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Clones of Clones

Washington, Iowa, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Washington, Iowa, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Alternative Indie




"MP3 At 3PM: Clones of Clones"

Clones Of Clones will independently release new record Monster Heart on October 6, and today MAGNET has a free download of lead single “Somebody Else.” The track is a propulsive piece of fuzz rock, melodic and full-sounding, a snaking synthesizer stuffing the sonic canvas to perfection. Fans of the Killers and Motion City Soundtrack should definitely take note. Check out “Somebody Else” below. - Magnet

"Clones Of Clones’ Gritty New Single, ‘Monster Heart’"

For a band that’s usually hewed closer to uptempo, pop-punky anthems, Clones of Clones‘ new single sounds surprisingly grungy. The opening track on the D.C. ensemble’s debut LP, I Don’t Need Your Love — out Tuesday — “Monster Heart” signals an expansion into swampier territory.

In 2013, Clones of Clones arrived on the scene with its Neighborhoods EP, produced by Justin Long, who’s worked with local rockers U.S. Royalty. The EP made locals take notice, but it sounded more commercial than the band wanted in the long run. So when Clones of Clones picked up a new guitarist — Arlington’s Todd Evans — and a new producer later that year, it spent two years making its first album and finding a different sound along the way.

Lead vocalist Ben Payes, who lives in Silver Spring, says the band’s goal was to sound “less Everclear” and “more Pixies.” It certainly achieved that. With “Monster Heart,” Clones of Clones interlaces restrained verses with a menacing plod — something like the footsteps of a beast — while Evans’ wailing guitar kicks up soot. “Look at what you’ve done to me,” Payes pleads. “Give me more!”

Fans might be surprised to know that most of Payes’ songs are based loosely on a relationship that took place almost 10 years ago. The pain he felt then has a way of creeping back.

“I can still feel that emotion,” says Payes, 29. “The anxiety, frustration. But I’m also writing about a larger concept, and that’s what I want someone to take away from our music.”

It seems the musician, in his unyielding quest for clarity and evolution, has plumbed new depths in his writing — and it seems worth the search, even if he had to hazard murky waters to get there.

Clones of Clones plays DC9 May 7. - WAMU 88.5

"One Track Mind: Clones of Clones’ “I Don’t Need Your Love”"

Standout Track: “I Don’t Need Your Love,” the titular single from four-piece Clones of Clones’ forthcoming EP—their first release in over a year—is a dynamic, mood-shifting journey that oscillates between slinky electro-pop and loud, swaggering, hard-rock choruses. “I don’t need the games you play/The things you say,” snarls lead singer Ben Payes underneath sludgy, Josh Homme–esque guitar. But the defiant emotional clarity fizzles out moments later as the song shrugs its way back into a soft, chillwave groove.

Musical Motivation: Payes drew lyrical inspiration for “I Don’t Need Your Love” from a messy relationship that he couldn’t quite free himself from a few years ago. “I’m a really dark person when it comes to songwriting,” he says. “I use that relationship as inspiration because it puts me in the right mood.” He pieced things together after coming up with the main, repetitive guitar lick: “I’m a chord progression and melody writer, and that’s what always comes out first.”

Simulacra and Simulation: The band—which includes Todd Evans on guitar and synth, Brian Abbott on drums, and Nick Scialli on bass—settled on the name Clones of Clones as a way of expressing frustration with the artistic cycle of copying and reproducing pre-existing ideas at the expense of risk-taking novelty. “Nothing is completely original,” says Payes, who, along with Abbott, is based in Silver Spring. (Scialli and Evans live in Arlington.) “I’m not sure things have been original for awhile. I envision a clone to be a less perfect version of its former self.” - Washington City Paper

"When Bundled Bowels met Gruesome Toilet: The 2015 year in band names"

As the year closes and the world takes stock of what it has seen and learned the past 12 months, The A.V. Club continues its hallowed annual tradition of quantifying the the funny, terrible, bizarre, offensive, and otherwise notable band names it encountered this year. This year’s crop includes two drawings of cartoon penises—in retrospect, there could’ve been so many more—so you’ve been warned, office workers. And just wait until you hear what “just the right height no bucket required” means.

Retooled proper names

Fancy Reagan
Nacho Picasso
•Songs from this year’s Blunt Raps 2: “Hoes Call,” “Dick Suckin Song,” “David Blowie,” “Big Ass Titties” (“She got big-ass titties / I mean big ass titties”)

What better way to raise breast cancer awareness?

Keith Sweaty
Jackal Onasis

•This works on a couple levels: as a reference to the beloved former first lady, and as an allusion to Party Down, which is mentioned in the liner notes of the Jumping Boys EP: “dedicated to the amazing show Party Down... Jah blesssss.”

•This is the first time a band has appeared on our annual band-names feature and A.V. Undercover. Congrats, guys.

Tiger & Woods
Good Willsmith
•Tracks from its latest, Snake Person Generation: “Real Wet Feet Get Real Wet” (which lasts 17:41), “22 Dogs All Tuckered Out After A Walk.”

Mashd N Kutcher
•There are worse names for a mashup project, though this video is surprisingly serious-looking for a group with a goofy name:

Arson Welles
John Wayne’s Teeth
Bobby’s Oar

Madam West
Yoko And The Oh No’s
Hillary Chillton

President Bill Clinton
•Co-winner, Least Effective Name For Googling

The Roalde Dahls
•Influences, per Facebook: “Kevin Spacey in K-Pax”

Stallone The Reducer
Narc Twain

Frasier And The Cranes
•Song titles: “Titles Are For Bands With Fans,” “I Can See Up Ur Skirt,” “Six-Hundred Unread Emails”

Lost Gorbachevs
•This Portuguese band plays jazzgrind (jazz-inflected grindcore) with a pronounced sociopolitical slant, judging by its song titles: “Constructive Subcapitalist Theory,” “Precapitalist Sublimation,” “Society Is Part Of The Absurdity Of Art,” “Mythopoetical Nihilism,” and, uh, “Cona Anal” (“Anal Cunt”).

•Naturally, this grindcore group’s Bandcamp page can be found at, and the cover of 2013’s Hail To The King looks like this:

•Bio: “We are a four piece crust grind noise never ending force of nature. Our origins are unknown, but our task in life is to defeat the evil that dwells within life’s cycle, which is the madness that grows with power.”

Chicano Batman
Cautious Clay
Indiana Jones & The Rio Piedras
•“Formerly known as: Keef & His Beef”

•Take that, embattled mayor of Chicago!

Charlie Down
Useless Grant

Pop culture references

Red Dawn II
Where The Sidewalk Ends

You, Me, And Everyone We Know
•Awesome URLs:,
•The longest song on this year’s Slumber Party is 1:27 (“Big McLargeHuge”), with the shortest clocking in at a scant three seconds (“Firetruck”).

Frisco Dykes

Growwing Pains

My God, It’s Full Of Stars
The Damn Dirty Apes

•Cheesy homemade music video with strippers? Check.

Watcher’s Woods
•Specified genres: anti-civ post-punk, tree goths, anarcho-deathrock, queer darkwave. But this is a pretty metal album cover:

Benny The Jet Rodriguez
The Pac Men
•“The Pac Men are the most hired 80s dance band for private parties in Southern California. They involve your guests as part of their show. They offer zany ‘adult only’ shows or family shows depending on what you desire.” Wow, the most hired?!

Triangulo De Amor Bizarro
Phone Home
•Genre: spacecore, naturally—though the song title “I Went And Got A Gatorade” doesn’t sound sound like a line from E.T.

