Cloud Minder

Cloud Minder

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Cloud Minder plays instrumental rock that is dynamic, emotive, and centered on song writing. The music conjours images, suggests narratives, and unfolds like a good film. You will never say "this music needs vocals."


Cloud Minder is a moody, brooding instrumental rock outfit from Philadelphia. Their first release, The Territory of this Contract is the Universe EP, was recorded and produced by Anthropic Records. More recently, the band self-released a 3 track EP, Close Cover, Strike Gently that is available for purchase at shows.
Cloud Minder is expected to release their full-length album in 2010.
Cloud Minder has played in some of the best venues all over the U.S. These are some of the shows Cloud Minder played in 2008.

12/11/08 @ The Manhattan Room, Philadelphia, PA w/Kira Kira, Northern Valentine

09/24/08 @The Sidebar, Baltimore, MD

09/26/08 @ The Millcreek Tavern, Philadelphia, PA

09/17/08 @ Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA

08/29/08 @ The North Star. Philadelphia, PA

07/31/08 @ The Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY

07/29/08 @ The Manhattan Room, Philadelphia, PA

06/14/08 @ The Rotunda, Philadelphia, PA

06/01/08 @ The Fire, Philadelphia, PA

05/16/08 @ The Millcreek, Philadelphia, PA

05/02/08 @ Siren Records, Doylestown, PA

04/25/08 @ Circle of Hope, Philadelphia, PA

03/30/08 @ The Manhattan Room, Philadelphia, PA

03/20/08 @ Mojo 13, Wilmington, DE

03/17/08 @ The Anchor. Nashville, TN

03/16/08 @ Springwater. Nashville, TN

03/15/08 @ Fort Delicious. Russellville, AR

03/14/08 @ Rancho Relaxo. Austin, TX

03/14/08 @ Gambino's. Austin, TX

03/13/08 @ Cafe Mundi. Austin, TX

03/13/08 @ Spider House. Austin, TX

03/11/08 @ Fitzgerald's. Houston, TX

03/10/08 @ Circle Bar. New Orleans, LA

03/08/08 @ SoundLab 84. Atlanta, GA

03/07/08 @ 52.5 Records. Charleston, SC

03/06/08 @ 21-7 Beer & Wine . Greenville, NC

03/05/08 @ Snug Harbor. Charlotte, NC

03/04/08 @ Night Light. Chapel Hill, NC

02/21/08 @ The Khyber, Philadelphia, PA

01/24/08 @ Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA

01/18/08 @ Test Pattern, Scranton, PA

01/05/08 @ Green Line Cafe, Philadelphia, PA

Cloud Minder has been featured in multiple blogs, magazines and radio. They were chosen as Artist of the Month by Deli Magazine, Local Support Radio on WPRB, URB Magazine Artists to Watch.



Written By: cloud minder

we are instrumental.


-Self released, self titled demo 2006
-The Territory of this Contract is the Universe, 2007, on Anthropic Records
-Close Cover, Strike Gently, self released, 2008
see them live here:

Set List

The typical Cloud Minder set represents music from all three releases, but is tailored to the bill, the set time, and the atmosphere of the venue. Cloud Minder plays only original music, but will occasionally improvise a segue between songs. Cloud Minder has also played very quiet sets in outdoors or cafe settings, drawing lush and ethereal blankets of sound out of their songs.