Clouded Vision

Clouded Vision


CV's music is for EVERYONE, it is not held to one genre but brings many together. The music is REAL and comes from the heart. CV performs with soul, emotion and passion with lyrics that hit you. CV is all about the music and bringing positive energy anywhere they go. You will feel it.


Clouded Vision began one cold morning in Fresno, Ca. Kevin Hayashi was alone in his bedroom, eating brownies and contemplating his part in this savage beast called the music business. Disgruntled, Kevin decided to pick up his axe (guitar) and chop some wood. In the mist of this madness, Blake Reynolds, in desperate need of a bloody mary, was racing on his way to the local pub and heard something he had never heard before. Puzzled, he brought his ten speed to a screeching halt....Rock? he thought......reggae?.... arghh!!!! he screamed, He jolted toward the wood chopping. Seconds later he was distracted by the next pub and vanished in a cloud of smoke. Kevin kept choppin and the ladies kept hoppin.
Down in the Tower District, Losi was rollin on 10s.....clean ass 10s, but 10s nonetheless, heard the wood busting. Hip hop? he thought....blues?....gurbuhdarbadurb he confusely mumbled. He too began to head towards the sounds he heard as he smoothly made a uturn in that G ride of his. About 18 seconds later Losi was blinded by that paper chase and he vanished as well.
Doug, working his ass off all early in the mornin....was layin all kinds of solar panels as he heard the same new that acoustic?? he wondered.......Punkrock??...Doug urgently glided down that ladder and took off on foot towards that sound.......yup....once again a goodman was distracted from where he really wanted to be, as his jerk of a boss made him go back to lay those big ass solar panels.
The very next day, the same occurrence occurred. Kevin woke up and began jammin on that axe. Something must have been in the air cause things were different. Miraculously Blake didnt need that Bloody, Losi wasn't chasin that paper, and Doug told his boss to suck one. The three met Kevin at the bottom of that giant tree called Pangea and all started hammering away like starving lions on a helpless zebra. People came from all over to witness this beautiful insanity. Watching, listening, and dancing, this was like nothing they'd seen nor heard before. This was the moment when this group realized what really made them happy. They could see through the BS of everyday life and the structure that others before them had cuffed the masses with. Living good, being positive, and spreading good music and vibes is all these cats did from here on out. Experiencing every bit of life there was to experience. There they went, blazing city to city.


A Better Way

Written By: Kevin Hayashi

I'm just trying to find a better way
and I'm just trying to keep my head above the wake
and I find truth in little of what you got to say
and I find truth in the word you know and thats all that I can praise

your controlled by everything around you
such a lost soul sooner or later damn your bound to
your gonna fall apart just like the world all around you
now where's your heart probably caught up in the wrong things

Doing the same things day after day
doin what it takes just to get paid
There's gotta be a better way

Doing the same thing everyday is killing me slowly
and the way the system works man I feel like they own me
living their 9-5 just trying to survive
and the way this shit is going damn it's tearing up my mind,
we all need time to chill kick back relax and smoke a bowl don't worry about them bills
we all need time for ourselves live in this world don't make it living in a cell


Written By: Kevin Hayashi

It was so comfortable that day
and all of a sudden nothing was the same
and I just didn't know what to do
realized the thought of not havin you
and its so strange these things we say
out of anger now its to late
and what were we tryin to prove
pointing fingers was it me was it you

It drives me crazy deep inside
and I can't take take this
but I want you baby deep inside
but we don't need this

Did we do all that we could
all those times that we should
but never gave the time to do
all those things that we wanted to promised to
and not much of this really makes sense
just another fu$#ing pointles arguement
and what were we just tryin to prove
pointing fingers was it me no it was you and it

Drives me crazy deep inside
and I can't take this
but I want you baby deep inside
but nobody needs this sh#t

And what were we trying to prove
and who were we trying to please

Do What You Gotta Do

Written By: Kevin Hayashi

So what am I trying to say can you hear me clearly so much for yesterday it all seems blurry and sometimes I like to be ignored you do that shit and I think I want you more and more

Sometimes you do what you gotta do
and I dont know why I ended up with you

So where is all my faith depleting quickly why am I always trying to chase this has no meaning and sometimes I think I should ignore its 2am and look at who is knocking on my door
and I'm the only one to blame I think I drive myself insane and I'm the only one to blame I think I just might be ashamed of you
Do you need some time alone, I think you need some time alone


Written By: Kevin Hayashi

We've been chasin
all these things that we cant see
we've been facin
could be dreams or reality

How bad do you want it?
what are you willing to do?
How bad do you want it?
To make your dreams come true?

we've been tasting
all these things that should not be
and we've been maced with
all of this media and MTV

How bad do you want it?
what are you willing to do?
How bad do you want it?
To make your dreams come true?

And we've been chasin all of these dreams
is it for the paper, ladies, fame tell me why do you feign
whatever it is make sure your minds right
cause the bigger you get comes the bigger the fight
and all these fools up in the industry just making a scene
trying to show off what they got come on and look at my bling
play music to play music and spread a good word
and realize all that's real ain't all that you heard


Written By: Kevin Hayashi

won't you tell me all the things you like
baby lets not fight
cause were running out of time
and if you trust me and love me
like you used too....
all that we've been through....
we'll see that our loves true..

oh...I remember that time
oh....when you were mine

but now you are gone...
and just a song...

won't you tell me all the things you don't like
cause I wanna make them right
cause were running out of time
and if you don't trust me and love me
like you used too....
cause all that we've been through...
then our love was abused

oh...I remember that time
oh...when you were mine

now you are gone...
and your just a song...
now your gone...
and your just my song....

oh....I remember that time....
oh...when you were mine.....

Come Get Some

Written By: Kevin Hayashi

And If you want to come get some
oh baby won't you come my way and
if you need to then darling you know just where I stay

Oh you look so good
and Oh I think you should

I've been drinking a little too damn much today and chillin at pangea it was really good to meet ya but sorry baby I forgot ur name

Play that axe man

So Close

Written By: Kevin Hayashi

I never meant to hold you so close and I never meant to be the reasons for all those things
I was underestimating the way it was supposed to be and I was slowed by hesitating abd watched you pass by me

And the thought of us was growing old and your touch it grew so cold and i never meant to be the reason for all those things

and you really had me, you really had me going on
and I dont really care so dont you give me no cold stares


Clouded Vision (self-titled 17songs)
Do What You Gotta Do, Dreams - Alice 96.7
Comfortable, Crashing Down, You - KRZR 103.7
A Better Way - New Rock 104.1

Set List

Changes for every show and every vibe. We can jam dance reggae groves, mellow acoustic, punk rock, or polka.....