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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Austin, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album Review"

ClosedHandPromise - [iam] Nemesis (song review) |self-released, [iam] Nemesis, 2013| 5/5
Most of the metal bands hailing from Texas come up with extremely powerful music -- think of such famous acts as Skrew, Pantera or Rigor Mortis. Raging heat also radiates from this Austin based band, as if coming from a steel factory furnace. ClosedHandsPromise was founded in 2004. Its line-up includes Domingo (Gitfiddle), Pumpkin Escobar (Slaps da bass), P-dro (Beatz), Colbonix (Propaganda) and K-Killa (Electrics). They've released Outer Space EP followed by a brand new [iam] Nemesis EP in 2013. The title track recorded with Tim Gerron (SOD, Skrew) and mastered by Roger Lian (Slayer, Candiria) offers a powerful and high quality sound.
Heavy metal arrangements mixed with hardcore influences and pumping dynamics are probably the first thing you notice about "[iam] Nemesis". The Greek mythology portrays Nemesis as the goddess of fate, justice and revenge, a personification of the gods' wrath. The song’s mood seems directly connected to these motifs.
"[iam] Nemesis" is a short, stimulating track clocking in at slightly over 3 minutes. The dynamics and the flood of arrangements change within the composition, keeping the song absorbing, both to your ears and brains. The musicians cooperate together perfectly - the drummer comes into a forceful union with the bass player, while the guitarist supports the lead singer. Repetitive spirals of piercing riffs entwine with thorny, hateful and screaming vocals that add a serious set of claws to the music. Loud, angry shouts and a fast-paced stream of lyrics will fill your ears with an honest, in-your-face message, whether you're ready to hear it or not. Moreover, some parts of the song sound as if the vocalist was attacking the listener like an infuriated pitbull. If you enjoy growling, you'll get a serving as well.
These guys, once they gear up, turn into a collaborative team of warriors. If you wish to learn more about ClosedHandPromise, it would be wise to buy their brand new album, support them through social networks and best of all, go see them play a live show. Solid, furious and memorable.
(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, December 9th, 2013) - Fabryka Music Magazine

"Show Review"

"Closedhandpromise was also upfront and in-your-face, but in a different way altogether. At the base, they could be described as post-hardcore punk, using plenty of jackhammer guitar and drum syncropation, mid-song breakdowns, and drill seargent vocal barks. However, what was the most impressive about this Austin-based band was their use of infectious choruses, turntable scratches and effects along with touches of Korn-style guitar weirdness. "Outer Space is A Lonely Place," off of their untitled EP was my favorite song of the set, with its chorus reminding me of Incubus with just a little more bombast and propulsion."
- Alfonso, Edge Magazine San Antonio - Edge Magazine

"Best New Act -- voted by readers of the Edge Magazine"

"Best New Act -- voted by readers of the Edge Magazine 2006"
- Toni Torres, Edge Magazine San Antonio(Sep 06, 2006) - Edge Magazine

"The Edge Magazine's FEATURE ARTIST"

When Toni and I talked about me doing band interviews for The Edge I knew exactly who I wanted to interview first: Remember This. I booked them right after they won the Battle of Bands @ Rock City a few years ago. They were a lot harder than the bands I usually book. But- they won me over immediately! They were professional, they promoted the show, they were on time and most importantly, they appreciated the opportunity and gave it all they had on stage. So, from then on, anytime I had a show that fit their sound, I definitely gave these guys a call. They have never let me down and all their hard work has paid off because these guys are playing all over San Antonio, Austin and Texas...
(continue reading at - Dee Guillemette/The Edge Magazine San Antonio, TX

"Loud Reviews"

This San Antonio Texas band's myspace says "driving melodies" and "blistering aggression" and I couldnt agree more. This might sound strange, but I am reminded of Machine Head, and Rush when I listen to Remember This. For a band that has only been around since the summer of 2005, they sound like seasoned vets.

Steven Garcia's vocals are melodic and smooth one minute, then very intense the next. It's a very even balance of both. Drummer Mike Baez playing has a Neil Peart quality to it, its intricate and pounding at the same time. Guitarist Chip Mullins, is a very talented player, and Jeremy Davis holds it down on bass.

My 2 favorite songs are "27th Year" and "Do you Remember" , those 2 songs showcase just how diverse the band is. "Open to Interpretation" is a very strong release from a band with a very bright future ahead of them. - Guillermo


2013 [iam] Nemesis



ClosedHandPromise is an Austin, Texas based band that has been winning fans around the globe with its raw, high energy sonic assault that is both hard to classify in a genre yet rooted in heaviness.

Displaying elements of heavy metal throwdown riffs, punk rock up tempo rhythms, powerfully melodic rock anthems and textured electronica ClosedHandPromise draws a diverse crowd to its high energy live shows. The diversity of musical influences of each member shows clearly in the song arrangements as the listener is continually taken down various stylistic avenues throughout. With a lineup formed from a "Who's Who" list in prominent local acts, the CHP crew has put together music and a stage show that never disappoints and reaches a broad audience of listeners.

The global popularity of the two songs on their "Outer Space" EP has built a solid fanbase to launch their full release.ClosedHandPromise is a band to watch with the much anticipated release of their full length [iam] Nemesis recorded with Tim Gerron (SOD, Skrew) at Space Studios in Austin, TX and mastered by Roger Lian (Slayer, Candiria) at Masterdisk in NY. You have been warned..............

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