Club Promise

Club Promise

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Alt-folk, some Smiths, some Parisian street music mixed in with some blues and Balkan rhythms. You might detect the odd high life melody in the mix. Melancholy but uplifting tunes which tug at your soul.


Club Promise came together a year ago, drawn together by a shared enthusiasm for bands like Beirut, Bon Iver, Bright Eyes, the Black Keys and The Smiths.

Their beguiling, lyrically-rich songs show a keen pop sensibility, conjuring up a world of love and yearning, underpinned by accomplished musicianship with guitars, mandolin, ukulele and accordion thrown into a rich mix.

For a band so young, their songs are surprisingly mature and sophisticated, played with considerable skill and flair.

They happily delve into different musical styles, songs happily fusing Balkan folk rhythms with melodic folk and the sounds of Parisian street music.


Songs can be found here:

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