Close2Death (C2D)

Close2Death (C2D)

 New York City, New York, USA

Close2Death performs original and unique songs of angst and passion featuring dueling female/male vocals that soar above and growl below. The tunes catch the ear and leave you humming the hooks.
We have a kick-ass stage show and have been building a fanbase throughout the tri-state for the last 5 years..


NY/NJ based Close2Death members hale from Austin, Texas; Staten Island,NY and E.Brunswick,NJ. The group writes and performs original songs and has evolved its own distinct hybrid of knife-edge rock, metal and rap.

After numerous personnel changes C2D has found the perfect chemistry in the current line-up. Mike Fennimore is on bass and backing vocals and Nicholas Grasso is on drums. Between them they hammer out the percussive rhythms that carry the muscle of Close2Death's hard rock aesthetic. Their stage show is dynamic and action packed with Dee and Q conveying the emotion of the powerful words with drama that grabs the attention. On-fire guitar licks blaze through the songs thanks to Chad’s nimble-fingered guitar skills.

Close2Death has been building a following in the northeast and are focused on establishing themselves in the national and international scene. Their act has evolved into a crowd-pleaser everywhere they go.

Check them out at as well as on facebook. Keep an eye on their star as it continues to shine brighter in the rock n’ roll universe.


Close2Death's new EP "Y" is streaming on internet radio & receiving airplay. Visit C2D's website to find out where to request songs.

Available for sale on iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody.

Set List

Wet Dream
Behind These Walls
Make It My Way
Last Letter
Once Upon A Time
Passed Us By
Part One
Part Two
My Last Breath
Let Me Down
Doesn't Matter

18 songs - 60 minute set plus encore!!!