Negro Galacticus

The Simpsons still inspire
Okilly Dokilly
•This headline from the Independent says it all: “There is a Ned Flanders-themed metal band called Okilly Dokilly”


Hockey Dad
•All the bonus points for this band description: “Feel the drunken wrath of Chuck Shadowski”

So does Seinfeld

The Penske File
My God, The Heat
•Former member: El Ron Chubbard.
•Lyrics of “The Continuing Decline Of Customer Service In The Food And Beverage Industry”: “Man that waiter, he knows a lot about music / Man that waiter, he knows a lot about amps / Man that waiter, he knows a lot about everything but pouring coffee / Someone grab that waiter and have him get us napkins if you get a chance.”
•Other songs: “Someday Baby, You Will Miss These Dance Moves,” “Our City, Our Shithole,” “Born To Co-Sign,” “I Am A Very Selfish Lover With Specific Selfish Needs,” “A Hug Will Only Make It Worse.”

More band names inspired by Rushmore, please

Mr. Little Jeans
•Best play ever, man.

O.R. They?
•Double points for this album title: Did Somebody Say Our Names? Who would’ve guessed the genre is hip-hop?

Star Wars, pre-Episode VII

Bearcoon Ewok

Brands that probably aren’t pleased

The A.V. Club

•Some history for you, pretender A.V. Club, a.k.a. “members of Chicago’s top working and original music bands”: In 2005, the White House told Onion Inc. to stop using the presidential seal. Our legal team told them to shove it. Don’t fuck with us. Also, describing your collective as “a Saturday Night Live sort of band” that delivers “a wildly organic and original sound” will do nothing but earn further mockery from us.

DJ Windows98
•Better known as Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, dressed like some kind of desperado.


Shitnoise Bastards
Shit Fucking Shit

•Genre: “serial killer grindcore,” which doesn’t sound all that fun. The band’s moniker is presumably taken from the 1995 Autopsy album of the same name.

Shit Of Satan
Shit Giver
•Genre: “gothic delaycore”

Total Fucking Shit
Shitty Boots
•Facebook band description: “Born in a barrel of butcher knives, and sleeping on a bed of cobras. Raleigh’s very worst people.”


Fuck Your Birthday
Fuck You, Idiot
The Fucktons


L.A. Boobs
•Could a band description sound less enticing than “a side project of The Pizza Underground”?

Tits Of Clay
•This is a band composed of the members of The Angry Inch from Broadway, and the band name comes from a lyric in that show. Please link to your Jars Of Clay/Hedwig And The Angry Inch mash-ups in the comments.

Lil Tits
Low Cut Connie


Dick Pics
•Hey, don’t try to hide that you’re a Grateful Dead cover band, guys. We’re onto you.

Jew Cocks

Milk Dick
Rapist With No Penis
•You probably remember their split with Vomitoma on Splatterfuck Tapes.

Stuff that comes out of penises

Young Cum
Spewing Cum
•Young Cum and Spewing Cum played a show together in New York in October. Sadly, the two other bands on the bill, Hounds Basket and Greasy Hearts, didn’t go by Hounds Cum and Greasy Cum for the show.

Ludlow Ejacula
Parasitic Ejaculation
Cum Sock

Piss Junkie


Bloody Death Skull
•Metal name, but the group self-describes as a “ukulele-fronted, sock-hop party band.”
•Lyrics from super-catchy song “Sky Ferreira”: “To make money in 2008 / A friend of mine answered an ad to drive a man in a wheelchair to have sex with a prostitute / To make money in 2008 / A friend of mine posted an ad to sell her dirty underwear online to men who would use it to masturbate.” The titular chanteuse isn’t mentioned until later: “Sky Ferreira, tell me how to wear my hair like that.”


Various body parts

Clit Kat
Forest Of Tongue
Blunt Fang
Spiteful Womb
•Winner, Album Cover Too Gross To Post Here

Prom Body
Bodies Be Rivers
The Heads Are Zeros
•“Their extremely loud and fast music has won the hearts of tens, perhaps dozens, of people.”


Scattered Guts
Visceral Disgorge
•This Maryland metal band currently has a GoFundMe campaign to cover its planned 2016 expenses, which include recording a new album (and all the expenses that entails), touring, video(s), and merch. It’s not going well:

Medical diagnosis or band name?

Disgorgement Of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration
•The band’s 2007 album is 47 tracks, most of which are under 30 seconds and hit all the usual medical-dictionary goofiness, though track 42 is called “The Impotence Of Being Earnest.”

Urinary Tract Infection From Severe Pus Clots
Bundled Bowels

Ampallang Infection
•Song: “Colostomy Bag Piñata”

Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering

Dark name, bro

Entombed In The Abyss
•“If you like slammin’ music and heavy breakdowns then check us out!”

Fit For An Autopsy

Gender studies and human sexuality

Wymyns Prysyn
Gender Poutine
All Boy/All Girl
No Girls Allowed
•Album: Songs In The Key Of F Yourself, featuring “Hurry Up And Put Your Dick In Me.”

Genderqueer Death Squad
•Per Facebook, band description: “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re anarchists, we’ll folk you up!”

Forced Into Femininity
Dyke Drama
Southern Queers

Sexy times

Bukkake Violence Kommando
•The band had a tape on Rotting Abortion Records, which you probably remember from that great Putrid Whore/WhoreEvil split in 2008.

Pleasure Leftists
Fat Ass Fuckers
Sexy Fights
Zombie X Incest
Slow Porn
•Band bio/mission statement: “Remain (Meant Rds) & Phred (La dame Noir Rds) teaming up to play Slow & Indecent Music On A Wet Tempo All Night Long.”

Various religious references

Dildo Of God
•The name is also a meme, because “dildo of god” backward is “dog food lid.”

Must Be The Holy Ghost
Abel Raise The Cain
God Of The Gaps
Other Jesus
Astorian Stigmata
•This goth-rock band has a video on its Facebook page in which frontman Dennis Condusta wonders why the internet hates the group. Its supremely goofy video for “Dramatic Romantics” does the band no favors:

Fat Heaven
Raised In Purgatory
Heaven’s Jail

Thy name is dumb

Thy Art Is Murder
Thy Nihilistic Serpent

These bands are exactly what you think

Skapeche Mode
•“Committed to ruining both the eighties and ska, one show at a time.” It looks like they’re succeeding, per this video.



Speak Low If You Speak Love
•It stands for New Age Real Change. Nope.

Her Name Echoes
Courage My Love
Patchouli Prince
•Not to be confused with Prince Of Patchouli, a Cleveland shop specializing in smoking accessories and sundry ’60s stuff. Come in for your free pack of incense today!

D-Cent Jerks
Prettiest Eyes
Cuddle Formation
The Lady Comes First
Stay N The Fight
Black Sheep Refuge
Psychiatric Metaphors
Faun And A Pan Flute
My Darling Fury

Punny names, plays on words, portmanteaus, etc.

Deaf Wish
•This name has to have been used before, right?

Surface To Air Missive
Swimsuit Addition
Rational Anthem
•Bio: “Once we started being a band 6 years ago, we just never stopped. We’re still trying to figure out why.”

Mother Girth

Good Graeff
Teen Commandments
•Winner, Biggest Gulf Between Acronym & What It Stands For: Legacy Of Terror In Occupied Nations.


Banned Parenthood


Oh Pep!
•Not to be confused with Go!Zilla, a download manager. “Never lose a download again!”

Survay Says!
•This New Jersey ska-punk band is attempting to avoid litigation from the producers of Family Feud with that classic evasive move, misspelling a word. Better to look dumb than get sued!

