closet rockers

closet rockers

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

I would like to dedicate this EPK to my mate , and drummer , Jonno who passed away in 2005 of Melanoma cancer>his courage to the end was incredible. On Friday the 28th of November it will be his birthday (48). The person he was can be heard in what he sings and the words he wrote. Please enjoy.


John ( Jonno ) was born on the 28th of November 1960, to two, fantastically beautiful people, John and Tina Klein, who will always have an emptiness now, with the loss of their only son.
I met John in 1982 at a bar we were in, watching a band, got to chatting and became best mates.
We rarely played together back then.....John was already in a band, " NO EXIT ", Who were outstanding, with other members....Frank Genovesi ( Lead Guitar and vocals ), Dave Kell ( bass and vocals), and Dom ( Rythm Guitar ), but the usual shit happened and they split, he was in lots of other bands since ....but............well you know. We only started playing seriously together in the last four years of his life...( If only we knew ).
John wrote the words to most of the music except for she , he is also the only one singing. There is one song " tick of the clock " , that has special meaning to it for me, because , when we did it, John had just walked in the room ...which surprised me...and asked if we could record this one last tune, he played it once, he played it hard, I thought for sure he was going to drop dead behind the bloody kit, then he got up limped out, went home, and passed away 3 weeks later. It has been 3 years since I have had the drive or inclanation to look at or update the EPK, I will redo a lot of the recordings we did to clean them up and redo my lead ( had a lot more practice since then ). But for now they shall remain as we recorded them.
If you listen to our music you will hear how John loved to play with words, and take the piss out of things..( Teen queen...Take Control...My life )...He also wrote about how he felt about the "Big C "...
( Its clear now ).... and his feelings for his missus, Margaret...( you )....
Please take the time to have a listen to John and take care yourselves from this NASTY BLOODY DISEASE it has no mercy , and always remember that our time on this planet is very bloody short... so as my old mate always said...

" DON'T just dream the dream, make it REAL "


better than this

Written By: j klein e parker

Verse 1

Feelin kinda small
and i wonder
if im here at all
can you hear me
when i speak
or are you just another wall
feel my blood a rising
as i take the fall
you tell me its not suprising
hear you cryin
and it says it all........


I know i'm better than this
i'm better than this
yes i know
i can be better than this
do better than this
yes i know

verse 2

Found something
i can relate to
gimme music
gimme nothin at all
when i'm playing
i can feel it
cry inside
as the story unfolds
Feel my blood arisin'
the musics got me
it won't let me go
music draws you in
gives you release
so you can face it all.



Feelin kinda small
and i wonder
if i'm here at all........


Written By: E.Parker/J.klein

1st vrse

She is so good to me and
She gives me serenity when
She says so lovingly
forget all our worryin and we'll
work out on our lovin'

2nd vrse

She grabs a hold of me and
She leaves me weak at the knees when
She squeezes tenderly and says
forget about work and take me to the fun room where


All hell breaks loose
she's goin' wild
Don't get in her way
She's a really wild child
She's got me runnin'
a country mile
Spend a bit of time with her
She'll make you smile

3rd vrse
She takes control of me and
She gives me ecstasy when
She takes it out of me
The worries of the day
just seem to fly away when


repeat 1st vrse




No singles or lps made for release.