as Clinton St.John & the Sacred
Chester Marching Band. Clinton has recorded with Steve Albini and toured in Europe and the U.S as a member of NYC singer
Nina Nastasia's band.


A musician and painter living in Calgary, Clinton St. John will see his sixth full length album in the past decade drop in March 2012. Three of these previous records were with The Cape May and Pale Air Singers with both bands appearing on Flemish Eye records. The forthcoming release is called Storied Hearts and the Three Assimilations.


2001- The TriKl Act: a spatial plot thickens

2002- Clinton St.John: periscope E.P

2004- The Cape May: central city may rise again

2007- The Cape May: glass mountain roads

2008- Clinton St.John: black forest levitation

2009- Pale Air Singers: s/t

2012: Clinton St.John: storied hearts and the three assimilations