Clone Mike

Clone Mike

 Frisco, Texas, USA

Clone Mike strives for a fresh sound in their songwriting and range of material. One listen to a few of their songs and you may not believe it’s the same band. From the heavy rock sound of “Life to Give” to the bluesy “Losing Height” or the opening grooves of “Skitz” to the all out “U4” Clone Mike show great musical range while still maintaining a cohesive group sound. Not an easy trick.


Bassist Mike Herrel has shared the stage and studio with many big name recording artists in the Southern California scene. Mike brings a deep groove to the Clone Mike rhythm section. His low end offering is an ever-widening display of bass line harmony and melody.
Guitarist Keith Oliver has been playing the Dallas area since his days in High School. Recording original material early in his career, Keith later became widely recognized as a premier cover and variety band guitarist taking him from Texas to Japan and back. Keith serves as the perfect guitarist for Clone Mike due to his huge palette of sounds and his passion for creating original music.
Cody Wells, a native of central California, rounds out the group as the lyricist and vocalist for Clone Mike. Cody’s original sound, writing and vocal style made him a perfect choice for the band. Cody brings the energy and experience needed to front a band with the presence and musicianship Clone Mike delivers.
Bill Almon took over the drum throne in May of 2011 and brings with him a wealth of experience from his play the East Coast circuit.


Currently the band is being played on internet radio stations from Austin to Kansas, San Diego to the east coast. The debut CD is now available on iTunes, and elsewhere on the web. The band will be playing live gigs through Spring and Summer of 2011 and are writing and recording new material continuously.