clocks ticking backward

clocks ticking backward


theivery corp vs ugly cassanova? broken social scene vs rephlex? joan of arc vs. madlib? mo wax vs erics trip.


Clocks Ticking Backward is an organic offshoot of another group started in 2001 by Runco and Lindberg called the Draconians, a group that concentrated more on the dancefloor genres. Both groups have independant label representation on Nobot Media and Dorje records as well as Draconian remixes on Dojo Sound records. Clocks Ticking Backwards was originally started as an experiment in spatial sound at the Revoluciones Art Gallery in Denver where C.T.B hosted the first friday openings from 2002 to 2004. Gradually integrating organic and electronic sounds together, C.T.B. acheives a difficult objective in todays retro music scene, a new style of sound.


Draconians -
Wise Bonsai Remix - Dojo
Saan - Dorje records lp#1 and cd#1
Woundead - Dorje Records cd#1
also released in Italy on Stranamente Records
Anti-politics - Nobot Media- cd#1
Pinko Slips - Nobot Media - cd#1

Clocks Ticking Backward -

Slothone - Nobot Media cd#1
Graphing the Horizon Nobot Media cd#1

Concrete Dildos - Nobot / Sherbert Magizine 06
Wolves and Wind - Tunetank " Best unsigned dance artists 06 "
Shy Pride Parade - Tin Records 07

Set List

We have over 200 songs to choose from in our portfolio, usually we improvise guitar and keys while using ableton to remix our songs live.
Since both members are D.J.'s we come prepared to play for an hour or three, depending on time constraints and venue requests.