Weird characters, punctuation, and capitalization

Lost Boy ?
Love, Jerks
Shy, Low
•Co-winner, Least Effective Name For Googling

Shift K3Y

Voted Most Likely To Be Spelled Incorrectly

Sapropelic Pycnic
Signor Benedick The Moor
Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium
Wam Dingis

Go long or go home

Just The Right Height No Bucket Required
•As explained by the man in this video, that’s the phrase abbreviated with JRHNBR, which describes when an animal has an anus or vagina at hip height, so a human male wouldn’t need to stand on something to sexually penetrate it. The video comes from a 2004 British TV documentary called Animal Passions, which examined zoophilia. (It’s on YouTube.) Now go take a shower.

Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold
A Sea Monster Ate My Friends
A Scumbag’s Guide To Life
Mr. Elevator And The Brain Hotel
The Department Of Descriptive Services
•Bio: “The Department of Descriptive Services is a city service, we are here to HELP kids, foreigners, aliens, creatures of allwalks [sic] of life, even curious plants and sea life...OH!!! Let us not forget the dead, ghosts, gouls, zombies and better understand the benefits and the goings on of city facilities, structures of business and public places. We are here to inform you.” Understanding that, the song titles on last year’s High Fashiost make more sense: “Hospitol” [sic], “Professional Building,” “Public Pool,” “Post Office,” “DMV.”

It’s Not Night: It’s Space
•Genre: “Heavy Raga-Roll Drone Journeys to the Depths of Inner & Outer Space”

Tall Tales And The Silver Lining
Among The Rocks And Roots
Cornstar Farmer’s Market Pornstar Coinstar
•Songs: “Everyone Cummin’ To The Beat,” “Sweet Pussy Laphroaig.”

Binho Incorporis Pussy Putrification Clono Infest
The Corpse In The Crawlspace
•Its 2015 album, Let There Be Corpse, blows through 30 tracks in 34 minutes—the longest, “Duodenal Devourment,” clocks in at an epic 2:36. Let There Be Corpse also features “Oozing Abdominal Lunch,” “Exquisite Empryonic [sic] Excoriation And Evisceration,” “Prolonged Bowel Prolapse,” “Vomit Snorter,” “Purulent Sphictral Ripping Afterbirth,” and many more. The grindcore scene is single-handedly keeping the medical-dictionary business solvent.

The End Times Spasm Band
Extraordinary Popular Delusions
•The title comes from Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds, a landmark 1841 book by Charles Mackay that explains everything from alchemy and mind-reading scams to economic bubbles. The band Extraordinary Popular Delusions explores another mass delusion: free jazz.

First person

I Tried To Run Away When I Was 6
•Full name appears to be I Tried To Run Away When I Was 6 (But Got Too Scared To Cross The Street). In September, Peak Emo was reached when it released a split with Emo Side Project and Charlie Down. Short description, per Facebook: “bring a seltzer to the show and I’ll put you on the guest list.”

We Leave At Midnight
The Year I Disappear
•“This isn’t just ‘songs about my emotions’, Its [sic] an outlet for my problems. Passionate, Heartfelt, Meaningful.” So...songs about your emotions then?

My French Roommate

Second person

Yours Are The Only Ears
Screw Your Brains
Your Old Droog


Make Do And Mend
Show Me The Body
Feed Her To The Sharks
March On, Comrade
Don’t Fear The Satellites
•A common trope for bios for unknown/up-and-coming bands is to claim they’re pioneering a new genre, usually with some convoluted description. To wit: “Don’t Fear The Satellites of Cincinnati is slashing through the Midwest music scene coining their own genre of what they call Fusion Dance Music. The music flows through a variety of styles capturing the essence of Progressive Rock and Fusion Jazz but also nodding to, R&B, Funk, Electronic and World Music.”

Thrash Or Die
•Naturally, a band that has an album called Poser Holocaust also has a song called “No Posers Allowed.”

Kick A Ten Year Old In The Head

•Description of YouTube video for this LA/NYC duo’s song “The Big Heavy”: “this song was released on nothing. ever.”


•The press release announcing the trio’s appointment as house band of The Spike Guys’ Choice Awards declared it the “world’s craziest band.” Maybe because the members dress as sasquatch or something?

•Per Facebook, band influences: Kylie Minogue. Band interests: cheekbones.



X and Y

Sashcloth & Axes
•Short description: “NO SAFEWORDS.” Bio: “LEATHER AND CHAINS.”

Truman & His Trophy
Man And The Smells
Everyone And Their Empty Cups
The Dust And The Screaming
•“alternative rock with a progressive touch, fans of coheed and cambria, radiohead, pink floyd, rush, led zeppelin, and bold & creative music are welcome.” If you don’t like The Dust And The Screaming, you must not be a fan of bold and creative music.

The Things

The Hell Yeah Babies
The Hate My Day Jobs
•“Dan, Artie, and Glenn hate their day jobs. So do you, you say? Well, did you take the ennui that is your life and turn it into paying gigs that make the kids dance? We didn’t think so.”

The Potential Lunatics
The Black Heartthrobs
The Hartford Pussies
The Wet Darlings

Surgeon General’s warning

Cigarettes After Sex
Diet Cig
Cigarette Bums
Lower Tar

Animals, sort of

Strung Like A Horse
Whales Whailing
Rat Fist
False Pterodactyl
Shark Punch
•Bio: “It’s all about Dinosaur Brocore.”

Escape By Ostrich
A Deer A Horse
Jurassic Shark
Trichotomous Hippopotamus
•Per its bio: “Rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Fort Wayne music scene.” First Fort Wayne, then northern Indiana, then THE WORLD.

The Pinstripe Pigeon Band
A Giant Dog
Horse Jumper Of Love
Dream Panther
Egrets On Ergot
Dogs On Acid
Story Of The Running Wolf
•Bio: “...the LA-based duo has created a live show which has been described as a ‘John Hughes party on Neptune.’” Yes, it’s better to make it sound like that description came from someone besides the band.

•Latest album: Shit In The Apple Pie

Sodium Beast
•Its song “(You Got A) Pussy” consists mostly the title repeated over and over, then amended with “You got a pussy between your legs!”

Like Herding Cats
Yeti Ender
•Bio, per Facebook: “Yeti Ender is a __________ (impressive adjective) band that blends the _____ (adjective) sounds of _____ (genre) with the _______ (superlative) that _______ (another genre) has to offer --- think ______ (band) meets ______ (band).

Yeti Ender formed when _______ (band member) met _______ (another band member) in the men’s room of _________ (local park). The two of them ______ (verb, past tense) for ______ (period of time) until they met up with ________ (rest of the band). It was like ______ (noun) for the whole ________ (body part)!

Together, the ______ (number) of them _____ (verb) like no other in today’s ______ (genre) scene. With their ______ (tough-sounding adjective) riffs, _______ (pretentious adjective) lyrics, and ________ (sexy adjective) stage show, they are soon to be __________ (grandiose claim)!”

•Song titles from last year’s Visions Of Your Cat: “Motherfucking Awesome God,” “Ancient Clown Burial Ground,” “Lotion Basket.” Available via Bandcamp for $6.66.

Roach Beach
•Sweet logo:

So it’s not just a clever name

The Awful Din

The final frontier

Astronauts, Etc.
Cambodian Space Project
•Most band bios needn’t stretch 2,173 words, but most bios aren’t also quick primers on the Khmer Rouge and its crackdown on popular music. The story of how Cambodian Space Project came together, and the shadow the Khmer Rouge still casts nearly 40 years later, justifies the epic bio—and the “Please like us on facebook!” button at the end is kind of adorable.

