Closing Iris

Closing Iris


Closing Iris is a buffet of introspective melody and powerful, hook-ridden vocal/guitar licks. No two songs are the same. Every song has a reason and a purpose. Nothing is wasted. When people listen to Closing Iris they say that they feel something.


What sets Closing Iris apart from other bands?

Closing Iris is real.

Not a created image. Not a trend. Not a copy.

The songs have meaningful lyrics that challenge ideals and inspire valid emotions.

Rooms full of loud, talkative, people tend to fall silent listening to a Closing Iris set.

There is a sexy front-man with the voice of a fallen angel.



Written By: Shaun Funk

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Watch your life pour out like water.
The vanity of us all.

I'm tired, of making waves in shallow water.
The things I say don't seem to matter.
Are you listening to the words, at all?

Giving up my soul just like I gave my first kiss.
But baby, it was never mine.
I'm just another faker, but I'm genuine.
When I say, I don't have the time.

Wake up, wake up, wake up.
You're not getting any closer to what you want.
And what really matters most in this life you got.
Are you really gonna waste it?

Forget the things you're taught.
The system here is full of liars.
And what is not the truth will all end up in fire.
All the rest will rise again up from the ashes.

I'm sinking.
Can't hold my head above the water.
Sometimes the questions have no answers.
Are you looking for the truth in it all?


Written By: Shaun Funk

I'm surrounded by lovers,
Who have all grown to hate.
And all of my brothers,
Take the food off my plate.
All of the pleasure,
Leaves a bad aftertaste.
I'm giving up slowly,
On the one thing I crave.

Want to be right about something,
When I'm talking out loud.
Got to tighten my lips shut.
Know when to close my big mouth.
Cause I'm pushing the limits,
I know nothing about.
I'm clenching my teeth together,
When I want to scream out loud.

Hush, hush, don't say a word.
I'm gonna find out just where it hurts.
Choose a name, play the game,
But I don't know the rules.
The past is a phantom,
The future's for fools.

You're playing the heartstrings.
Got them all in a row.
When one isn't working,
Still got somewhere to go.
You're keeping your secrets.
Don't want no one to know.
You've broken some heartstrings,
On my grand piano.


Closing Iris - Pillar of Salt EP

Set List

There's an hour's worth of hand-crafted musak in the Closing Iris repertiore. You will NOT feel like you are hearing the same thing over and over again.

The set list varies depending on the crowd. Closing Iris has a versatile audience, from grimy hard rockers to sexy acoustic jam-rock lovers. The song selection is tailored to suit the listeners present. Often in the middle of a set, songs will be added or removed based on the vibe that is created.