Haarlem, North Holland, NLD

A blend of early Radiohead, a pinch of The Beatles, a hint of a mellow sort of Muse and Jeff Buckley, but a little happier. Real honest songs! Great harmony's.


Cloudmachine is the band of singer-songwriter Ruud Houweling. Living in the coastal town of Zandvoort all songs are almost literally written on the beach. Windsurfing, strong winds and the surf together with music are his true passions and resonate back through the songs.
Their first self released single gets good support on Dutch national station 3FM. A few months later they finish their album Sweater For The Cold World and find their record company Coast To Coast. The album gets, without exception, great reviews in leading Dutch magazines such as OOR, MUSIC MAKER, ALOHA, HET, and in underground magazines like FRET, MUSIC MINDED and some regional newspapers such as BN-DE STEM and Haarlems Dagblad.

The second single Some Way got good airplay on national and regional stations in the Netherlands. The song Circus Animals is selected for a 2004 CD by national organisation Conamus to promote Dutch music outside The Netherlands. This CD is given away as an incentive on the music fairs Midem (Cannes), CMJ (New York) and Popkomm (Cologne). The band played live in Tros Muziekcafé, a live broadcast on national station Radio 2. All together 4 singles made their way to Dutch radio stations and got reasonable airplay.

The band recorded their second album titled Hum Of Life in the fall of 2005. It will be released in 2006.

Cloudmachine brings inspired emotional rocksongs. It's somewhat melancholic sound has a very positive edge.

Some reviews of the first album: This band has so much class the words 'economical recession' are the only reason they're not signed by a major. The lyrics are inventive, the arrangements clever, the harmonies grand. OOR

A debut album that'll make your mouth water. Whoever listens to Sweater For The Cold World for the first time will be stunned. Cloudmachine's compositions are highly original. JP HECK for BN-DE STEM

Holland has a great new band. Support them. Buy this CD. See those concerts. MUSIC MINDED

A collection of happy, catchy pop songs of which the lyrics in the form of little stories will warm your heart and spontaneously put a smile on your face. FRET

All twelve popsongs pass a criticial listening test with honours. Influences from The Beatles, David Bowie and Lou Reed have blended into a very characteristic own popsound. Home Entertainment Today

Ruud Houweling also wrote songs and music for some Dutch national TV shows and various CD's for children.

Cloudmachine uses ELIXIR STRINGS exclusively.


Circus Animals (2002 CNR)
Some Way (2003 Coast To Coast)
Liberation (2004 promo)
Joanna's perfect Garden (2004 promo)

Sweater For The Cold World (2003 Coast To Coast)
Hum Of Life (2006 Bertus)

All singles got reasonable airplay on national radio in Holland. Some tracks are on MySpace.

Set List

about an hour, a little more
14 songs, no covers