Closed Casket Funeral

Closed Casket Funeral


Closed Casket Funeral simply creates music you want to hear repeatedly. They make music that is brutal, technical, catchy and filled with heavy breakdowns. They are well known for their really tight sets. Closed Casket Funeral is a band that you always remember after seeing them.


Closed Casket Funeral is a band of five musicians that create music you want to hear. Formed in the early winter of 2003, Closed Casket Funeral (Marc Lajeunese - Vocals, Jeff Pennycook - Guitar, Dustin Black - Guitar, Jer Candusso - Bass, Tyson Taylor - Drums) set out on a path to produce technical, intense, and equally catchy, metal that would later prove itself through the release of the five song demo, "The Script."

Closed Casket Funeral, with a demo to promote for, began to hit many Canadian and American cities to start a chain reaction of show bookings and much deserved respect. After being recognized as a touring band that "has one of the tightest live sets ever witnessed" they all decided to begin more extensive travelling as they began booking their two-week East Coast Canadian tour.

Once back home, they almost immediately started work on their new material which was intended to capture more of the defined sound they sought after, to further separate themselves from the rest. With three, much more powerful, songs under their belt, they decided to enter Sound Foundry Studios (Kingsville, Ontario) to capture these new creations which would quickly be released as an EP entitled, "A Special Thanks to the Man Who Invented the Wheel"

With the release all said and done, they decided their next tour should be to their neighbours of the South, The United States. As they travelled for another two week stint, Americans began welcoming them with much anticipation, based solely on whispers, from the previous nights during the tour, of Closed Casket Funeral's "intense and remarkably tight live set."

When they returned again, it was noticed that the new EP was selling at an alarming rate, and just as they reached the point of selling out of two pressings in one month, Resound Gr!nd Records (Austria) contacted them. Now accompanied by support, Closed Casket Funeral intends to tour much more frequently and with the same, entrancing live performance they are so notorious for.

Closed Casket Funeral is:

Marc Lajeunese - Vocals
Jeff Pennycook - Guitar
Dustin Black - Guitar
Jer Candusso - Bass
Tyson Taylor - Drums



The Ending and the Epilogue

Written By: Marc Lajeunese

I remember mountains, melting away into waterfalls. Crescent moons refracting off (heat burns me) a sunset’s walls; Green grass and oceans. (The burning mass consumes us all. The Earth falls into the sun: I am burned alive.) I don’t think I’m breathing. I don’t feel alive anymore. Your city serves you; Ignore importance and worship routine. This place is so serene: My little Hamlet of perfection. Burning. Flashes and sounds from the greatest of wars. Forests leveled in the time between seconds. It was the wilting of a world in years. Mayhem. Murder. Jihad. Genocide. The skin cracks through the life ending heat, as the heartbeat is broken by the cries of her suffering. Charred lungs scream falsetto over the loss of their own breath. Collapsed like the corpse that is the old broken whore. The rape has finally caught up to her. This is the end: Welcome, this is how it’s always been. But it was never unchangeable. It was only beyond thought: to change. Always a slave to personal convenience. Always satisfied to die a slave. How can that satisfy? Brush your distaste right off your shoulder. Just wait for the blood to enter your home. Dream of the life you’ll suck from us. Live like you own this. Control the world, only to kill it off. Sensible as always I see. Put yourself before everything. Why not just build piles of burning brick, and raise your family to mourn your murdered daughter. We’ll repeat the same thought screamed a thousand times, until it’s pounding inside your selfish fucking head. You can turn your back. You can change the world.
A thousand consequences depend on you.

A Special Thanks to the Man Who Invented the Wheel

Written By: Marc Lajeunese

This city is alive tonight, with the sounds of a neighborly broken kind. They gasp for air as they fight the weight beneath their feet… They’ve lost nothing. The night is cold. The rain pours hard. It’s sound comforts the lost. They drown themselves. The lives they’ve led left them with nothing but disappointment. Beg, burnt, and broken. And we’re alike, it’s the same life we’re wasting. Indecision: that story’s still ripe. And so we hear from the greatest of speakers, and he speaks with a governor’s smile. Practice and perfection are years to death. I feel the need to be imperfect. Living and dying a murderous body, it seems we demand a life that is free. Imperfection. It’s the tradition we expect that keeps us anchored. It’s in our imperfections where our freedom lives to breed. Existing is a loss if life is only lived to please. This is no life to live and die. We can’t destroy ourselves for mass satisfaction. This is no way to live and die. It’s a selfish story. Our passion plays out for itself. Just like Dave said, “It’s what YOU love that makes life worth it.” Our passion plays out for itself. There’s no point in living if you don’t dream for you. Our passion plays out for itself. A special thanks to the man who went out and invented the wheel. Our freedom is on these roads. “Care for it. Nurture it.” These songs are a real home. A special thanks to you my friend.
These songs are a real home.

Accumulus Billboard

Written By: Marc Lajeunese

The shooting star apocalypse. Figuring Numbers into satellite signal loss. Bondage Child wishes for a shooting star to set them free. Limbs like a fracture figuring out why forearms just don’t feel quite right. Still dripping wrong. Still wishing strong. The wheel’s turning. The Wheel’s turning and the conveyor belt conveys, a hand reaches for the rack and the patterns start to sway. The hanger rids itself of blood and drips with bleach. “Maybe She’s Born with it…” She has to be, we grew up sold. The concrete scrapes the sky on the other side of the ocean. The killer works on commission and the plan is set in motion, to strike hot iron hides in a hand that made the brand. Just Do It. Raining praise and pleas. The product perceived is not by definition a friend or enemy. I guess it’s only a crime if the victim’s been baptized. Does the reward outweigh the means? Every child has a face, and this one wished for the network to break. They had a dream. Whether our lives through the catchphrase of the day, or the life of the child a million miles away. Across an expanse of land and sea, the reach is endless. The wheel’s turning and the conveyor belt conveys, a hand reaches for the rack and the patterns start to sway. The hanger rids itself of blood and drips with bleach, and there you stand: A party to the murder. We bought the name. We’ve lost our lives.
Another Casualty on the quest to paint the sky with product.


2004 EP Entitled "The Script" - Independently released and promoted for.

2005 EP Entitled "A Special Thanks to the Man Who Invented the Wheel" - Awaiting release and promotion through Resound Gr!nd Records (Austria) and distribution will be solely through Century Media Records

Set List

1. Home, How I Remember It
2. Accumulous Billboard
3. The Tale of the Handless Puppeteer
4. A Special Thanks to the Man Who Invented...
5. Soliloquy For a Deafened Ear
6. The Ending and the Epilogue