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TRB: How did closure come together? Did you all know each other before the forming of the band, or was this how you met?

Mikey Well, Myself and Ross came from a previous band called “ Second Coming”. We then tried Mike out on the drums, but soon realized that he could actually sing, so we formed a new band. We had another drummer before, but Ross brought in Mason once he returned from School in New York.

TRB: Your music seems to be very dark. Do you have to mentally prepare before a show to get into that mindset?

Mikey:No, we’re always like that ha ha ha.
Mike: I do meditate just before show time in order to give the most energetic show I can deliver.

TRB: I love the movie "house of a thousand corpses". I was pleased to hear the song "mercy" was written after seeing the movie. I love how you used sound clips from the movie through out the song. What was the process for writing the song? Did you write the song and then add the clips as you saw fit? Or did you write the song around the clips?

Mike: I saw the movie and I knew instantly what I wanted to use, went home and had it put together in about ten minutes.

TRB: I've never seen Closure live, but I imagine you guys have some pretty intense energy on stage. How do you come down from that?

Mikey: Well, usually we’ll go back stage for a few and “take a smoke break”, then have a drink or two with some fans, cuz without them, we wouldn’t be there.

TRB: How do your musical influences now differ from the ones you had when you were younger?

Mikey: When we were younger, it was pretty much all hair bands, cuz that’s all there was. Now it’s more like Tool, Alice, Godsmack, things with a bit more feeling, talent and depth.

TRB: What made you choose music as a career? was there a specific moment? Or did you always know?

Mikey: one day I was walking outside at work, when someone jumped off the parking garage, it blew my mind, and I thought nothing lasts forever, and it was then I decided I wanted to be a musician.

TRB: Describe a Closure live show for those of us who haven't seen you live yet.

CLOSURE: It’s a non stop thrill ride from start to finish, we’ll rock your panties off and so much more. Don’t take our word for it, come out and see for yourselves.

TRB: What do you like the most about being a musician?

Mikey: Besides the loads of money…? Ha ha ha! But seriousely, I think it’s just the fact that we get to share our works of art and music with others from all over, we put our blood sweat and tears into our music, and we like that others appreciate our hard work.

TRB: what do you like the least?

CLOSURE: Being broke!

TRB: what advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

Mike: Quit!!!! Ha ha ha! Be smart, and never sell out.

TRB: what has been the greatest moment in your career so far?

CLOSURE: It has to defiantly be when we played Uncle Fester’s Final Night! The place usually holds maybe a couple hundred, but there was well over a thousand that night, the energy was insane, it was a kill show.

TRB: what are your hopes for the future of closure?

CLOSURE: To be touring world wide, and quit our day jobs!

TRB: any final words for your fans?

Mikey: Stay in shape!!!
Group: We love you all very much and appreciate all your support. Thank you, Keep Rockin!!!

Thank you Closure for the awesome interview! You guys are great! And thank you to Malinda for making this all possible!
- TRB Promotions - Jess (


Leslie - Hollywood, Ca - “CLOSURE is an orgasmic experience that you can’t live without!”

Jen - Barnesville, Oh - “Just when you think they can’t rock any more, they rock you even harder!”

Grant - Anderson, In - “They f*&@in rock!”

Camille - Plano, Tx - “CLOSURE is the best new band I’ve heard in years!”

Mark - Los Angeles, Ca - “DUDE, THEY ROCK!!!”

Troy - Gasport, In - “ CLOSURE puts on an amazing and unbelievable show..”

Desirae - La Verne, Ca - “ CLOSURE is an awesome group of guys who kick ass! They F*&@in ROCK and I LOVE it”

Josh - “CLOSURE is tight as hell! Mike’s vocals are AWESOME and they played Godsmack better then Godsmack plays Godsmack!”

Bryan - New York, NY - “Seeing CLOSURE live is like seeing musical geniuses at work…”



- The Needle
- Circle Of Pain
- Deadmans Birthday
- Mercy

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Mikey Sims, 32; Mike Grubb, 33; Myles Berry, 25 and Mason Riley, 21, together form CLOSURE. The 4 piece Rock Band has been performing together since the summer of 2006, while bringing Myles B. in during late 2007. Musical influences include such talents as Alice In Chains, Godsmack, Nirvana, Three Days Grace, Foo Fighters, Hurt and Tool, to name a few. CLOSURE's music consists of dark cords, and deep lyrics inspired by true life events.
Mikey Sims is a happily married, devoted father of four, who's been playing the Guitar for over 15 years. Mike Grubb is a talented Vocalist, who has been singing, as well as playing Drums and Guitar for the last 5 yrs, not to mention Bass for the last 15 years. Myles B. has been playing music for 21 years, 5 of them focused mainly on Bass, but he also has experience with the Piano and Guitar. This brings us to Mason who has been banging on his drums for 10 yrs.
Together, they create musical masterpieces such as, Never Change, The Needle and Circle of Pain. In addition to several other original works, the guys are currently working hard on new material and preparing to record their first full length album.
CLOSURE has played venues such as Birdy's and The Ugly Monkey in Indiana, not to mention headlining Music Festivals, such as the Wyoming Loud N Heavy Music Fest. As well as being chosen as a “ Featured Artist” on the 2007 Dewey Beach Music Conference Compilation CD. CLOSURE is currently planning their National Tour that will include shows at The Roxy and The Gig, in Hollywood, Ca, Headhunters in Texas, and many others.