What Moon Things
•Bio: “Formed:
the brink of summer,
a moldy asthmatic basement.
Drinkin the last sips
every last box of wine,
what moon things
saw the tasty crevice of light,
born again.

it’s the fourth wave, and we’re cummin.”

Stuck On Planet Earth
Newish Star
•Opening lyrics to the (great) 55-second song “I Got Mad”: “Now I got mad / When one of my best friends in the world / Liked my band / When all I wanted was / Some pretty girl I never met before / To give me some wrong sense of approval / A perverted pat on the back.”
•Bio: “Hi Newish Star is a three piece from Buffalo NY and Jordan writes all the songs but he isn’t pushy about it.”

Surf’s up

Surf Rock Is Dead
•Presumably they’re Beyoncé

Gentleman Surfer
Surf Curse


Naked Naps
•Song: “Toyota Prius, The Silent Killer”

Nap Eyes


Pop. 1280


Leisure Muffin
Carb On Carb
Hot Sauce Holiday
•Bio: “Hot Sauce Holiday is for everyone that wants to kick over their office desks and start dancing. We are for the eccentric outsiders, the burners, and the lovers. Join us in taking on the banality of convention.”

Deep Fried Embryo
•Songs from 2014’s Butcher: “John Wayne Was A Rapist,” “Visual Defication” [sic],” “Black Jack Black Eating Cracker Jacks,” “The Boy Who Pounded Pony’s [sic] To Much,” “Shit Bomb The Bed,” “Burner Of Bibles, Shitter Of Beds,” “Stealing And Selling And Testing Used Dildos,” and many, many more, most lasting around 15 seconds.

Geographical locations

Fire In The Hamptons
•Bio: “Descending from the heavens (with an arrival point somewhere directly skyward of Los Angeles, California) looms Fire In The Hamptons: A tribal entity that has come to provide the Earth with the soundtrack for celestial lovemaking.”

Gowanus Mutant Kommandos
Hecho En Brooklyn

Family ties

Gramma’s Boyfriend
Unkle Funkle
Acid Dad
Sons Of Hippies
Novelty Daughter
O’Sister Brother
Too Fun Child
Dad & Dad

Repetition repetition repetition (repeat)

And And And
Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair

Oh Oh Ecstasy


Car Seat Headrest
•Bandcamp bio excerpt: “Media outlets please DO NOT LINK THE NUMBERED ALBUMS BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT VERY GOOD”

Kneeling Bus
•It looks like two groups claim this moniker: an experimental band called Kneeling Bus from Brooklyn (album: Watch The Simpsons Online Free), the other a band from Pennsylvania called The Kneeling Bus, which may or may not still exist. It doesn’t look like anyone’s claimed A Kneeling Bus yet.

Short Bus PileUp
•2010 album: Repulsive Display Of Human Upholstery, which includes tracks like “Labia Beautification,” “Stench Of Her Burning Flesh,” “Gagging On Dick,” and “FUBAR (Felt Up By A Retard).” 2006’s We Keep The Dancefloor Dirty With Bottles And Shit is a little more lighthearted, with songs like “Remember That Time We Stomped That Dead Dear [sic] Carcass,” “I Have Erectile Disfunction [sic] Now Thanks To Lorraina Bobbit [sic],” and, uh, “Suturing The Fuckhole.”

Metal logo or tribal tattoo?

Blinded with science

Miracles Of Modern Science
Thank You Scientist

Dear white people

Fat White Family
•Winner, Song That Sounds Nothing Like Its Title: “Now That I’m Taking Myself Seriously As An Artist (Wet Hot Beef Part III)”

Rich White Ladies

Get mild

Totally Mild
The Mild High Club


Diabolic Emo Destroyer
•So diabolical they’re only on Myspace!

Emo Side Project
•Songs from this year’s You Know What Sucks? Everything: “This MegaHertz,” “I’m Just Crying And Watching Soccer,” “No History Book Could Have Prepared Me For What Happened Here,” “Salute Your Jorts!”


Adult Dude
Teenage Time Killers
Scam Avenue
Oh Golly
•The band offers a “free consultation” via text if you’re feeling lonely, stretched thin, anchor-less, or have any questions in general: 973-508-5497.

Drippy Inputs
Coastwest Unrest
Laser Background
Big Zit
The Stupid Daikini
Tracksuit Wedding
•“Experience true energy and entertainment!” screams an enormous banner on the band’s homepage. But please note: “We don’t wear Tracksuits and we are not a Wedding Band!” says its Facebook page.

Yip Deceiver
Rad Payoff
•Album: The Good, The Rad, And The Ugly. Track four, “Mini Raid The Panty Fridge,” features the repeated refrain, “Don’t slam my dick in the car door!”

Um Are
•Opening track on this year’s Child Prodigy: “Um Are You Gonna Finish That?”

Evasive Backflip
Relevant Anger
Bad Bad Meow
Pure Disgust
Total Slacker

Slum Sociable
Baby Aspirin DVD
Sultan Of The Disco
Criminal Hygiene
•Bio: “uptown slick cruise sailor crackers stuck under freeway overpasses drinking chords and shitting cranberries...”

Weird Guilty Pleasures
•Winner, World’s Most Boring Band Bio: “Adam and Dylan have been friends and have been in a few bands together in the past. Michael and Adam were childhood friends, but didn’t see each other much after they moved. Once they met up again years later, they realized both were musicians and the band started to take form bringing everyone together.”

Cutthroat Gorgeous
Mattress Financial
Half Waif
Endorphins Lost
Go Filth Go
Wizard Rifle
Crypto Jocks
Gruesome Toilet

Chess Club Romeos
•As of this writing, the group has a sad six Twitter followers.

Freedom Fry
Purple Mountains Majesties
Powered Wig Machine
Divorced With Three Kids
Bro Safari
Indonesian Junk
•Bio excerpt: “We’re kinda scumbags.”

Injecting Strangers
Straight Edge Kegger

Chat Logs
Shy Technology
•“The band’s name, which is often shortened to ‘Shy Tech,’ is explained by [frontman David] Coulson as the vision of human beings being very advanced forms of technology: ‘Our bodies serve as vehicles to help us manifest great things and to help others. Our inner being is what controls the actions of that technology. I thought it was a funny thing explaining the soul and body connection and it seemed that the perfect way to do that was by describing it as ‘shy technology.’” So there you go.

High-Functioning Flesh
•Bio excerpt: “Their unique hard beating electronics are heavily infused with body horror and seeks to revive us from our spectacle-induced coma.” So prepare to have you fucking mind blown, bro.

Decrepit Jaw
Dead Is He
•Band interests: “Playing brutal metal and consuming mass quantities of beer, tequila and Jagermister [sic].”

Hot Flash Heat Wave
Clones Of Clones - A.V. Club

"Clones of Clones - "I Don't Need Your Love""

It’s rainy and melancholic here in Orlando this morning and this song is fitting my mood. Decidedly British, extremely liberating and instantly captivating, this is a garage-rock song that hits in all the right places. In short, Clones of Clones is a band who is destined to do big things. The band’s full length is being produced by Ted Comerford (Jukebox the Ghost, ZOX, Jonas Sees in Color) at Savannah’s Low Watt Studios and is due in early 2015. Expect a review by yours truly when the album drops. -

"I Don’t Need Your Love by Clones of Clones"

It’s hard to nail lo-fi garage indie. It’s hard to balance the grittiness of the instruments against the softness of vocals. The chorus needs to be slightly cacophonous but nothing too heavy. And Clone of Clones in their song, “I Don’t Need Your Love” nail it.

