Club Crasherz

Club Crasherz


We deliver the BEST in FUN and ENTERTAINMENT Globally!
Club Crasherz mission through their authentic and versatile songs is to encourage fearlessness, guts, and strength, express pure fun and promote a world of togetherness.


PinkMinxx & Jimi Rezidu are two solo artists whose creative chemistry and explosive performance formed them into a dynamic duo. PinkMinxx is the modern Mae West, with sultry, gutsy vocals, grit and class, strength and fearlessness. Jimi Rezidu is the electronic brain and the heart behind the beats, with a futuristic style. Together they call themselves Club Crasherz. They joined forces when they would pop up at nightclubs, parties and after hours in the LA scene and deliver a precise, in the moment, and unexpected performance.

Club Crasherz sound is an innovative blend on dance pop, electro house, and infuses dancehall, rock, and golden-age hip-hop. This combined with their performance they define as Über Pop. They are pure FUN and promote a world of togetherness and are accessible to everyone. Their music is 100% original work composed and written by Team Bubble. Their songs are authentic, versatile and reach a vast array of audiences.

The energy of this dynamic duo has filled up a wide variety of clubs and venues, including The Roxy & Golden Gate Park`s Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival. Club Crasherz delivers 300% on stage and gives their audience a thrill of fun, joy and excitement.



“Great set at the recent last sundays fest in berkeley. Intelligent, funny, and with that great driving call-and-response vocal front line!! Pure pop. I hope to hear you guys sometime again.”- wire_paladinSF / michael

“Congratulations! We loved your audition and think the fans at Outside Lands will love you just as much. So we’re giving you a pair of Outside Lands tickets so you can come perform in our Odwalla Living Flavor Vending Machine!!!!!”-Odwalla

LA Times Review
"...I play a silly song, an original about hipsters and music. It goes over well. But my shtick is nothing compared to a Berkeley duo by the name of the Club Crasherz, who, I learn, have performed together twice before. They are a flamboyantly dressed woman in a bouffant wig and a man whose look — velvet suit, ruffled shirt — can best be described as "the black Austin Powers." The Crasherz give the soundman a CD of backing tracks and proceed to rap to it, rapturously describing the joys of the weekend. The crowd — many of whom had played or are getting ready to play serious, melancholy songs — erupts. They're not alone in that sentiment. "It breaks up the monotony," McCarthy says. "I tend to like that kind of stuff, when something's different and fun. Your ears do get tired [of the singer-songwriters] — you need fresh ears." Not surprisingly, the Club Crasherz are offered a slot at Highland Grounds on an upcoming Saturday."

Featured On:
"Nocturna" Pirate Cat Radio-Host Alex Gahan, SF
“My Ears Are Burning LA”-public radio in LA
KJCC Radio-DJ Sha
“LA Dreams”-LA Public Cable TV
My Record Label Radio
KPFA Radio on iTunes

Previously Played Venues:

Bay Area:
Club Six-SF Pride After Party 2011, The Oakland Metro, UPS Private Holiday Party-Oakland, The Stork Club-Oakland, Jellyfish Art Gallery-SF, The New Parish-Oakland, Chrome Lotus Nightclub-Santa Rosa, Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity Party, Outsidelands Music Festival (2 days), LASTSUNDAYSFEST on Telegraph at Haste, The Shattuck Downlow, SF Carnaval (2days), My Heart Beats For SF Showcase, All female battle and showcase, Blake’s On Telegraph, Penthouse Party and Fundraiser, Mama Buzz Café, Art Undressed Erotic Art Showcase, The Shattuck Downlow-Purple Party, The Uptown, The Stud, DNA Lounge-Battle of the Bands, The Ibota Lounge, Telegraph Avenue Street Performing, The Uptown Body and Fender Silent Auction for Peralta Elementary, KJCC Radio Show, Private House Party in Oakland, The Makeout Room-Fundraiser, Sugar Cafe, Peralta Elementary School

Los Angeles:
Quality Collective's 10 Year Anniversary-The Grand Star, The Roxy, Love Your Body Day Festival, The Standard, El Cid, The Regent Battle of the Bands, Lip Stick Gallery Fashion Show and Party, EcoPlex, Pig’s and Whistle, Rainbow Room, The Cellar, Highland Grounds, The JunKtion Peanut Gallery After Hours, Transmissions at GrandStarr, The Gig, Liquid Zoo, Michael’s Pub, The Malibu Inn, Mr. T’s Bowl, MTV’s Best Dance Crew Gallery Showcase, New Years Party ’08, Douglas Smith from HBO’s Big Love’s House Party, Crane's Tavern, Club Privilege, Ras B’s from B2K Birthday party


On iTunes
PinkMinxx & Jimi Rezidu LP
1. Stereo
2. My Car
3. Bubblegum
4. Wut3ver
5. Say Say Say
6. VIP Dancehall
7. Celebrity
8. Brink$ Truck
9. Imma Kid Again (song for Will Ferrell)
10. Get it in

Happy Hour LP
1. Happy Hour Alma mater studioRum
2. Weekends
3. Schools Out
4. VIP
5. Bubblegum
6. imma Kid Again
7. Bottom 2 the Top
8. So Nice
9. Wuteva
10. Stereo
11. Marry Me
12. Breakfast at Tiffany's
13. Bumble Bee

Set List

2 Mics and a DJ, easy set up and breakdown, we can perform anywhere between 30-45 minutes combining tracks from both of our album releases, Happy Hour and PinkMinxx & Jimi Rezidu delivering an explosive performance keeping the crowds moving and entertained.