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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 1997 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 1997
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Pop Goes The World"

You might not expect the bastard children of Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, and Graham Parker (no, I don’t mean that these guys mated, mate!) to come from Toronto, but that’s what you get with Clockwise, whose style of New Wave propels us to a time when the ties weren’t even skinny yet! Lead vocalist Claude Kent’s (makes you think of Superman, don’t it?) meaty voice propels the frenetic tunes that grace all three of the band’s albums, including their latest and best, Faders On Stun. The many years these guys have toiled in this business hasn’t dampened their enthusiasm one bit, as proven by their exuberant performance at IPO Toronto, and they’ll put on two more fun-filled shows at IPO Liverpool 2009.
David Bash - Shindig Magazine

"Review: Clockwise's Faders On Stun"

Faders On Stun(2008) is Clockwise's third album and it's like a road map to the town you grew up in. The harmonies are the same and the vocals sound similar but there's something different... something has changed. It's called growth and progress. And with that warm feeling of nostalgia we get from this enjoyable visit, we also find some wonderful surprises. The third track, Surrender, is a refreshing song. It's borrowing of a Cheap Trick classic is part of that nostalgia and is the first happy surprise in an album full of happy surprises. Most of the songs on Faders On Stun start of with high energy and end on a slower more relaxed not but they always leave you wanting the next track. Right after Surrender, Boomtown comes in and brings a high impact thump that keeps you worked up for the southern rock sound of Work It Out. But perhaps the most interesting “landmark” on this road map is Upside Down. This track spins you round and round with it's dreamy, moody, feel reminiscent of someone slinking across a smoke filled honky tonk offering to buy you a drink.
Faders On Stun is brilliant... a perfect third album for these Canadian superstars. I only hope it's not their last.
Eblison Grun - Music Outside The Cube...


Next up were Clockwise, filling in with an extra set due to another bands’ absence. This band is what powerpop is all about, and we found out that their song “Boom Town” had been played on BBC Radio Liverpool earlier in the afternoon. The highlights of this set were “Everday” and “No Matter What” and the band attracted a decent size crowd towards the back of the room.....
....Then was our highlight of the night – Clockwise ( took to the Live Lounge stage again for the third and final time. This set, slightly different to their previous appearances was totally powered up and absolutely rocked and there was quite a large gathering of people who came to listen, albeit they were a bit shy and huddled towards the back of the room! Even David Bash was taking photos of the band! They finished up on “Peace Love and Understanding” which really resonated throughout the room. Nice one guys – we really, really enjoyed hearing you play.
Minty and The Beeb - Minty And The Beeb

"Clockwise-Faders On Stun"

This Toronto band matches the cartoony flair of their album cover with a cartoony flair to their power pop, which recalls Sloan (opener "Opposites Attract"), Elvis Costello & the Attractions ("Boomtown"), and The Odds ("Upside Down"). Other standouts include the hypercatchy "You Really Got Me Goin'" and "If You Don't Want Love (I Must Be Wrong)". They even get environmentally conscious on "Water on the Moon". Good stuff.
Steve - Absolute Powerpop - Absolute Powerpop


Accidentally On Purpose (2001 - Full Length CD)

Too Little, Too Late (2007 - Full Length CD)

Faders On Stun (2008 - Full Length CD)

Song 'Boomtown' from the 'Faders On Stun' CD included as part of the International Pop Overthrow Compilation 2009

Song 'I Don't Know' (previously unreleased) included as part of the International Pop Overthrow Compilation 2010

Song 'Sugar Coat It' (previously unreleased) included as part of the International Pop Overthrow Compilation 2011

Song 'Broken-Hearted Again' (previously unreleased) included as part of the International Pop Overthrow Compilation 2012

Song 'You Are A Star' from the 'Too Little Too Late' CD charted on the 'Music World Radio Listener Top 20' for 69 weeks.

Song 'You Really Got Me Going' charted for several weeks on the 'Music World Radio Listener Top 20'.

What's The Big Secret/Sugar Coat It - 7" Vinyl Single was released in May 2012

Brand new full length release set for the Fall of 2013.



With a subliminal nod to the song-writing books and hooks of past and present pop-rock purveyors, 'Clockwise' proliferates the three-minute pop song with their unique brand of power-pop.

Comparisons have been drawn to Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, Graham Parker and Squeeze. Not to be typecast, Clockwise' music isn't revivalist but rather a continuous evolution of a style that can't be defined by an era: Clockwise is at once modern, reminiscent and timeless.

Begat from the smouldering ashes of 90's alt-rockers 'Katie's Bridge', pop-rockers 'The Gravelberrys' and nerdy power-poppers 'The Pasty White Boys'; 'Clockwise' has cornmandeered a strong-hold within Toronto's power-pop market and well beyond their own city's borders. Assisted by an affiliation and a revered profile within David Bash's 'International Pop Overthrow', the band enjoys popularity in a variety of countries and continents as well as in Canada.

Not intended to be released as a single, the song 'You Are a Star' from the band's sophomore release 'Too Little, Too Late' respectably charted and held strong on internet radio station 'Music World Radio' for sixty-nine weeks. In response to this happenstance and fan appreciation in the UK, Clockwise has performed several times at the world famous Cavern Club on Mathew St. in Liverpool to enthusiastic, appreciative and cross-generational music fans.

Since the release of their last full length CD 'Faders On Stun' the band continues to realize a progressive and measurable interest in their music, as more and more people get turned on to Clockwise' ability to entertain and captivate listeners with the tight rendering of their well crafted pop songs. The band's live performances are engaging, dynamic and 100% fun! Their recorded output which spans a 14 year recording career, has all been produced by four-time Juno award winning producer James Paul, includes songs that are equally light-hearted, contemplative and terminally infectious.

Clockwise is a band, and the five members coalesce to produce the sum of it's parts. Claude writes the words and melodies that inspire contributions from the other members which ultimately comprise the band's sound and it is this sound that defines Clockwise. This sound doesn't defy description; on the contrary it invokes it. To offer an analogy for the uninitiated, to quote Andy Partridge of XTC from the song of the same name; "This is Pop!"

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