We are a crucible of five talents, molded together in an original sound we like to call Jazzy Fresh Indie Fusion. A powerful beat under some stylish bass, melodic guitar riffs, eclectic guitar rhythms and sweet vocals.


CloudAnts is a massive rainfall of influences about to happen;
(4 brooms and a mop rockin it out.)

We are five kids who each came to Brighton in 2007 in the hope of finding a band to pursue music with. Alas, we ended up with each other instead. After exchanging our influences, our past, and our musical ideas, we started developing a sound that steered away from the typical genres accumulating in this city.

Constantly thinking outside of the sealed box, we hope our music has found its way somewhere into your day, and we are extremely fucking happy that you stopped by and even took time to read what our story is. :)

We are here to deliver you with something that we are about, and not our influences.
We are here to make your day musically brighter.
We are CloudAnts.


Close To Implosion [Online Release] - 4 Track EP
Songs have been played on Juice Fm & Radio 1

Set List

Flexible set list of approx 45mins - 1hour, can be shortened.