You can hear the sound from afar; a sound that they heard beating deep in the backwoods. It's the sound that brought them together like red beans and rice. Each added their own special sauce to create the perfect flavor of rock, funk and blues. They are bringing the backwoods to the streets!


February 2006, Oregon City, OR.

Chris to Greg:” Hey man, I’m going to buy a drum set this week-end!”
Greg:” How about I dig my harps out of the closet and bring them over?”

…one month and a bigger amp later… Greg to Chris:” I can’t take this anymore! I’m getting tired of hearing myself all the time! We need somebody else to play with us!”

A couple of weeks later, via Craigslist, Jordan was sitting in the middle of the shed, bass in hand. It all worked out right away between the three of them. What followed was a long, long 9 month period of looking for the missing link. They tried just about everything. Musicians of all genres walked thru that door: accordionist, spoken word poet, electronic synth, folk singer, violinist, blues-only guitarist… you name it, they heard it! Sometimes frustrating, sometimes entertaining…

Meanwhile, the 3 of them kept on playing, creating that shedcore style. And by winter, it was obvious they needed a fourth instrument to move further out there.
Craigslist again came to the rescue in January. The band still didn’t have a name but they finally had their guitar player, an east cost nomad named Ian. Another match made in heaven. The winter was spent adding this new sound and slowly their brew of malt funk was taking shape.

We now have our Drums, our Harmonica, our Bass, and our Guitar…

We are a mix of funk, blues, reggae, front porch jelly, and back yard jam…

… We are the Cloud City Rollers!...

Set List

Hillbilly Anarchist
Demon Fox
Soul Blister
Her Next Victim
Backwoods Socialite
Harvey Wallbanger
Stale Tater
Dirty Shoes
Under Surveillance
The Dirt Farmers
Red Shift
Rod Sterling love Child
Country Club Riot
Parking Lot Gorilla

No covers, all original materials.