There’s something vaguely 90’s about their sound that I can’t quick pin down (the vocalist? the synth?). Half anthemic indie, half lo-fi, Clone of Clones puts together a catchy, emboldening and plucky tune.

Also recommended, The Neighborhood. - Tuneage

"New Music: “I Don't Need Your Love” by Clones of Clones"

Clone of Clones’ latest EP, I Don’t Need Your Love, feels big. Its throwback charm welcomes you in, but in the same vein, also sounds current with its throngs of youthful energy and emotion. At only three songs, it’s the perfect thing to whet your musical appetite.
The title track has shades of Foster the People and a splash of Chris Martin-esque vocal delivery, giving me one of my favorite “I’m over you, get out of my life puh-lease” anthems of 2014. Meanwhile, “Out Loud” is a slow burn. Listening to it is like riding a roller coaster: up one minute, then jolted down to the ground in both instrumentation and all the feels.

The EP ends with one massive high note on “The Battle Between.” The clear stand-out booms with drums and an explosive hook that doesn’t really get un-stuck from your head.

With music this good, these Clones don’t have to phone it in one bit, so be sure to get a copy of their too-short, too-sweet EP.

Don’t you want to say you knew the next big thing before they were big?
Yes, of course you do. - DC Music Download

"Clones of Clones - "Monster Heart""

Apparently, Washington, D.C. is now responsible for some exhilarating, flushed alt rock music, courtesy of a band named Clones Of Clones. New single Monster Heart brings to mind some of the growling, grungy treats we’ve been enjoying from Royal Blood of the UK, with the sultry simmers of Arctic Monkeys. It’s a slamming rock and roll jam bordering on shoegaze that boasts plentiful grit and a beautifully haunting bridge. Monster Heart is from Clones Of Clones’ upcoming album I Don’t Need Your Love. - I Heart Moosiq

"New to Me: Clones of Clones “I Don’t Need Your Love”"

Once upon a time, I had a radio show that only played bands currently performing in the district. That show is super dead, so we’ve resurrected it (with way more words and far less radio) in the form of this column. Everyday I’ll review a song from a band playing in D.C. that night. The rules are, 1. I can only listen to the song once and 2. I only have until the end of the song to finish my review.


I hope this band is very science fiction-y… Nope. Not at all. I like the dissonance between the very clear and pristine music and the super distorted vocals. That’s kind of cool. For a second I swear the frontman was singing “and your butt is always growing,” but that cannot be true. It would be hilarious though… and very strange. This song is okay. I’m not psyched about it, but I don’t hate it at all. - Brightest Young Things

"Hot From the Dingus"

Some girl told me I make a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. Sorry this isn’t Rolling Stone people. Anyway, ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’ is a song titel that is as strate forward as they come. The penned melody is also fairly predictable and alligned as well. So what makes this trak so perfect? Humanity. Fucking humanity.

And while the track by Clones of Clones (a badass band name, in my humble opinion), crls itself around simplicaty, it delivers in all aspects of the tormented, despotic relationship that, I fele, we all face at some point or another (even if it’s your despotic, tormented relationship with porn). Much music, much tunage, much lyricalness tries to hard to do something special, but ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’ is comfortible doing what music has been doing for thosunds of years. Expressing the singular simple thought paterns that make us all clones. Keeo your eyes open for their new album coming under the same name. - dingus

"DCMD Premiere: “Float On” by Clones of Clones"

If you had no prior knowledge of “Float On” by Modest Mouse, which seems impossible given that it’s customary to hear this jolly rock anthem pumped into everywhere from retail outlets to sports arenas, then the clever rendition by D.C.’s Clones of Clones would simply sound like an original song from the band.

But the fact that “Float On” is the crown jewel in Modest Mouse’s oeuvre makes any attempt to cover it downright ballsy, but ultimately the band succeeded. “As artists, we’re constantly trying to create and try new things, and we’ve never done a cover. We’ve played covers straight up before, but never tried to put our own sound to someone else’s track,” said Clones of Clones’ frontman Ben Payes. “It was a fun experiment for us, playing the melody and instrumentals with synths and different guitar sounds.” After recording “Float On,” Clones of Clones recruited producer Justin Long (who’s worked with D.C. bands like US Royalty and Shark Week) to mix and master the song.

The band also made a stop motion video for “Float On,” which was recorded where the old Aqueduct Bridge in Georgetown once stood, overlooking the neighboring Key Bridge. “The heavy beat of the track was set up nicely for a stop motion video–the images are actually switching in rhythm with the song. We took 1,200 photos, one every six seconds for two hours, and stitched it together in the video,” said Payes.

For their remake of “Float On,” Clones of Clones switched out the infectious mellotron-driven melody of the original and replace it with a flutey synthesizer. They also swapped out the jangly guitars with fuzzy, distorted ones. Though much of Modest Mouse’s appeal has always been Isaac Brock’s vociferate assault, like a jack popping out of its box, Payes plays it cool, delivering Brock’s dissonant lines effortlessly. - DC Music Download

"Music Video Premiere: Clones of Clones - 'Somebody Else'"

Clones of Clones’ new music video is another District-flavored visual treat from Nigel Lyons, who previously worked on videos for Paperhaus’ single “Cairo” and Deleted Scenes’ “Landfall.”

At first glance, the video seems like a classic unrequited story with a modern location of Meridian Hill Park. According to the band's vocalist (and the video's central character), Ben Payes, Lyons’s work is the director's own interpretation of the song.

“It is told out of order, which is kind of an ode to [the film] “Memento”,” Payes says. “Guy locks his eyes on a girl, girl breaks up with her boyfriend and guy [does the same] to pursue each other.” Scandalous!
With Brian Abbott’s energetic drumming, a series of playful bass riffs and fuzzy guitar supplements, Hayes’ character becomes more than a sad sack. Pleading yet triumphant vocals tie together the elements of a fun and catchy garage rock track.

According to Payes, the single is a change of pace from their upcoming album, Monster Heart, which he describes to be “much darker” overall, as evidenced by “I Don’t Need Your Love,” another single from the upcoming album [which also features a Modest Mouse cover].

Monster Heart, the band's first LP, is officially out on October 6. Clones of Clones are lining up a series of shows to celebrate the release. - dcist

"Clones of Clones: Music for Real People"

From Washington D.C., Clones of Clones are breathing new life into the indie-rock music scene. Together, Ben Payes (Guitar/Synth/Vocals), Nick Scialli (Bass/ Guitar/Vocals), Todd Evans (Guitar/Synth/Vocals), and Brian Abbott (Drums) create a refreshing change of pace with haunting melodies and perfect harmonies. Synthesizers paired with creative guitar measures add an alluring element to their unique music.

Like me on Facebook. The business of music is often more difficult than making music, but no less important. Clones of Clones are an unsigned band that can make a great album on their own, but believe having a record label would help with distribution. While social media statistics are easily manipulated and not a true indication of any band’s musical acuity, record labels look for the artist with the most presence. The logic is that bands with high statistics come with a ready-made fan base, so record labels do not have to invest time and money into development. Evans explains that your chances for a record deal increase if you become a ‘self-promotion machine’. In the past, record companies would take unknown artists and groom them into superstars. However, the music industry now requires new artists to cultivate their own following, before they are even considered for a recording contract.

Real music is for real people. Amongst the unexpected musical twists and turns in the songs by Clones of Clones, there is an underlying reality. The individual tunes paint a musical picture of the lives we lead. The song “Bully” describes feelings of despair with the words “He’s comin’ for you/It’s all over the news”, expressing how we feel when something is beyond our control. The title track, “I Don’t Need Your Love”, from their new EP, which will be released mid-November, outlines the necessity of walking away. Lyrics from the song say, “Goodbye was never this easy” that oddly ring true, because sometimes it is not that hard to leave an unhealthy situation. Dramatic lyrics set against a backdrop of exquisite harmonious highs and lows is intriguing, yet delightful to listeners.

