Clouds On Strings

Clouds On Strings

 Chico, California, USA

CLOUDS ON STRINGS is a band taking a modern approach to 70's era prog rock. Bringing to mind Frank Zappa, Gentle Giant, and The Dear Hunter, Clouds On Strings pushes rock's technical and compositional limitations in pursuit of their own abstract style.


Clouds On Strings is a 5 piece progressive rock outfit dedicated to creating music that is exciting, technical, heartfelt and original. Situated in the town of Chico, California, the band has worked to perfect their eclectic style and to surprise concert goers with their outlandish stage shows. Influenced equal parts by Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle, The Dear Hunter, and Gentle Giant, Clouds On Strings’ work seamlessly incorporates many styles of music in a way that can be enjoyed by listeners of all genres. Each member of Clouds On Strings is grounded in a different type of musical background and each persons individuality can be felt in the music. Influences range from country, metal, avant-garde and everything in between and allow the band to create a sound entirely their own.

Since their inception, the band has independently released 3 unique concept albums. They have toured up and down California, and have attracted a following across the region of both musicians and non-musicians alike. December 2, 2011 saw the release of their most recent album, “Pomology,” and in order to promote the work, a DIY tour spanning nearly three weeks from Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA will follow in January 2012.

 Clouds On Strings was born when Michael Bone (Guitar) and Joshua Hegg (Keyboards) began writing music together in Chico in December 2008. The duo instantly hit it off because of their shared interest in classic progressive rock and modern experimental music. They wrote music together in the dorms at CSU Chico, but soon found their music confined because of the limited palette of sound offered from two instruments. This was remedied by the incorporation of drums (Matt Franklin) and bass guitar (Randall Jangula) into the mix. Now with a substantial rhythm section the band continued their musical expansion, adding Matt Weiner on electric violin.


2009 - For You, For Me, For The Sake Of A Name (Self Released EP)

Notable tracks include Gameshow Jesus and Thin Lizard Dawn which have seen significant radio airplay in the North State

2010 - The Strangest Thing We've Ever Seen (Self Released LP)

Notable Tracks include Heading Home, Down To Alaska

2011 - Pomology (Self Released EP)

Notable Tracks include Apple, Banana

Set List

Set list changes every night, here is the one from the last show in Chico.

1. The Strangest Thing
2. Gameshow Jesus
3. Thin Lizard Dawn
4. I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Beatles Cover)
5. Kings & Queens
6. Limbo
7. Heading Home