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Clown Vomit

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Rock Avant-garde


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With a penchant for the howl of the theremin and a zealous food fixation, this five-piece band whips up a crazy concoction of fast-paced punk, Saturday morning cartoon chase music and totally Beefheart-esque noise. Clown Vomit must come up with their song ideas during the silliest of late-night bong sessions, because I can’t think of another time when a two-minute ode to a porkchop would be conceived. Especially one where the only lyrics are a strangled wail of “porkchop!” I guess it worked for tequila, so why not?

While some of the tunes are pretty darn catchy (”Doody for You” particularly) others are downright cacophonic. Clown Vomit is not afraid to experiment, and that’s precisely when things start getting interesting. Standouts are the racing, screechy “Baby Pterodactyls,” the bizarro “Egg Salad” and the delightfully titled “Happiness is a Golden Pancake.” Saint Alphonso would be so proud.

Like many of their demented forebears, Clown Vomit isn’t for everyone. A lot of people are going to hate it, in fact. But those people are just no damn fun. -

"The Greatest Band Ever"

Clown Vomit's flagrant assault on all things conventional is hardly innovation, but what makes them fascinating is the bands pension to air out all of their creative spunk, giving equal equal time to idea both good and not so good, both relatively safe and haphazardly eccentric. This being said, Clown Vomit is more than a cheeky curiosity or an experiment in creative tomfoolery. The band is a challange to the notion of genre itself, seamlessly criss-crossing the lines of metal, pop, grind-core, electronica, noise, jazz, and even bluegrass. Indeed, I have seen the deep, dark, and dirty future of rock and roll, and its name is Clown Vomit. They might very well be the greatest band of all time... - The New Paltz Oracle

"Concert Ends in Madness"

Clown Vomit closed the first act with a sweeping, original performance about breakfast foods. The song which seemed to have been constructed in a disparate style similar to those written in the 1970s by Yes or Led Zeppelin, contained three distinict sections — all related to the theme of one man’s quest for breakfast. - The Commack Times

"Clown Vomit"

"When you think Clown Vomit think strange,rare,extravagant,eclectic,diverse, and heterogeneous. Their hysterical and extravagant musical extremism now also has a slight emotional and more accessible side to the listener. The compositions this time around are excellent and the new release, Sunshine in the Morning get's a 8.9/10."


"Brooklyn is Back"

"...Clown Vomit was a unique sounding band that stormed the stage donned in crazy costumes. From a drummer wearing a McDonald’s Big Mac costume and the rest in costumes equally as funny these guys changed the way we will listen to experimental rock forever. ..." - Emergenza Music Festival

"Reviews Of Regurgitation"

Clown Vomit definitely brings their own style to the table. Eclectic combinations of sounds and effects make this release a unique listen. -

"Clown Vomit"

"They had us with the logo alone...and not to mention the deep and goofy lyrics...and the theramin and 'squeezebox'...and the Ritalin-laden aural madness. Welcome an even Insaner Clown Posse? When's this circus come to town? We're into it!" -

"Clown Vomit- Berries"

Never has a band's name so accurately described their music. This blistering punk opus is so awkward and strange and yet frutifully catchy. Wuth it's meaningless lyrics and discordant-at-best chorus, "Berries" is definately guaranteed to get a reaction. The song even incorporates some Tom Morello what-the-hell-is-that-noise style guitar. This is a must have for anyone with a punk/rock sense of humor, and for those pesky neighbors who need to be taught a lesson. - The SideHatch Vault

"Clown Vomit"

Hell yeah, Watt gets it going when he's got the Clown Vomit in his tank, makes his motor hop and purr w/'pert-near. No pings pulling even the steepest of grades here. This is ninety-weight tranny oil for the soul, much mesh in the gear box but lots of grind in the mind... Hey, I find it way healthy and a good purge for all that mersh we gotta wade through. - Mike Watt, Co-Founder of the legendary punk band The Minutemen and current bassist for Iggy Pop & Th

"Clown Vomit Wins Sonicbids"

Theremin wielding metal/jazz/joke-rock band Clown Vomit takes this week's honor as CMJ's Sonicbids Spotlight. The band—consisting of five musicians, all with exciting names like Tony Bologna and Paulentine Powers—joined together with two goals—to create music that defies the gravity and have some fun. Their self-released, charmingly titled album Regurgitation and recently released demo Nutsack have prepared them for their new album, New World Odor, which will coincide with the New World Odor Tour. Check out their two singles "I Doody For You" and "Eggsalad." Lovely right? - CMJ.COM


Francesca's Magic Crouton-2002 CD
Regurgitation-2006 CD, Digital Download
Sunshine in the Morning-2009 Digital Download
Sunshine in the Morning-2011 CD, LP
Adam Lerner- Winter 2011/2012 CD, LP

All releases on Nomad Vinyl Records
Published by Pulling Pork Publishing House (ASCAP)



After a year absence in the music scene, Clown Vomit has reemerged with a new energy and musical direction unlike anything they have ever done before. From the early days of fast up-tempo screamo punk, to the mid-years of free-jazz, Clown Vomit is now pushing towards a more progressive-rock sound while still maintaining a satirical presence.
Since the days of high school, the basements of Brooklyn bars, and sellout crowds at venues in Colorado, Clown Vomit has been doing things at their own pace- and strictly for the love of the music. They began a total DIY (Do-It-Yourself) campaign in 2009 and have full embraced that ethic with their first vinyl release of Sunshine in the Morning. While the 2009 release was strictly a digitial download, the 2011 release is limited to either 500 handmade CD's or 500 handmade LP's. The albums are made one at a time and some are collage cut-ups of old magazines, while others are handmade drawings or paintings. Both versions contain different mixes as well as a bonus track. The band has been selling them at their live shows and has been working with independent record dealers, distributors, and stores across the country. Once Clown Vomit totally committed to doing everything indepdently themselves, the goal became to 'write, record, release, play.' By releasing something on vinyl, the band sees it as a real opportunity to truly give their fans something special, handmade record jackets by the band on 'brownish' colored vinyl. The music industry model is changing, and Clown Vomit will be around for a long time-doing it at their own pace.

*In August of 2011, Clown Vomit began production on their next release Adam Lerner, the band's first ever concept album describing 'someone we went to high school with who realizes he may in fact be God.' In the vein of The Who's Tommy, and Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick, the album will be essentially one long track, split up into 14 different parts over the course of 35 minutes and will be released on CD, Vinyl LP, and Digital Download worldwide.*

Independent Record Stores that carry our music-

Long Island Vinyl Exchange (L.I.V.E.)
275 Larkfield Road
East Northport, NY 11731

Mr. Cheapo CD and Record Exchange
46 Jericho Turnpike
Commack, 11725

Mr. Cheapo CD and Record Exchange
134 Jericho Turnpike
Mineola, NY 11501

Academy Records Annex Williamsburg
96 N. 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Weirdo Records
844 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

Store 54
16 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA 02134