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Chloe, the face of a new era of music, will awaken a market for cutting edge sounds and revolutionize hip-hop and classical music.


Chloe began her road to a career in music at the age of four, when she began studying piano, violin, cello, and voice.
She continued playing the cello seriously, winning prizes and gaining exposure as a cellist. At sixteen, Chloe decided to give piano another try, and auditioned for the prestigious Manhattan School of Music Preparatory School. Amazingly, Chloe was able to receive a place in the studio of reknowned pianist, Zenon Fishbein after only studying seriously for one month.
Two years later, after numerous awards and performances, Chloe began studying with legendary teacher and pianist, Herbert Stessin from The Juilliard School. She has performed throughout the United States and abroad, and has participated in music festivals around the world. She has since been studying at The Royal Academy of Music in London, where she will receive a Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Performance.
Chloe has also won many awards in art and writing. She is also an intern in the executive office of Russell Simmons' RUSH Communications. In the next phase of her life, Chloe is exploring the world of Hip-Hop and R&B. Known to many industry professionals as "The Hip-Hop Pianist," Chloe has worked with some of today's most promising young singers and MCs.
For the past three years, she has been reaching new audiences with her progressive musical ideas. Her approach to classical music coupled with hard, edgy hip-hop beats has had mass appeal, and reached a wide variety of listeners.
Chloe will be the face of this new genre that will revolutionize music.


The Hip-Hop Pianist Mixtape (2007)

Set List

Hot hip-hop tracks with improv and arrangements over it
Anywhere between 9-20+ minutes