It’s something new. Clones of Clones are instantly mesmerizing in the symphonic qualities they incorporate throughout. There is no predictable order in the music, but it flows seamlessly from verse to verse, which is the reason it is on replay while I work. Personally, I do not care how many followers they have on Twitter. I am drawn to the raw honesty in the lyrics and engaging musical structures. They are currently performing live at local venues and will release their new EP, I Don’t Need Your Love, next month. In the meantime, fans can see a sneak preview of the title track on the official Clones of Clones YouTube channel.
- See more at: - Mind Equals Blown

"DCMD Premier: "Float On" by Clones of Clones"

If you had no prior knowledge of “Float On” by Modest Mouse, which seems impossible given that it’s customary to hear this jolly rock anthem pumped into everywhere from retail outlets to sports arenas, then the clever rendition by D.C.’s Clones of Clones would simply sound like an original song from the band.

But the fact that “Float On” is the crown jewel in Modest Mouse’s oeuvre makes any attempt to cover it downright ballsy, but ultimately the band succeeded. “As artists, we’re constantly trying to create and try new things, and we’ve never done a cover. We’ve played covers straight up before, but never tried to put our own sound to someone else’s track,” said Clones of Clones’ frontman Ben Payes. “It was a fun experiment for us, playing the melody and instrumentals with synths and different guitar sounds.” After recording “Float On,” Clones of Clones recruited producer Justin Long (who’s worked with D.C. bands like US Royalty and Shark Week) to mix and master the song.

The band also made a stop motion video for “Float On,” which was recorded where the old Aqueduct Bridge in Georgetown once stood, overlooking the neighboring Key Bridge. “The heavy beat of the track was set up nicely for a stop motion video–the images are actually switching in rhythm with the song. We took 1,200 photos, one every six seconds for two hours, and stitched it together in the video,” said Payes.

For their remake of “Float On,” Clones of Clones switched out the infectious mellotron-driven melody of the original and replace it with a flutey synthesizer. They also swapped out the jangly guitars with fuzzy, distorted ones. Though much of Modest Mouse’s appeal has always been Isaac Brock’s vociferate assault, like a jack popping out of its box, Payes plays it cool, delivering Brock’s dissonant lines effortlessly. - D.C. Music Download

"Echoes of the Future: Clones of Clones"

In 50 words or less, tell us what you sound like?
Dirty, dark rock music with big dynamics. Everything from huge, punchy choruses with memorable hooks to really low, eerie, sometimes grinding verses.

In 100 words or less, tell us why we should listen to you?
We have a very familiar 90s Brit rock sound. However, it's just different and modern enough to distinguish itself from that era. You'll feel the joy of discovering a new band and be consumed by a sense of nostalgia all at once.

If you had to pick one of your tracks for our readers to listen to, which would it be?
I Don't Need Your Love

Give us 3 bands you’d recommend we listen to?
The Helio Sequence, Miike Snow, Sea Wolf

What inspires your music?
Heartbreak, night drives, bad trips, good trips.

What we say:
Channelling an 80s post punk vibe in to something thoroughly modern with great riffs and big choruses. - Echoes and Dust

"Inbox: November 2015"

Here is a 30+ song playlist of indie rock tunes for the month of November. Lot of good up and comers in here. Many of these tracks are taken directly from our submission inbox. Many of the others are new bands and artists that are beginning to buzz and worth sharing.

Stream on Spotify and be sure to follow us over there.


Beach Baby – Limousine
Coast Modern – Hollow Life
Strange Names – Ricochet
Hibou – When The Season Ends
Wilsn – Walking for Days
Matt Corby – Monday
Clones of Clones – Somebody Else
Medlow – Emotion
Animal House – Figure It Out
Stillwater Giants – Patience
Lost Kings – Bad feat. Jessame
Patawawa – Red and White
Madi Diaz – Mess (Jensen Sportag Remix)
Du Tonc – We Can Hold On
Moonchild – The Truth
Day Wave – You Are Who You Are
Marc Scibillia - Out Of Style
Meredith – Levels
Tiger Choir – All Time
Holy Holy – You Cannon Call for Love Like a Dog
The Marlenes – Cakewalk
My Baby – Remedy
The Echo and the Sound – War On Error
King Colour – You Just Don’t Want It Yet
Folded Like Fabric – I Tried
Ulysse – Witness
Vaudeville Smash – Richter Scale
Bishop – Wild horses
GEMS – Soak
Come Wild – Clarity
Sabina Ddumba – Not Too Young
Overlake – Travelogue
Rah Rah – The First Night We Met - Casablanca Sunset

"Clones Of Clones – New Artist Spotlight"

Here’s a band you guys should really look into and expect great things from.

Clones Of Clones are an alternative rock band from Washington D.C. with some very promising output which looks set to blow-up in a massive, positive way very, very soon.

The band is Nick Scialli (Bass, Guitar, Vocals), Ben Payes (Guitar, Synth, Vocals), Brian Abbott (Drums) and Todd Evans (Guitar, Synth, Vocals) and their mission is to put together music you can instantly get behind and hang onto, while having a good time in the process.

There’s a versatility to their style which means that they can comfortably dip into more indie territory one second, tackle something a bit more bluesy the next and pick up a poppier vibe at times while still sounding like themselves and delivering fresh, well put-together tunes.

One of their EPs which you can find on SoundCloud is their 2013 debut Neighborhoods, a 4 track-long mini album with some killer psychedelic cover art and, of course, some cool music.

Case and point:

“Bully” is the second track from Neighborhoods and it certainly gets that slightly 90’s vibe across quite well with a catchy chorus, a chilled-out rhythm and some welcome attitude. The other tracks are also well worth listening to as the title song, “Neighborhoods”, boasts some great lyrics and both “Homie” and “Take Care Of Yourself” have a genuine emotional punch to them.

Do check out the band’s Youtube channel because you’ll be able to find those songs and much more on there.

Which brings us to the really cool part: there’s a new EP on the way and the teaser for its explosive title track “I Don’t Need Your Love” is up!

This is a short but sweet example of how good the full song and its video will be and, having listened and viewed both, I can safely say that this should be the breakout hit the band are looking for and deserve: its Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-esque swagger and catchy-as-hell chorus alone make this one a must-hear.

And, if every song on the EP is as good as this one, which I’m sure they are, then you’ll probably want to head over to iTunes come November 11th and purchase I Don’t Need Your Love because it’ll be worth it to say the least.

More information on Clones Of Clones can be found on their website and their Facebook page which you’re very welcome to “Like” (same goes for ours, hehehe).

The band is also active on Instagram and Twitter so there’s no excuse to not bring these Clones Of Clones into your lives, like, right now.

Expect a review of their new EP right here on Feedback Theatre soon enough! - Feedback Theatre

"New Music: “Somebody Else” by Clones of Clones"

Back in June, D.C. rockers Clones of Clones released their meritorious cover of “Float On,” Modest Mouse’s frolicking, uppity introduction of themselves to the mainstream music world. It was, to quote myself, a “downright ballsy” cover, mostly because “Float On” was the song that propelled Modest Mouse from being one of indie rocks’ best kept secrets to mainstream music aficionados’ favorite new bands overnight.
It was a risky maneuver for Clones of Clones to undertake so early in their career, and could have been a disaster. To borrow a quote from The Wire’s Omar Little: “You come at the king, you best not miss…” Instead, it became another feather in the cap for a band who takes their time making music, much like a chess player calculating their next move.

