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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"CLOSENUF Pre-Nominated 2 X for a 2010 Grammy Award"

"On 9/27/09, through promotional efforts with an over 10 year relationship with Big Noise Promotions, 2 cuts from CLOSENUF's 2009 release " a new beginning," the tracks - “Alive Forever (The Jerome Mix)” and “At Night (The La Cerra Mix)” were both simultaneously Placed on the Ballot for Nomination for a 2010 GRAMMY AWARD for Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals, the project’s second & third placement as Grammy Ballot Entrants in under 4 years!" - National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

"CLOSENUF Pre-Nominated 2 X for a 2011 Grammy Award"

“On 10/20/10, The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences has placed CLOSENUF (Anthony J. Foti: Co–Producer, Performer, Arranger & Composer) on the Official Ballot for the 2011 GRAMMY Awards for Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals for 2 cuts simultaneously “Music Man (The La Cerra Mix)” – its second appearance of Grammy recognition - and “Close Enough,” escalating the project to Five GRAMMY Ballot appearances in as many years!” - National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

"Steve Jerome, Reviews Closenuf Album"

Steve Jerome, Award winning producer and recording engineer's August 16th, 2005 Review of their Album:

“First off, I have to state that this band is very, very good and their potential level is very high. When asked who they remind me of, all I can say is that they have their own sound, and when I hear a band with an original sound, the record companies and public will seek them out. I can’t say how much I love this album. I give “Alive Forever” a 10 [out of 10] for hit potential. Don’t ask me why, in my gut I just know. “In the Eyes of the Rose” gets a 9 and is also an absolute hit, as well as my favorite song on the album! “Buy the Boat” gets a 10 being a very, very solidly good cut – catchy to the point where people just can’t turn away, and the group’s versatility is shown and the range of their repertoire comes shining through. Something you just don’t find with today’s bands. Their musicianship is excellent overall, and the album is recorded very well – I only wish I could have been in on a project like this. In my personal opinion, once this work gets to the airwaves, it makes a statement to the listeners of the group’s potential which makes one look forward to their next release.” - Steve Jerome, Award winning producer

"Mike SOS, Reviews Closenuf Album"

Mike SOS, Music Critic for Americore, Skratch, Crusher & Ear Candy Magazines’ July 30th, 2005 Review of their Album:

“CLOSENUF is a NYC outfit whose middle of the road approach to rock is suitable for all ages, based on the outfit’s disc. Sounding like a cross between Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Billy Joel, and Grand Funk Railroad, this quintet’s pristine sound and stellar performances shine on tracks like the hypnotic “At Night.” Aimed with a lighter approach, and armed with accomplished musicians whose musical prowess harkens back to the days of the soft rock of the ‘70s, CLOSENUF is a band that you and your older relatives would probably agree on. [Album given 3 Lightning Bolts on their rating system for “Moments of Brilliance.”].” - Mike SOS, Music Critic

"CLOSENUF Nominated at DigiFestival"

“On 8/17/06, The DigiFestival Committee has nominated CLOSENUF (Wayne Olsen – Director) for an Absolute Winner 2006 Edition Award for their music video.”
- DigiFestival, Florence & Milan, Italy

"'s Reviewer Awards"'s August 2005 Reviewer Awards for CLOSENUF:

“Best Keyboards in Modern Rock Category, week of August 29th, 2005;
Best Beat in Modern Rock Category, week of August 22nd, 2005;
Best Drums in Modern Rock Category, week of August 22nd, 2005;
Best Keyboards in Modern Rock Category, week of August 22nd, 2005.” -

"20th Century Guitar Magazine, Reviews Closenuf Album"

20th Century Guitar Magazine’s January 2006 Review of their Album:

“One of the finest pop-rock bands to come out of Brooklyn and Long Island in recent memory, CLOSENUF releases their CDs on their own Wreckords Records imprint. Blessed with a convincing lead singer in Anthony J. Foti, the five-piece lineup spotlights guitars and keyboards. Musically, Foti & company excel in a hard rocking, wide screen, early ‘60s-inspired vision of a sound Phil Spector would, no doubt, have approved of. Reminiscent of The Cars, with a retro touch of The Ramones and Velvet Underground, the CLOSENUF album is well recorded and rocks on an artful musical level.” - 20th Century Guitar Magazine

"CLOSENUF Nominated for a 2006 IMMIE Award"

“On 7/27/06, The Independent Music Conference Committee has nominated CLOSENUF (Wayne Olsen – Director) for the 2006 IMMIE Award (Independent Music Award) for Best Indie Music Video of the Year." - The Independent Music Conference Committee

"Brooklyn College, Reviews Closenuf Album"

Brooklyn College Kingsman's May 16th, 2005 Review of their Album:

“Sweet, simple and electric, CLOSENUF is a mixture of rock ‘n roll, shredding guitar solos, and Billy Joel-esque piano compositions that fuses together Americana nostalgia and showtune melodies. On “Music Man,” the classic rock rhythms that have influenced the band are immediately drawn out; with a sweet melody, an intoxicating charm and a synthesizing sound, “Music Man” is a mutation of 1960's California rock and Southern soul. CLOSENUF has also dedicated a song on the album, “Buy the Boat,” to rockers Elvis Presley and Eddie Cochran. Be it the style, the lyrics, or the whole ambience of the song, “Buy the Boat” is a Southern rock gem with sliding guitars and rock-a-billy influences that will be sure to make you shake your hips. There is a chorus of harmonizing vocals, a catchy rhythm, and a vibrant, rich melody. It's fast paced, upbeat, and the most rockin' of all the songs.” - Brooklyn College Kingsman

