Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Musically we think we're onto something special, something different. It’s very modern, and is a unique blend of rock, electronic, and hip hop elements. We think it will redefine what is considered pop music. We've been working on a new album with Prefuse73, due out in early 2013.


Since emerging in 2009, CLOUDEATER has quickly established a strong presence in the Atlanta music scene. With their debut LP, Sun and Sidearm, the 5-piece ensemble showcases their continued evolution toward a unique genre-bending sound. Citing influences such as Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, and Nine Inch Nails, their music draws from an organic live rock core while melding electronic elements and stirring vocals. The overall result is progressive yet warmly familiar, slating CLOUDEATER as one of the most intriguing new bands to check for in 2012.

We've been able to develop a strong following here in Atlanta, having headlined at places like the Earl, the Masquerade, and Terminal West. We've also had the pleasure to open for bands such as Little Dragon, Metronomy, and Gardens & Villa, and we recently released an exclusive download-only track with rapper Wale, which received over 15,000 plays the first day it was released.


Hardly Wait

Written By: Samuel Dew

This part is hard
Stressing while at rest I guess u dread this other part.
Push me within inches of my life till I restart.
But I will never rest until I find what’s in our heart.
And I can hardly wait.

We’re on a roll
Keep gaining momentum til we spin out of control
Pushing to the limits when these kinds of things explode
And the state of emergency in where we’ve gotta go.
And I can hardly wait.

You’re instrumental baby I should have told you
If I am the methane know that you are the spark
I guess I’ll never have the pleasure to know you
Can’t survive the light if we were made in the dark

So who’s to blame
I can see the future this persistence is insane
And I never imagined that these truths would entertain
But we’ve already lost we’ve got everything to gain
And I can hardly wait

It’s what we need
Repeat and repeat in hopes that one day you to leave
Let go of control and let emotion intervene
And all I ever wanted was to just be lost with me
And I can hardly wait


Greatest Tragedy EP - released 4/10
CE_EP1 - released 4/11
Sun and Sidearm - released 9/11

Set List

Always on the Way
Blurry Wisdom
The Dive
Hardly Wait
Idiot March