Houston, Texas, USA

Clockpole is a free form anarchy party band. Over 100 people have been in the band including members of many other Houston bands. Audience participation is the foundation of the band. Members often give instruments to the audience. Clockpole at Summerfest 2011could not be contained by a stage so an impromptu Clockpole parade wandered through Summerfest.


Members may or may not include Joe Ortiz, Austin Rhoads, Chris Gerhardt, Chris Dunaway, Andrew Schmidt, Erik Broussard, Bradley Munoz, Justin Clay, Myra Morrison, The twin with the missing front teeth, Justin Corley, Paola Lemus, Bryan Hayes, James Holmes, Hawna Mumm, Lou Trevino, Jeff Smith, Juan Uceda, John Zambrano, Adam Clay, Metal David DeSoto, Benjamin Okonski, Blaine Lunz, Dan Collier, Emily Burton, John "The Prophet" O'Neil, Kelsi Branstetter, Maci Branstetter, a bunch of people at the January 15 2010 Mango's show, Ryan Valadez, Michael aka Mexican Andrew, Ana Quintero, Jakob Lindsey, Cody Greenwood, Poopy Lungstuffing, a bunch of people at the March 6 2010 SHFL show, Barbara Goforth, Dustin, Samantha Dallefeld, the emo kids, Michael Coffey, Holly Worley, a bunch of little kids on the Strand, Awesome Andrew, Matty Sullivan, Josh Bullock, Dallin Rhoads, Benjamin Wesley, Ramon Medina, Heather Dowling, Gabe Bravo, Joe Mathlete, Jake Goltiani, Erin Birgy, Jane Austin, Zach Shrekage, Trizted Jamsack, Fernando Alejandro, Jesus Sanchez, Gerardo Guerro, Jose Pineda, Glenn Chambers, Lawrence Tovar, Julien Jimenez, Karis Williams, Nichole Foster, Brian Smith II, a bunch of people at the October 6 2010 Fitz show, JT Popiel, Jenny Davis, Richey Alejandro, Ria Stubbs-Trevino, Cynthia Cannon (The Chiich), Erik Hitt, Dean Curtis, Naimah Hamid, and a bunch of other people at the November 21 2010 Super Happy Fun Land Show, Jack Daniel Betz, Rex Nabours, Rob, Roya Zaarrae, Garie Valerio, Amy Stanley, Jake Harris, Mellisa Soloman, a bunch of people at the December 2 2010 Mango's show, Martha Reyna, Michael Goodwin, Joey Jimenez, Zach Wright, Nikki Seven, Muna Javaid, Nydia, Joy Rice, Audrey Biddy, and a bunch of people at the February 5 2011 Mango's show, Alicia Plaza, Mark Gilmore, a bunch of people at the March 16 2011 Avant Garden show, Eric Johnson, Paul Chavez, Elliott Kozel, Kyle Sobczak, Karen Mazzu, Don Walsh, Kuang Chinatown Han, Mehdi Mourles, Jose Sanchez, Justin Gomez, Taylor Stolly, Leslie Hess, David Hess, Joey Yang, Anthony "Boo-Tay" Boutte, Mary McCall, Herbert, Patricia Bacalao, Colleen O'Conner, Aranza y Arietza las gemelas de Ciudad de Carmen, Santiago Andres Alarcon, a bunch of people at Free Press Summerfest June 5 2011, Trevor Donnelly, Alex Nunez, Melissa Melendez, Darren McKnight, Harrison Smith, Elle Stoenik, Terrence Jordan, Andre Overton, a bunch of people at the June 23 2011 Mango's show, Jennifer Houston, Hannah Houston, Gomer, Justin Morgan, a bunch of people at the June 29 2011 Fitz show, Craig Mickle, Max Kushner, Narcissa, Jessica, Ian Komouss, Stane Hubert, Lorac, Katey Qualls, Andrew Goldfarb, Will Schorre, Laurel T., Benjamin G., a bunch of people at the July 22 2011 Super Happy Fun Land show, a bunch of people at the August 4 2011 Fitzgerald's show, Dunnock, a bunch of people from the August 6 2011 Mango's show, Albert Fabian, Dominique Withoff, Jeff Goodson, David Lantz, Pete Hesher, Victor Resendiz, Chris Williams, Caleb Schram, Adam Asher, D.J. Ellis, Julie Ellis, Ned Hanley, Joel Bunker, Nam Ta, Elle Stuehrk, Kassaundra Stuehrk, a guy dressed like Dr. Rockso the Rock and Roll clown, and bunch of people at the October 29 2011 Anime Convention in Galveston, Shen Ge, Iman, Alvaro, Cosmos, Krissy Strimple, Sonia Parga, Rhonda "Topless Birthday Girl" C., Gavin Stabbin, a bunch of people at the November 21 Notsuoh show, John Stokes, Hunter the dog, April Lane, Sam Wiley, Casey Martin, Jovanna Torres, Megan Day, Sidney Stevenson, Chuck Jones, Clyde Wood, Yari Parsons, Monique Alexandria Ellis, Laura Raphael, DJ Meshak, Mike B, Lisa E, Wendy, Jennifer C, Beth Richards, Larissa Harris, Crystal Blanco, Elisabeth, Dylan J,.


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Set List

Since The Flaming Lips are playing Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" Clockpole will play The Flaming Lips "Clouds Taste Metallic" with full audience participation.