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Cloud 9 is a high energy group of performers whose music has flavors of Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B, and Dance Hall. As writers, they are professional, creative, and always deliver great songs. As performers they are dynamic - always capturing the attention of the crowd. These artists can not only write, record, and perform, . . . they are at the top of their game when it comes to producing live shows. Growning up in Miami has given them unique influences that make their style interesting and appealing.

At present, Cloud 9 is performing weekly at clubs in South Beach (The Clevelander), Miami (Buganvilias), and Ft. Lauderdale (Seminole Paradise Casino). The four artists (3 male, 1 female) recently signed a recording agreement and management deal with Hypnotic Beats Inc., a Miami based independent record label operated by University of Miami alumni. The release of Cloud 9’s full length album, Private Party, is scheduled for September 27, 2006. Cloud 9 is currently being booked in clubs and festivals by the Miami Beach booking agency, Tropics Entertainment. A college tour is being planned for the Florida colleges and universities in Spring 2007.

Cloud 9 has been grabbing the attention of music industry pros who are well respected in the biz. More importantly, their music has been getting the attention of the people who really matter – music fans. Since the beginning of 2006 they have been performing their stage show all over Miami and South Beach. This has allowed the group to quickly gain a local fan base. Their music has a unique quality that transcends the "Hip Hop" and "R&B" genres. This broad appeal has become apparent in the diversity of their fans. With its beautiful landscape, hot nightlife, and cultures from all over the world, Miami is the perfect spot for parties that go all night long. Out of this environment comes Cloud 9.

As writer and lead performer K-Boy explains, “ . . .our hooks and tracks are made to capture the imagination of people who love to party. The music we produce comes from our experience of living in Miami. It’s really the new melting pot of the USA.” In South Florida, there are so many different cultures that influence the local musicians and artists. The variety of cultures found in Miami (Cuban, Jamaican, American, Hatian, Puerto Rican, Bahamian - to name a few) has had a major influence on the group’s style. Hip-Hop, Reggae, Latin, and Pop music dominate the airwaves. These different styles are the foundation of Cloud 9’s sound.

Cloud 9’s unconventional approach to producing live Hip-Hop shows has paid off so far. Their performances hold the attention of people who may not listen to Hip Hop at all. Their use of live instruments gives this group an edge that is enticing to even those unfamiliar with this genre. According to lead singer Crissy Simone, “there just don’t seem to be quality Hip Hop shows with live bands . . . most Hip-Hop shows you see are performed to a track [CD]. In Jamaican music (Reggae and Dance Hall), we use live bands to create energy in a stage show . . . we take our Jamaican roots and combine it with American pop culture to form something really special . . .”

The music business has been going through a tremendous change since the emergence of the independent (or indie) record labels. The power of communication through the Internet has reshaped the landscape of the entertainment industries. It is in this emerging world of indie groups and indie labels that Cloud 9 has been able to grow firm roots. These artists rely on their contagious songs and connection to music lovers through their live performances.

Cloud 9 will be performing with their live band throughout South Florida for the next 8 months to promote their new album, Private Party. Their songs will be available through many independent distribution channels including CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, SonicBids, Sound Click. They are currently working on a video for their “Miami” song, Feels Good.
This video, like the song, will showcase the beautiful landscape and nightlife of Miami.
With so many amateur acts printing their own CD and having their own “record label,” it is easy to see that these young performers are the real deal.


Cloud 9, Private Party (2006, Hypnotic Beats)

Set List

2 Sets (45 min. each)