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"Music and Madness"

Again and again we seem to be impressed when our local youth dazzle us with their amazing talent. And yet, though this seems to happen every week, we never learn. This holds just as true for local Alternative Rock band Cloverleaf Drive. Last night, hundreds of Napa-natives (old and young alike) gathered at the Veterans Amphitheater to witness the awe-inspiring performance of these young teenagers. From the opening notes, to the anthem-like finale, the crowd stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed as these ferocious musicians sprinted across the stage. Drums were thrown, strings were broken, and yet they managed to create music that sounded flawless. "We're never really 'out of control'", said Chris Michael, Frontman of Cloverleaf Drive, "atleast, we're always able to keep a controlled sense on the out of control behavior." Contrary to his statement though, in the course of one song Chris Michael managed to both chip his front tooth on his microphone and cut his finger on a drum. "Accidents happen, but that makes it all the more real and honest," said bassist Mark Konakis.

All five members of Cloverleaf Drive attended Vintage High School, three of whom participated in the Marching Band program. "Mack, Chris and myself all met in band," says Michael Rhinehart, "infact it was because of a band fundraiser party that Mack and I even found out that Chris could sing!" Though on the outside they seem like carefree party animals, they assure us that there is a very important symbolic side to the group. "It's all about honesty. The songs we write, what we do in a performance...every ounce of what we do is pure, unbridled enthusiasm and love for the people who support us" says Chris Michael. In a concurring statement Steven Melony stated "If you don't believe in what you're doing, then how can you expect the people you play for to believe you?"

With a record attendance of over 500 people in the amphitheater, it is safe to assume that these fans believe exactly what these guys believe. Cloverleaf Drive has performances all throughout this summer starting next friday, headlining the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma. - Napa Register


~"Images of a Forgotten Dream"- Demo, Prairie Sun Recording 2008.

~"Vows of an Artist"- E.P. Popsmear Records 2009.

The song "Reason" (Off of Images of A Forgotten Dream), streams on KVON The Vine (FM 99.3), Napa/Sonoma County, and Ozcat Radio in Vallejo, CA.

Currently the tracks "Men Don't Make Air" and "Humans and Heroes" (Off of Vows of an Artist) are in the process of being approved for the major San Francisco alternative rock station Live 105.3 (KITS 105.3 FM, San Francisco).



Our music and songs are stories and events that have happened in one of our lives. However, we take pride in making sure that every song is relatable to each audience member. Cloverleaf Drive was formed in the fall of 2007 by Mack St. Pierre, Mikey Rhinehart, and Chris Michael. Over the course of the following months Jade Carty was brought on as Bass Guitarist. The quartet attempted (and failed miserably) to record a full length album with amateur studio engineer Tim Gaskall. After realizing that the songs they tried recording (for lack of a better word) sucked, the band scrapped their entire playlist and rewrote a new line-up. In the summer of 2008 Jade Carty left the group in persuit of other interests, and so David Hamernick was added to the Line-up. Once David was brought up to speed, Cloverleaf Drive visited Prairie Sun Recording to record a 3 song demo. Being the first legitimate recording of the band, the response to it's release was tumultuous. Over the next several months Cloverleaf Drive began getting requested for clubs in San Francisco, was invited to appear on several radio programs, AND was even gaining enough popularity to be targeted by a very professional scam artist! To this day we thank "Steven Rice" (Founder of Platinum Music he said) because he, if anything, united the band against a common enemy (himself) and made us into a family. In the winter of 2009, Cloverleaf took Chris off guitar and moved him into the position of frontman so that he could connect directly with the audience without the barrier of a guitar. Steven Melony was brought in as the new lead guitarist, and his prodigious talent allowed the band to venture into even more complex ideas. In March, David was forced to leave the band due to outside influences and personal obligations, and so Steven introduced us to Mark Konakis. Mark was a perfect fit for the band, and joined a mere week before Cloverleaf recorded their first E.P. at Popsmear Records. In July of 2009 "Vows of an Artist" was released at a special event held by the band and was also released on Itunes. To this day Cloverleaf Drive continues to play shows at very prestigious venues. Over the past two years, we have played at Expressions College (Emryville), The Shop (Sonoma), The Phoenix Theater (Petaluma), The Napa Valley Opera House (Napa), Bottom of The Hill (San Francisco), The Retox Lounge (San Francisco), The DNA Lounge (San Francisco), Club Retro (Sacramento), Thee Parkside (San Francisco) and scores of other venues in the Bay Area. We strive to be as unique as possible, but our influences come from all areas of music. While other bands use in-studio effects or use pitch-shifting on vocals, we hold a strong stance that if we can't do it live, we don't do it at all. We live for our audience. We love them more than we love anything else. We don't attempt to be "badass rockers", we take pride in being musicians. Chris and Mack both play saxophone, and are proficient on the piano, as well as being well-versed on guitar. We have no intention of leaving each other. As long as there is one person who wants to see Cloverleaf Drive play, we will stay together as a band.