Clockwork Hero

Clockwork Hero

 California, USA

Clockwork Hero is a energetic rock/alt band from Stockton,Ca. The soundscape of the music is dreamy melodic vocals over heavier rhythms. I would say the perfect mashup of bands would be A Perfect Circle meets Deftones meets U2.


Time continues no matter what and change is inevitable thats just a part of life. In the fall of 2009 circumstances left two people with nothing but their passion and drive to move forward and stop waiting for the perfection situation. Being the core members of the central valley based band Crypt Orchid, Sam York and Red Nobles have been playing together for 10+ years and continue on with their new project Clockwork Hero. Hailing from Stockton,Ca they push on with Josh Clarke and Steve Strain. Their style of music is a blend of melodic vocals over aggressive riffs and powerful drums. "We've blended a unique vision of sounds to create our own vibe and niche in todays music, says front man and guitarist Sam York.

Clockwork Hero has been in the studio writing and recording most of 2010, gelling for what will soon be their first album. Already getting their feet wet before wrapping up their debut, they have gone out on a mini tour taking them to Arizona, Nevada, and southern California. "The most important thing to us is the live show and connecting with people, we give it all on stage no matter what, whether there's 5 heads or 5,000." says Red Nobles bassist. Clockwork Hero can be found online at, with already 9,000 plus fans and nothing more then one minute clips of music to showcase what is soon to come. Keep an eye out for Clockwork Hero in 2012. They will definitely be one of those bands you will want to say you heard of first!


In the Arms of a Monster

Written By: Sam York

I'll wrap you up
In the arms of a monster
But I can't change a thing
So take me and fill me up
Well I don't care, cuz the bottle of pills is as good as you

It's all I can ever do to get through to you

Deep down below
I know you see it, I know you need breath
Dont tell me go
I know your secret, I know your weakness is me.

I'll tear us down
I'll sacrifice it all just becuase
Even though you gave your love
We want the same
But i wont change
But I don't care, cuz it feels so good to be hurt by you

I'll tear us down!!!! I'll sacrifice!!!!

(Your all i know)
(I can let you go now)


Written By: Sam York

You want it all at your fingertips, but you won’t work for it.
Come down from the clouds and join the rest. This disguise can’t hide you, its all a bigger test.
Leave me alone, don’t call my phone, is what you said to make me feel it.
You’re unaware, is this all fair, but I know that you don’t care at all.
We’re on this sinking ship, don’t drag me down, drag me down with you.
Two years and feeling numb, i knew it was, gonna be this, same old outcome.
You broke my trust when you said we’re through, but you bit down on the hand that feeds you.
Don’t call my phone, when you’re alone. / There’s nothing left to say. Just go away, go away, go away, go away.


Written By: Sam York

Take me, back before yesterday / And lets start all over / I wish i could, take this all away babe /
This time made me sober
If I know you / It’s killing you and killing me inside / I’m so through /
With punishing your heart and hands with all these lies
Now I’m yours / Save me from this hell we’re living in /
Now I’m yours / So hold me down and clip my wings so I can never fly
Too many times we’ve both been torn apart / and ripped at the seams /
I’ll make this promise for a brand new start / I’ll show you things you’ve never seen
So trust in me / I may have lost myself but in this greater scheme
I didn’t see the special things were standing right in front of me
(yes i surrender) (I’m all yours, all yours) (I’m every little bit of yours) (So hold me!)

Nothing is Free

Written By: Sam York

Touch and go. But who do we all really know?
Trust with your eyes and not with your heart. Borrowed love right from the start.
Love becomes you, Love becomes me. / You want what you want, but nothing is free.
So take what you can, and stay away from me. / You get what you want, but nothing is free.
Your words are so cold. But you are someone I can’t let go.
Faith’s all I had, for something to feel. Did you ever think this was real.
Nothing!! Nothing!!

Deaf by Default

Written By: Sam York

Waiting for a certain expectation. To wipe this slate from all this insanity.
It started in cursive, just writing on the paper. We carry on and sing your praises.
Inspiration to die for. / We depend on what you say.
There’s no way to reset now from the way we play these games (out).
Everything you do is for us. Just treat this like your game. Player one and i’ll be player two.
Pause!! You’ve cheated from the start. And everything you know is wrong, but we’ll still sing along.
I bare my soul for you, it’s all I ever do
It’s the way we play these games, its the way this all turns out.


In the Arms of a Monster single 2011
Year of the Ram Ep 2012

Set List

Beta Test Tour Set List 09
1. Nothing is Free
2. Yours
3. You got Lucky (Tom Petty Cover)
4. Deaf By Default
5. Drag
6. In the Arms of a Monster
7. Point Across

This set runs around 40 minutes.