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"Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy"

Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy
Club Phred passes a fundraising milestone with a little help from some famous friends. Fred Dawson is working feverishly to make another rock ’n’ roll slam dunk. His band, Club Phred, jammed with the horn section of the “The Late Night with David Letterman Show” band at the Baby Grand last October, which put the band past the million-dollar mark in cash raised for charity.
Club Phred, in fact, has raised more than $1.2 million for organizations such as The Wellness Community and the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition since it formed in 2002, just by rockin’.
Dawson, a financial planner and organist, met “Late Night” band trombonist Tom “Bones” Malone in 1994. Malone, who arranged music for “Saturday Night Live” from 1975 to 1985, wrote the chart for the skit that turned John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd into The Blues Brothers and started a phenomenon. Dawson met Malone again two years ago while recording “Gimme Some Lovin’” with Spencer Davis, the guy who co-wrote the classic, during a rock ’n’ roll fantasy camp. When Malone and the “Late Night” horn section popped into the studio unannounced, they decided to accompany Dawson. “You could see the wallpaper peeling,” Dawson says. “We all came unglued.” Dawson was so juiced he swore he’d get the guys to Delaware. Now he wants to get them back again. Malone thinks it’s a possibility.
“Jamming with Club Phred is really fun,” Malone says. “They play all of my favorite tunes, they’re all great players, and theycollectively have a vibe.”
Meanwhile, Club Phred will rock your house. “We’re available for certain private parties,” says Dawson. “But we don’t know ‘The Chicken Dance’ or ‘The Macarena.’”
Check out —Maria Hess - Delaware Today Magazine, June 2009

"Aisle Say: Club Phred to appear with Letterman's Late Night"

By Greer Firestone
Community News
Posted Oct 20, 2008 @ 02:43 PM
Last update Oct 20, 2008 @ 03:18 PM
“Sweet Louise,” implored Fred Dawson to his wife of 30 years. “All I want in our new house in Centreville even bigger music room. Please... ” “Oh, Fred, get off your knees. Okay, okay... if I can have a big kitchen.” “Case closed! 'Gimme some Lovin.”
Those two spaces (not the kitchen) embody the passions of the man whose day job in financial planning serves merely to a lifelong musician, Dawson developed a friendship with the legendary sax player Boots Randolph of “Yakkity Sax musician for Sun Records and was on Elvis' first vinyls.) Invited to Dawson's home in 2002 to jam with friends, Randolph good.” The buddies were guitarists Keith Ayars and Mark Sisk. Ayars was in sales and Sisk was a self-described Newark Randolph returned to Nashville and Club Phred was born.
Dawson held court behind the Hammond B-3 organ and others were added: saxophonist Gaetano Vinceguerra; keyboard bassist Brian Daring; and drummer A.J. Malme. Their mantra is '60s and '70s rock. Since 2004, Club Phred has won numerous awards from the Delaware media and has helped charitable organizations raise “Much of the time we do it for free. We certainly do not take credit. We are there to help,” says Dawson. Beneficiaries include recognizable non -profits, including DE HIV Consortium, Boys & Girls Club and March of Dimes. The band was most recently voted number one local bar band in Delaware Today’s Best of Delaware 2005, and number Journal Reader’s Choice in 2007. There are “Fantasy Camps” to feed middle aged zealots of every genre.
For the past six years Dawson has regularly attended a “Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp.” Two years ago, he was in a Master “Gimme Some Lovin ”, when horn players from David Letterman's TV band walked in. “The jam that followed was outrageous,” exclaims Dawson.
One of them, Tom “Bones” Malone, played in the movie “The Blues Brothers.” Dawson kept in touch with Malone, and when Wilmington, Del. —
Aisle Say: Club Phred to appear with Letterman's Late Night Horns - Hockessin, DE - Th... Page 1 of 2 12/30/2008
Event ” fund raiser was proposed for The Grand, Dawson, a longtime board member, suggested connecting with the
and his colleagues signed on. Club Phred will share the stage with the Late Night horns.
The date is Sunday Oct 26, starting at 5 p.m.
“Club Phred is wildly anticipating performing with the legendary horn section,” says Dawson. “Bones and his two band mates we're hoping that we get to do a short medley of Blues Brothers material with them. I can't say enough about what the Grand me and Wilmington. I certainly hope folks come out to hear a great concert and support The Grand. ” What’s in store? Expect Motown favorites.
Stephen Bailey, Executive Director of The Grand says the event will also include a not-so-silent auction, with signed posters Grand’s 2007-08 season. Prints include those signed by Queen Latifah, Bright Eyes, Lewis Black, and Third Eye Blind as by Rufus Wainwright, and John Hiatt and Shawn Colvin.
Tickets can be purchased or 1.800.37.GRAND. - Community News

"Playing covers for a purpose"

By: Editorial
Posted: 3/20/07
Club Phred is not Newark's average bar-scene cover band. The band has been performing in Newark for six years and playing with a purpose. Every show the '60s and '70s cover band plays has a charitable result for the community. Throughout its history, Club Phred has raised more than $400,000 for various charites. That number cannot be matched by many bands, especially in Newark. Club Phred's work is more than commendable. The self-less band does not play just for the rush of the crowd - they play for the Breast Cancer Coalition, Christina Educational Enrichment Fund and Wellness Community. The bars in Newark should recognize this band's efforts and take the initiative to schedule them on more popular nights, like Friday and Saturday. Students will attend Club Phred's preformance to get away from the usual "Awesomer '80s Night" or Rage Against the Machine cover songs. Sixties and '70s cover music would be a nice change of pace once per month or so and, if students know the concert's profits will go to charity, they will be even more likely to attend. Other bands and bars should follow Club Phred's lead and donate some of their profits to better the communtiy. There are some charitable endeavors taken by local bars, but they usually occur on Monday and Tuesday nights. Why not set aside one busy night per month to send a portion of the profits to philanthropies? Pride is what Club Phred should feel as they step onto the stage every week. They present a selfless side to the vain musician stereoptype.
© Copyright 2007 The Review - The Review - University of Delaware

