Cloud Boat

Cloud Boat


Cloud Boat's sound takes a love of melody and juxtaposes it with darker sounds. There are moments of Godspeed You Black Emperor, tics of Radiohead and tocks of Vangelis. There is heavy bass & clever drum programming, Mogwai-esque guitar riffs,but also an emotive, haunting quality achieved through Tom Clarke's phenomenal vocal deliveries.

Following a much hyped release on cult dance label R & S, tour supports for both Mount Kimbie & James Blake, the band are ready to take their unique sound &


Occupying the nocturnal space between the poignant maximalism of Tim Buckley and the codeine beats of Mount Kimbie, Cloud Boat are slowly but surely carving out a distinctive path for themselves as purveyors of gorgeous, shattered-heart soul bar none. They released their debut album, Book Of Hours, on R&S / Apollo at the start of June, continuing the label's lineage of classic, experimental records from the likes of Aphex Twin, Maark Van Hoen and Biosphere.

For what can be described as electronic music, the album is a delicate, intimate affair, a beautifully sustained exercise in mood and tension and far more precious a record than most others right now. It has been widely praised by critics, with Dummy making it their Album Of The Week and Clash calling it 'among the year's most accomplished debuts'.


Lions On The Beach / Bastion - R&S - 2011
Wanderlust / Drean - R&S / Apollo - 2013
Youthern / Hammerspace - R&S / Apollo - 2013
Book Of Hours LP - R&S / Apollo - 2013