CLOSURE’s music consists of dark cords, and deep lyrics inspired by true life events. Mike Grubbs and Mike Sims write music that inspires people to get up and move. With stories of Drug Addiction and Hard Times, they will take you on a journey of musical empowerment that will keep you coming back.


Mikey Sims, 32; Mike Grubb, 33; Myles Berry, 25 and Mason Riley, 21, together form CLOSURE. The 4 piece Rock Band has been performing together since the summer of 2006, while bringing Myles B. in during late 2007. Musical influences include such talents as Alice In Chains, Godsmack, Nirvana, Three Days Grace, Foo Fighters, Hurt and Tool, to name a few. CLOSURE's music consists of dark cords, and deep lyrics inspired by true life events.
Mikey Sims is a happily married, devoted father of four, who's been playing the Guitar for over 15 years. Mike Grubb is a talented Vocalist, who has been singing, as well as playing Drums and Guitar for the last 5 yrs, not to mention Bass for the last 15 years. Myles B. has been playing music for 21 years, 5 of them focused mainly on Bass, but he also has experience with the Piano and Guitar. This brings us to Mason who has been banging on his drums for 10 yrs.
Together, they create musical masterpieces such as, Never Change, The Needle and Circle of Pain. In addition to several other original works, the guys are currently working hard on new material and preparing to record their first full length album.
CLOSURE has played venues such as Birdy's and The Ugly Monkey in Indiana, not to mention headlining Music Festivals, such as the Wyoming Loud N Heavy Music Fest. As well as being chosen as a “ Featured Artist” on the 2007 Dewey Beach Music Conference Compilation CD. CLOSURE is currently planning their National Tour that will include shows at The Roxy and The Gig, in Hollywood, Ca, Headhunters in Texas, and many others.



- The Needle
- Circle Of Pain
- Deadmans Birthday
- Mercy

Streaming Audio and Video


Set List

Originals Include:

Circle of Pain
Dead Mans Birthday
Never Change
The Needle

Covers Sometimes Included:
Sober - Tool
Whatever - Godsmack

Additional Artists Songs Used Only When Needed Include:

Rage Against The Machine
System Of A Down
And Many More

CLOSURE Currently sticks to two main set lists that are an hour a piece.