"Wearing ties in line at Deer Park"


THIS TIME of the year, it’s not unusual, even on a weeknight, to see a queue in front the Deer Park Tavern, a parade of patrons waiting to enter the historic watering hole.
However, it is unusual when those lined up are sporting coats and ties or wearing high heels.
Such was the case one Thursday evening last fall when the Downtown Newark Partnership hosted its annual fall mixer. It is an autumnal opportunity for fellowship and networking that draws Newark businesspeople. Each year, the DNP fills the second floor of the Deer Park with a steady stream of well-dressed, business card-carrying hand-shakers.
However, last fall we had so many attendees that a line was required. As someone left the second floor, another businessperson was allowed up. It was crazy.
The crowd draw was the first public performance of a classic rock-and-roll band now named Club Phred.
The ensemble of middle-aged musicians was formed two years ago by Newark native Fred Dawson. All band members at one time were professional musicians. Some had dreams of making the big time. Eventually, all got real jobs and music became a dormant avocation.
Until 2002.
Now, each Tuesday night in Dawson’s basement, a financial advisor, a lawyer, a city building inspector, two furniture salesmen and others gather to practice.
Even though each has a sucessful career and all are busy, they plan their schedules around the Tuesday night jam sessions.
Dawson and attorney Mark Sisk, both fellow Rotarians, tell me Club Phred has brought a new dimension to their lives. Other band members echo this devotion to the band.
Dawson, who describes himself as “a legend in his own mind,” plays his classic 60s rocking Hammond B-3 organ. (Do you like “Good Lovin’”?) Sisk, a columnist for this paper, plays rhythm guitar and attempts to pass himself off as a vocalist. Both played in Newark-area bands when they were in their teens.
I watched the legendary Peter Frampton play at the Grand and he is no better than Club Phred lead guitarist Keith Ayars (though Frampton did at one time have much curlier hair). Last summer, Ayars played with his high school classmate, Bruce Willis, and Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark Farner on stage in Atlantic City. (I was there but prefer not to publicly offer details. Let me just say I did not go to school with Keith and Bruce).
Ayars and drummer Augie Parodi are furniture salespeople at Good’s. For years, Augie and his father have played at Three Little Bakers.
A claims processor at the Veterans Administration, keyboardist Kathy Littlefield is also the group’s bluesy vocalist.
City of Newark employee Brian Daring complements the others with his skilled bass playing.
The only professional musician in the bunch is Bouncin’ Vinnie Vinciguerra. His spirited and sometimes soulful alto sax adds depth to Club Phred.
This mid-life-crisis band plays good ol’ rock-and-roll classics from the 60s and 70s.
And, trust me, they are good. That’s why there was a line in front of the Deer Park last fall. The music was so good, none of those attending the DNP mixer left. Not bad for a band’s first public performance.
Those of you turned away last fall and any person interested in supporting a good cause can hear the band on Tuesday, March 23, when they return to the second floor at the Deer Park for their second out-of-basement appearance. Shows are planned at 5:30 and 7:30 p.m.
Deer Park owner Bob Ashby is furnishing the room, sound tech and heavy hors d’oeuvres. That allows most of the $20 per person fee to go directly to the coffers of the non-profit Christina Educational Enrichment Fund.
I’ve written about CEEF before; it’s a devoted group of volunteers that work to honor outstanding youthful citizens within the Christina School District.
Now, this is just a guess, but if history predicts the future, there will be a line again on March 23. Space is limited at both shows.
If you want to help honor good kids in Christina schools and enjoy some good classic rock while doing so, I urge you to reserve today by calling Carla Grygiel of CEEF, 832-5879, or e-mail your reservation to
That’s worth standing in line for.

When not wishing he could play more than just a radio, the writer is publisher of this and two other Delaware newspapers. Old 45 r.p.m.’s of “Evil Ways” and “Time Won’t Let Me” often can be heard being played loud outside the family home in the Cherry Hill neighborhood of Newark.
- Newark Post


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We've been influenced by many artists from the 60s and 70s. Such groups as The Young Rascals, Procol Harum, The Outsiders, Santana, Smokey Robinson, The Eagles, Tom Petty and many others. We came together about 6+ years ago just for fun until our friends convinced us to "get out of the music room." To date we've helped raise in excess of 1.3 million dollars for local and national charities over 5 years.

We've backed Mark Farner (Formerly of Grand Funk Railroad) twice, opened for ex-Beatle Drummer Pete Best, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Horn Section from The David Letterman Late Night TV Show (Tom "Bones" Malone, Bruce Kapler and Al Chez), and have won numerous awards from the Delaware Media.

Club Phred rocks out when it's time to rock and can deliver some of the best top 40 songs of the 60s and 70s. We are totally professional and have fun on the band stand with and for our audience.

Below is what Late Show with David Letterman Musician Tom "Bones" Malone had to say about recently performing with Club Phred at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware.

"Jamming with Club Phred is really fun. They play all of my favorite tunes. They are all really nice people that collectively have a "vibe." All great players on their instruments. Playing with Club Phred is like having dinner at someone's house."

Contact Fred Dawson for bookings at or 302-999-9330.

Visit our website at

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