The reason for rehashing the aforementioned events is directly related to Clones of Clones’ most recent single, “Somebody Else,” on which these four fellows continue to explore the outer boundaries where pop, rock and electronica meet. In a genius way, their cover of “Float On” was a sly foreshadowing of what fans could expect.

For Modest Mouse, “Float On” represented a tectonic shift in their sound, vis-à-vis The Beatles Revolver. “Somebody Else” sounds appropriately like somebody else, diverging from some of the more rock-heavy offerings the band had previously released. The song at its core has a snappy disco-inspired bass beat orbited by guitar, drums and whirring analog synths. It winds its way along, propelled by poppy crescendo choruses delivered with fervent aplomb by Ben Payes as he explains “and it breaks my heart/to see you in pieces/and though we got off to a rough start/and now I’m leaving/to be somebody else, somebody else…”

“Somebody Else” is evidence that Clones of Clones, while still in its infancy, has grown significantly, largely due to the fact that they are not afraid to take risks. It will be extremely interesting to hear what the rest of their forthcoming album, Monster Heart, will sound like when it’s released on October 6. - DC Music Download

"On A Hooky New Single, Clones Of Clones Wants To Be ‘Somebody Else’"

D.C. indie-rock outfit Clones of Clones is in the process of building hype for its first album — Monster Heart, out Oct. 6 — and so far, it seems to be working: As of today, the band’s recent Modest Mouse cover has racked up more than half a million listens on Soundcloud.

album_500Clones of Clones’ latest single, “Somebody Else” — released last Tuesday and already soaking up thousands of plays — sounds true to form for the band, but with a decidedly sunnier temperament than earlier titular single “Monster Heart.”

The playful lyricism on “Somebody Else” serves as a distraction from the cheerless subtext.

“That’s how I deal with sad things sometimes,” says lead singer Ben Payes. “No one wants to delve into complete sadness when sad times are approaching.”

If you think Clones of Clones actually sounds like a clone of some other band you can’t seem to put a finger on — well, the group is OK with that.

“Good music is rooted in something familiar and comfortable,” Payes is quoted as saying on the band’s press site. Clearly, thousands of others agree. - WAMU

"New Music We Recommend"

While the band is brand new, the members comprising the rock group Clones of Clones are no strangers to the D.C. music scene, with a mixture of familiar faces from The Blue Line and Lionize. For their debut EP (expected to be released this fall) they sought the talent of Justin Long, a well-known producer in D.C. who has also worked with the likes of U.S. Royalty and Dance For The Dying. What was conceived from the collaboration was “The Neighborhood Song”, released today by the group. It’s an up-tempo track that will leave you all the more inquisitive as to what the band has up their sleeve for the new release-all signs point to good on this. - D.C. Music Download

"Clones of Clones: Somebody Else"

It easy to get on board with Clones of Clones after listening to their single “Somebody Else”. The track is off their new album Monster Heart which is set to be released on October 6 and available for pre-order on Itunes now. These fellow Washingtonians have already been compared to some other pretty awesome bands like Modest Mouse and Kaiser Chiefs. Clones of Clones are currently gearing up to do a promo tour for the album and it’s sure to be great from start to finish. For now let’s crank the sound and enjoy “Somebody Else”.
words by Kendra Marshall - Newdust

"Clones of Clones - Somebody Else"

Washington, D.C.’s very own grungy indie rock band Clones Of Clones released a new video for their song Somebody Else, the lead single from their upcoming album Monster Heart. Thankfully, the video put a spotlight on the song for me, since I’d be rather sad to have missed this superbly hooking scuzzy jangler. Somebody Else, unlike previously shared album title track Monster Heart, is more of a guitar pop styled breezy charmer. Clones Of Clones sheds their growling, fevered rock on this one, donning a coat of lo-fi languor instead. The video for Somebody Else tells a sad story about two lovers who change over time and leave their relationship behind, told in an Amelie or Memento like segmented fashion. Clones Of Clones’ debut album Monster Heart will be out early next month. - I Heart Moosiq

"TVD's Press Play"

Press Play is our Monday recap of the new—and FREE—tracks received last week, provided here to inform your next trip to your local indie record store. Click, preview, download, purchase. - The Vinyl District

"Free Song of the Day: Clones of Clones — "Somebody Else""

Lo-fi garage rockers Clones of Clones have made a name for themselves in the competitve Washington, D.C. music scene. After several years giving a taste of what's to come through the release of several EPs, the group is ready to unveil their full-length, Monster Heart. Ahead of that album, we're excited to offer the band's "Somebody Else" as today's free song. With a laid back, lo-fi sound, the group showcases enough of a gritty edge here to get you excited for what's to come on Monster Heart, which will be released on October 6.

"I wanted to write a happier sounding song," singer/guitarist Ben Payes explains. "A lot of the earlier stuff I was writing for the album was really dark, minor-chord centric tracks. I was fooling a round with a delay pedal and came up with the verse riff: a fun, slap-back lick. Then the synth part sort of fell into place. The whole feel was just kind of happy-go-lucky.

"In order to tie it in with the rest of the album's theme, I slathered on these sad lyrics. The song is about losing yourself in a relationship. In a bad relationship, you can have two independently good people become complete monsters. The chorus is an ode to becoming somebody else in a relationship, mostly for worse in this case. The verse lyrics are kind of bouncy, fun sounding words, I liked the way they worked with the rhythm of the song; but they're referring to some unhappier moments, nothing too specific." - Purevolume

"Clones of Clones – Somebody Else"

Washington, D.C. indie rock group Clones of Clones have been working tirelessly on their upcoming debut album Monster Heart over the past year, having released an EP and a few music videos during that time. Set to hit shelves October 6th, the announcement comes alongside the release of the lead single “Somebody Else’.

Listing alternative rock groups Modest Mouse, Manchester Orchestra, and Minus the Bear as their major influences, “Somebody Else” incorporates slow-burning, laid-back density in the instrumentation. Contrasting textures from synthesizers and opposing acoustic instruments intertwine to create a lush backdrop for a catchy grunge-pop chorus.

The relaxing pace of the track is what makes it easy to enjoy: it doesn’t force your attention, it simple passes by and hopes you notice. - Dusty Organ

"Official Video for Clone of Clones "Somebody Else" from upcoming Debut Album "Monster Heart""

Clones of Clones based out of Washington D.C. is set to release their debut album "Monster Heart" this October. The title of the album is apropos. They churn out a big emotional sound that for me possesses some of that 80's post punk / new wave vibe. In fact, their track Somebody Else (off the new album) feels comfortable nested in between New Order and Psychedelic Furs. I love the cadence, the rad bass line and the big lush chorus drenched in it's own sad romance. Where are you when we need you Miss Molly Ringwald? - American Pancake

"Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 8-19-15"

Morrissey is a character. I don’t mean that in the sense of how actors portray characters, but more in terms of “a person with a big personality”. He’s consistently given attention less for the music he makes and more for the things he says and does. In the last few years he has kicked opening acts off of his tours for little to no reason, has cancelled many tour dates (eventually citing cancer as his reason for doing so), was dropped by his record label, and a whole host of other things. The man’s a magnet for drama, or at the very least manufactures it himself when there’s none to be found. The reason I bring all this up is because for the first time in nearly a decade Moz sat down in front of a camera for an in-depth interview with Larry King. Lots of topics are covered, including many of his more recent controversial moments, making it definitely worth a watch. You can catch the whole thing right here. Once you’re done with that, enjoy these Pick Your Poison tracks. Notable downloads in this set come from Clones of Clones, Grounders, Stevie B Wolf and Whiskerman. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Diet Cig, Gun Outfit, Jackal, James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg (ironically enough, covering The Smiths), Julien Baker, Madeaux, Sui Zhen and Young Empires, among others. - Faronheit

"Clones Of Clones – I Don’t Need Your Love – EP Review"

Opening with the title track – I don’t Need Your Love which is three and a half minutes of submerged melodrama. I am minded of immersive ’70s progressive rock, to which the Clones Of Clones have added a pep of caffeine and the listener is left, not with navel gazing, rather an intoxicating moreishness as the bubbling incandescence is veiled behind a screen of voile which demands immediate reply as the expansive notes float around the room.

