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Close to Home

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The best kept secret in music


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It's Not Me...It's You EP (2004)

Arc Cloathing Compilation CD - track 8 "You Know What I Want" (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Honest. Intriguing. Intense.
You’ve heard the words before. But have you ever known their true meaning? Some would say the band Close to Home is all of these. Local punk fans say, Close to Home is none of these.
Honest? Any band can be honest - anyone can write, speak, or sing the truth. But we’re tired of hearing just the truth. What about feeling? Give us something deeper, give us passion without boundaries, give us emotion so strong, it rocks you to the core.
Intriguing? Punk bands, by their very nature, are interesting. They make dirty jokes, they jump around on stage like their shoes are on fire, and they play their guitars fast. They get boring even faster. How about some originality? How about songs with more than three chords? How about a style to call their own?
And intense? Any band can enchant a live audience. Sure, win us over with rock star poses, or reel us in with fancy lighting, and a wall of distortion. But when it’s two a.m., and we can’t have the real thing, we still wanna rock. We want to put on our headphones, and feel our hearts race. We want to be swept away to anywhere but here. We want songs that’ll dance in our heads at any and every moment of the upcoming day. We want a band like Close to Home.

A melodic blend of emotionally driven rock and pop-punk straight out of Kitchener, Close to Home is unique, in your face, and full of feeling. Combining influences from mainstream to alternative and classic rock, old and new punk, and emo, they’ve created a style that’s refreshingly original. Driven by such a broad range of musical inspiration, you can forget a set of songs that all sound the same. With more energy than alternative, and far more edge than your typical pop-punk, Close to Home has perfected a sound that has kept local audiences coming back for more.
But while originality might make for a ‘good’ band, it’s surely their ability to win over an unsuspecting audience that has earned Close to Home the reputation as one of the top
indie bands in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Having established a steady performance schedule over the past year, all Close to Home needs now is to continue to find ways to get their music out to new audiences.
With the release of their debut EP “It’s Not Me...It’s You” there’s no doubt that a studio album is just what Close to Home needed to begin building a solid fan base. Listeners can expect nothing less than the full intensity of Close to Home’s usual set, and with over a year of performing under their belts, you’d better be prepared to do more than just listen, this will be the kind of record that you’ll feel. Musically and lyrically, Close to Home are progressing with every song, raising their standards with music that is more mature and heart-felt every time they play. Exploring twinkling guitar melodies, up against crunching distortion and powerful vocal harmonies, with a distinct attention to detail drumming style, and a live presence that will keep you on the edge and coming back for more, they’re pushing the limits of a stagnant modern punk scene.

And so, it’s here that we finally find some originality. Here, that we find songs to make our hearts race. Here that we find music with no boundaries, just passion.
Beyond honest, more than intriguing, harder than intense, and nothing short of a
completely amazing band, Close to Home is K-town Rock at its best.