Closer Still

Closer Still


With four voices blending tightly over a unique display of percussive finger-style guitar, Closer Still gives a new depth to pop music. Their flawless four-part harmonies and addictive melodies create a sound that is refreshingly clean and radio-friendly.


Closer Still is the product of four individuals, their experiences, and musical undertakings. Their unique blend of harmonies atop an intricate framework of fingerstyle guitar, playful piano, and flavorful hand percussion is often labeled as “pop-folk,” but leaves hints and traces of jazz and country music. The depth of each song is easy to relate to on both a lyrical and instrumental basis, but simultaneously rich with arrangements that will leave your eyes and ears wanting more. The group is Maggie (vocals, piano) & Maynah Goble (vocals, percussion), Jason Checkla (vocals, guitar) and Tom Miles (percussion). As singer/songwriters, Closer Still represents a raw, minimally produced, and fresh folk sound - an updated take on accessible alt-country. The variety of voice and texture creates a natural blend of sound that is incomparable, providing an experience that is just as powerful live as it is as a studio production.


Never Knew EP:
- released in March 2010
- single: Never Knew

Happy Everyday
- release date: December 2010

Set List

Never Knew (Never Knew)
Better (Happy Everyday, coming September '10)
High Beams (Happy Everyday, coming September '10)
Baby Sister (unreleased)
One Drink (Never Knew)
What’s New (Never Knew)
3.18 (unreleased)
Wasted on You (Happy Everyday, coming September '10)
Over You (unreleased)
Old Blue Sweater (unreleased)
Flowers and Wine (Never Knew)
What is Honesty (Happy Everyday, coming September '10)
Simply Not Me (Happy Everyday, coming September '10)