Following is Out Loud, which much as the title suggests pulls aside the curtains – with a blend of ’60s British Blues Rock and Madchester adding a dash of Americana, there is a captivating cascade of petals which carpet the ears in scents to inhale which you just want to grab hold of and embrace tightly as the sounds slip out of reach.

Concluding with The Battle Between and intriguingly the EP has a feature, each track about half a minute longer than the one prior, yet as I Don’t Need Your Love progresses, so time seems to constrict. Of distinction on The Battle Between, are the engrossing Synth / Guitar intertwining and a military tattooed percussion, which gives the piece stunning layers of textures.

I recommend grabbing hold of I Don’t Need Your Love when it launches next month. - Emerging Indie Bands

"Daily Downloads"

Every day, Daily Downloads offers free and legal music and/or stream. - Largehearted Boy

"DC Based Clones of Clones Preview New EP With "I Don't Need Your Love""

From our nation's capital, indie rockers Clones of Clones give listeners a hint of their upcoming EP with the title track off of it , "I Don't Need Your Love". The song is an ethereal, high energy rocker that brings in the best of both worlds with downtempo melodies and high strung rock interludes that show the band can run the gamut from all quadrants of the musical spectrum and know how to keep things in check with sophisticated instrumentation that gives listeners their full and undivided attention. I really enjoyed these guys upon first listen, and really appreciated their artistic approach when crafting these tunes and their ability to fall deep into what they were making, and bring the audience along for the ride to marvel at the band's abilities.

To take a listen to "I Don't Need Your Love", it's available for streaming on Soundcloud right here, and for more info the guys you can 'Like' them on Facebook here and check out their official webpage over here for more in depth information pertaining to the guys. - Music Box Pete

"Clones of Clones - Somebody Else"

A vibrant music scene needs more than just great bands. Bloggers, show promoters, labels, photogs and podcasters (ahem) all play a vital part in getting crowds interested and involved. DC is rather lucky to have a videographer like Nigel Lyons to craft such polished visuals for acts as diverse as Paperhaus, The North Country, Outputmessage, ACME and the Jonathan Parker’s Panel Counsel jazz ensemble. Indie rockers Clones of Clones are the latest to get the video treatment from Lyons for their new single “Somebody Else” off their upcoming full length Monster Heart. The lovesick plot might seem straightforward at first, but the finish is worth a second glance. - Hometown Sounds

"Daily Downloads (WOMPS, Boister, and more)"

Every day, Daily Downloads offers free and legal music and/or stream. - Largehearted Boy

"Alumni band Clones of Clones ready to entertain, give back"

The LP — a 10-track assortment of wistful and spirited music that adds modern production elements over a 1990s grunge vibe — centers mostly on band members’ past relationships. Payes, responsible for the majority of the band’s songwriting, tried to address that topic in a way that made it accessible to all listeners.
“I try to keep it general so people can apply their own meaning so I’m not just like, ‘I hate you, ex-girlfriend,’” Payes said, laughing. “It’s more interpretive than that.”
When talking with the band members, the contrast between the themes of their music and their personas outside the sonics is quickly recognizable. Although much of their music is moody and contemplative — which isn’t to say there aren’t feel-good tracks as well — the band members themselves are outgoing jokesters.
When asked about their long-term goals for the band, the answers ranged from “being the first band to rock out in space” to “Brian hooking up with a Kardashian.” Their plan to encourage college kids to give their music a chance? “Show them your six-pack.” The most unexpected part of being in Clones of Clones, they said, was that it was like having three girlfriends.
They also had thoughtful answers to those questions. The only concrete goal for the group, Payes said, is making music and enjoying the process. Their music isn’t made for any specific type of person, they all agreed, but university students will enjoy the fresh sound of their first LP. And the most surprising aspect of being a member of Clones of Clones?
“There’s always new surprises in dealing with people,” Payes said. “Musically, I don’t know, we never ran into issues like, ‘We can’t get this sound.’ We’ve learned so much through the years that we know how to experiment and get the sounds we want and write songs.” - The Diamondback

"Clones of Clones - Somebody Else - Video"

The US indie rock quartet Clones Of Clones are set to release the LP Monster Heart on the 6th of October. - Emerging Indie Bands

"TMN New Artist: Clones of Clones"

Clones of Clones confidently pound their lo-fi, gritty, garage rock performance in venues and festivals all over the East Coast. The band has headlined shows at the most popular venues and opened for countless touring label acts in their hometown of Washington, D.C. The band is set to explode in 2015, as the quartet has already played for several sold out crowds, toured through major music markets, and put the finishing touches on their debut album Monster Heart.”

The 10-track album pushes their grunge rock influences – bands like The Stone Roses and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – into new territory with the occasional synthesized soundscape or the intricate textures of intertwining melodies from more contemporary influences like Modest Mouse, Minus The Bear, and Manchester Orchestra. The band recruited the expertise of producer Ted Comerford (Jukebox the Ghost, Army of Me) and mixing engineer Roger Moutenot (Rogue Wave, Guster) for this release. “The album is mostly about a messed up relationship,” singer/guitarist Ben Payes explains, “Nightmares, mood swings, the highs, the lows. But I like letting people apply their own meaning. The lyrics aren’t so literal that it’s clearly only about my relationship. I just use it as songwriting fuel.”

Clones of Clones formed around the common love of grunge rock and big hooks. The name is a statement about how all of today’s music is an evolution of the prior generation’s music, nothing is completely unique. “Even Clapton and The Beatles have roots in Blues and Jazz,” Payes continues, “I think it’s actually a component of good music; it’s rooted in something that is familiar and comfortable to people, yet there is a slight evolution in its sound. Clearly not a bad thing, just an observation. Our music is a pretty clear victim of this evolution.”

Clones of Clones is now playing on TMN Radio. - Fort Hayes University


Monster Heart - LP (2015)

I Don't Need Your Love - EP (2014)

Neighborhoods - EP (2012)



Clones of Clones confidently pounds their lo-fi, gritty, garage rock performances in venues and festivals all over the East Coast. The band has headlined shows at the most popular venues and opened for countless touring label acts in their hometown, Washington, D.C. The band is set to explode in 2015, as the quartet has already played for several sold out crowds, toured through major music markets, and put the finishing touches on their debut album, "Monster Heart."

The 10-track album pushes their grunge rock influences--bands like The Stone Roses and Black Rebel Motorcycle club--into new territory with the occasional synthesized soundscape or the intricate textures of intertwining melodies from vocalists Ben Payes and Nick Scialli. The band recruited the expertise of Producer Ted Comerford (Jukebox the Ghost, Army of Me) and Mixing Engineer Roger Moutenot (Rogue Wave, Guster) for this release.

Their latest EP features three tracks that will be on the album. The EP received critical acclaim and has over 400,000 listens on Soundcloud, a clear sign of the full album's potential. You can listen to the EP and the title track on their Soundcloud page.

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