ClockWork Cros

ClockWork Cros

 New York City, New York, USA
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Straight up from the steaming streets of the Big Apple, a young, ambitious artist called ClockWork Cros is on the move.

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Post York

Written By: ClockWork Cros

It flooded my city, I dream its coming to get me
each wave crashes down when it hits me, but I'm not dreaming, don't pinch me
hydrants used to splash the curb, now sky scrapers are half submerged
solid ground is fast a blur, I'm walking on water, but that's absurd
I never thought in a million years, I'd get stuck in these buildings here
streets looked like they were filled with tears, but still I'm here feeling weird
would you watch from roof tops, people carried for two blocks
I swear, I need a new dock and a water proof watch
I feel naked and alone, but I'll make it on my own
will I sink or will I float, while I think up in this boat
I give it my heart and all my soul, all I have left now is this hope
The world is just a bottle of wine with no cork
my big city of dreams, post york
I can't sleep a peep, I feel so dead
every night that goes by, I wonder when it will end
my mom used to sing a lullaby to me in bed
and there's not a day that goes by its not stuck in my head

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream

I'm just tryin to keep dry
I set the city on fire (4x)

All these days that I cant get back
and there's no map and I cant keep track
every tally's a day that I scratch
live what I'm given no wishing it back
the last one to laugh with a cascading grasp
I'm scavenging scraps to add to my stash
the city collapsed from a livid attack
I anchor my past but there's nothing attached
its hard but I started a spark with a match
kerosene rope and I hope it'll catch
so mad I handle my paddle like rap
if it wasn't flooded with nothing but crap
I'm counting each lap while I'm swimming with rats
surviving alive is my vision to have
I cast the last stone alone in a glass
so I'm boating it home to Kitski the cat
I'm making a splash

I'm just tryin to keep dry
I set the city on fire (4x)

I wrote this by candle light as I dreamt
as whales wept through these quiet nights as I slept
I wake up and get dressed, drying clothes cause there wet
helmet goggles a check, water everywhere that I step
fasten straps to my chest before I row in my vest
cause if I drown then I drown, at least I'll float in my death
if god forgot us all, I wont feel alone with regrets
but I still prey everyday I'm not the last soul to forget
if I'm all that is left, then I wont hold my breath
I couldn't tell you how many days in this boat that I've spent
the coast is a mess and everyone I've ever known of is dead
and I bet these tall buildings here were our only defense
they said the sun broke the ozone at its best
but I wish I could see it like a hole in a fence
just when I thought the water level couldn't get higher
I'm trying keep dry, I set the city on fire

I'm just tryin to keep dry
I set the city on fire (4x)


• "Post York" Produced by Kidde ( Nov 2012 )
Flexi-Disc Single Released by Uncivilized Books,
included in a 40 page Comic Book by James Romberger.