Close to Home

Close to Home


Basically we are a young rock band with a little bit of pop flavor. We are highly energetic and like to have a lot of fun, and do have a lot of fun onn and off of the stage.


Close To Home is one of the fastest growing Rock bands in Cincinnati, Ohio. The band, consisting of long time friends, formed in February of 2003 and since then they have built a huge following both locally and nationally. From their very first show (which sold out and had to turn away over one hundred people) they have consistently won fans with their catchy songs and high energy performances. CTH is probably one of the few bands who has multiple members who can do back flips on stage with instruments in hand! They have quickly grown in national popularity and have received excellent reviews from all over the United States.

Following the release of their first demo in 2003 they shot to the top of the charts on and held the number one spot in local downloads for five consecutive months. Garage chose them to be the track of the day out of 3,838 other bands and rated them four stars.

After pre-releasing three songs from their full-length album "One Chance, One Time" they received over ten thousand downloads within thirty days. Recently they changed their domain name to and within two months they had already received almost 100,000 guests.

Additionally CTH is currently being played on over ten major radio stations in Ohio alone, as well as on various college stations throughout the United States. They recently are playing acoustic live on 105.9 the rebel (see shows).

The band has also found thousands of fans through positive reviews on many web sites including (Sir George Martin, the chairman of Garage Band’s advisory board was responsible for signing and producing the Beatles), as well as,, and local newspapers to name just a few.

Recently the band was selected by Clear Channel’s WEBN radio station out of over one hundred bands to play on the WEBN/Budweiser Album project. Of those top sixteen bands chosen for the album, the top five were selected to represent the Tri-State area and to play at the "Budweiser True Music Search." Those bands played before an audience which included A&R representatives and the winner was sponsored by Budweiser for one year. CTH was one of those top five bands and they were well received at this performance. Almost Famous Promotions which has helped launch the careers of Maroon 5 and John Mayer among others has been working with the band ever since. Additionally, as one of the top five bands, CTH’s song "Broken Soul" was chosen to be the second track on the upcoming WEBN/Budweiser album.

They love playing out and are committed to continually building their fan base. Nearly all profits from the band go directly back into the band. To show their fans how much they are appreciated Close To Home has handed out thousands of free cds.

The future looks bright for Close To Home and they show no signs of slowing down. In a time where music is sounding more and more similar they bring something fresh to the scene. Close To Home brings a unique versatility in style to their music incorporating elements ranging from rock to pop. They have created infectious melodies and harmonies that people are eager to share with their friends. They leave listeners satisfied yet wanting more. This is the band everyone will soon be talking about.


Self titled 4 song EP
Full Length - One Chance One Time

Set List

Give me a sign
Nothing Left to show
Going lonely
a broken home
sometime never
standing failure
72 hours 'til friday
broken soul
One Chance One time