"CLOSENUF Pre-Nominated for a 2006 Grammy Award"

“On 10/21/05, The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences has placed CLOSENUF on the official ballot for the 2006 Grammy Awards for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) for “Music Man.” - National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences


Wreckords Records, Inc., Brooklyn's own record label, is proud to announce the 2009 release of CLOSENUF's latest album, “CLOSENUF…to a new beginning.” The 18 track fully digitally mixed original (lyrics included) release was guided in the studio by Steve “Woody” La Cerra, editor of EQ Magazine & soundman for “Blue Oyster Cult.” The project is the brainchild of Brooklyn Singer/Songwriter Anthony J. Foti, whose portfolio consists of Pop/Rock music which is a fusion of nostalgia and originality with a late ‘60s to early ‘70s inspired Singer/Songwriter Rock Band vision, possessing catchy melodies, tight musicianship, & mature arrangements; all to bring the listener to be moved on an artful musical level.



CLOSENUF is the brainchild of Anthony J. Foti, a Bklyn, NY Singer/Songwriter, who comes from a family of vocalists including his mom, grandfather & cousins. Privately trained operatically (Vocally) in youth & adolescence & with a Concentration in Musical Studies (Songwriting) at Pace University, where NYC musical sage, Professor Hannah Hall gave him the speech every young aspiring artist longs for, to pursue the realm of a professional career, "He's got what it takes." By 1994, he was actively playing the NYC club circuit with his original compositions, co-founding the record company -- Wreckords Records, Inc. (ASCAP), to release & track his work.

He released his 1st album in April 1994 with the acoustic progressive rock duo, “Blackwood & Foti,” whose EP was produced by Dave Greenberg (Van Morrison), & Al Greenwood (Foreigner), with drummer Vinny Conigliaro (Joe Satriani) & guitarist Al Pitrelli (Asia) guest starring. The power ballad on the work was saved to be produced by Steve Jerome (Neil Diamond, The Left Banke) & John Abbott (Dionne Warwick) with guitarist Jeff Munzert (Jim Messina) guest starring. This single, "In the Eyes of the Rose," was released on 9/14/94 by Bill Jerome Promotions, with 7% of National U.S. Radio Stations airing it on their Top 40 Play List Rotation (MO, WY, KY, GA, SD, TX).

In October 1996, continuing to record with the Jerome/Abbott team, he released his 2nd album, the solo EP “Fourword” – 4 songs based on 4 words: The Man, His Music. It carried over the single, as well as “At Night,” with its earsplitting Al Pitrelli guitar leads, both from the duo’s EP, (the tunes which featured Anthony’s writing & lead vocals), & added the piano version of Anthony’s mom’s favorite tune of his, the angelic “Alive Forever,” & the saxophone version of “Music Man,” featuring 'Screamin' Steve Barlotta (Gary U.S. Bonds) on sax, which with this release won on 7/15/99, an Honorable Mention in The 9th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest. During the years that followed, he played the Village Scene from the New Music Cafe to Kenny's Castaways, amid the boroughs of NYC, Albany, NJ, RI, & PA, had articles in newspapers & magazines from NY to Switzerland, been commissioned to sing The National Anthem accompanied by organist Eddie Layton, worked with Terry King (Drifters, Temptations), was offered solicitation by entertainment attorneys Eve Nelson & the firm of Jacobson & Colfin (Toni Braxton), & in Sept. 2004, was named a Semi-Finalist in The NE Independent Music World Series with “Fourword.”

On 9/12/01, despite the tragedies of the time, Anthony launched a project with other local singer/songwriters forming CLOSENUF, the next Singer/Songwriter Rock Band to attract a fan base from The Beatles to The Stones, from Dan Fogelberg to Billy Joel; a multigenerational love-fest of melody & good clean stage oriented Rock & Roll. In April 2005, they released their debut LP, guided in the studio by Steve 'Woody' La Cerra (Blue Oyster Cult), with whom the band continues to collaborate. The band through its grass roots efforts became a staple on the NYC music scene, as well as performing live from LI to Philly to Atlantic City, were featured in publications from The Village Voice to 20th Century Guitar Magazine, appeared on The Joey Reynolds Show on WWOR NY Radio, The Dr. Lou’s House of Blues Radio Show on WNJC NJ/PA Radio, & on The Media Factory Show on PATV CT TV, & received four 2005 Reviewer Awards.

In 2006, CLOSENUF’s music video was nominated for The 2006 IMMIE Award (Independent Music Award) for Best Indie Music Video of the Year, & by DigiFestival for an Absolute Winner 2006 Edition Award in Italy. In late 2006 into 2007, Pic Hitz Entertainment released CLOSENUF music to CHR/Pop (Contemporary Hit Radio) & AAA (Adult Album Alternative) Radio Stations for National U.S. Airplay (NM, TX, OH, KY & VA). They performed in The 2007 Original Sessions National Band Search Series Competition in NYC competing for 3 rounds, were chosen to perform in The 2007 Goodstock Festival in WV (promoted by Artie Kornfeld), as well as GoodTimes Magazine’s LI Music Festival & M.E.A.N.Y. Fest 2007 Competitions, signed rights & clearances for usage of their compositions in a 2008 Independent Film Documentary, as well as offered solicitation by Octobertunes for additional TV & Film usage, participated in The 2008 Make Music NY Festival (co-sponsored by Time Out NY Magazine), & performed at The Woodstock Trading Company’s Great Lawn in Cherry Hill, NJ. Also in 2008, CLOSENUF were chosen as Semi-Finalists in The NE Independent Music World Series, making Anthony’s 2nd appearance in this competition at this level!