Strong melodies and hooks united with fantastic arrangements and expert musicianship, fuse to create well-crafted songs of a modern, yet original style that are the core of CLOVE ROAD's music.


Based in the city that never sleeps, CLOVE ROAD consists of 5 accomplished, hard working musicians that are no strangers to the grind and grime of the music scene. Rob (lead vocals) has performed across the country as a successful solo artist. His self-brewed brand of melody oriented pop/rock garnered amazing opportunities for him to share the stage with such national acts as Bon Jovi, Collective Soul and The Jonas Brothers, among many others. Add to the mix John (drums/vocals), Keif (guitar/vocals), Eddie (guitar/vocals) and Steve (bass/keyboards) formerly known as The Greatest Nameless Band, a local NYC hard-rock group. Bringing a strong underground following gathered through the unique sound of their three indie-label releases, the formula is complete!


Clove Road-EP

Set List

Set list varies depending on venue and time constraints. We can do one set or a full three sets for the night