Catchy, upbeat, guitar driven music. Roots are in post hardcore ala Jimmy Eat World, Samiam, and Sense Field. Great hooks...solid vocals


Closure is a five-piece band hailing from Tampa, Florida. Comprised of veterans of the Tampa music scene including ex members of Slap of Reality, Balance and Hankshaw, they are no strangers to making great music. Armed with an impressive resume including 4 full length LP’s, over a half dozen 7" EP’s, multiple compilation tracks, 4 North American tours, and 1 headlining European tour, Closure is anxious to carry on what their previous bands have started. Since their inception in early 1999, Closure has been producing song after song of melodic, guitar driven music ala Samiam, Sense Field, and Jimmy Eat World. With an ear for melody and knack for writing the perfect hook, Closure is making an immediate impact on the local music scene and beyond. They have been featured in the Florida music bible "Focus" magazine, sold out of their self produced 4 song debut CD, contributed tracks on multiple complilations, movie soundtracks, and have 2 split LP’s due out in early 2002. However, the strength of this band lies in their live performance. Combining a blend of up tempo melodic hardcore with moody, emo evoking swings, Closure whips an audience into a frenzy only to drop the feeling back down with seamless effort. No energy is left untapped during their live set.


2000 - 1 track "3:08" Destined To Fail Records compilation

2001 - 1 track "Marathon" Ritalin Riot 2/ADD Records

2001 – 3 tracks on "Community Service" soundtrack/Ravenstake Pictures

2001 – 1 track "Save Your Day" Emo Phillips Diaries/New Grenada Records

2002 – 6 song split LP w/The Cocktail Honeys on BeriBeri Records Germany

2002 - 5 songs on split LP w/Pseudo Heroes and White Frogs/Short Records- Brazil

Set List

A typical set for us is 10-13 songs. This is about 45 minutes worth of original music...we do not play covers.