Club Stoic

Club Stoic

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN
BandEDMNew Age

Dance music that pushes boundaries, heavy and dreamy tracks in an entirely original set that combines textural, hard hitting hip hop beats, floating pads; and punk sensibilities. With Willow Davidson on affected saxophone and flute and on the fly sampling, the live show can't be missed


Making waves in the music scene of Halifax since early childhood, Nick Iwaskow started Club Stoic with the intention of pushing the boundaries of dance music in the the local scene and beyond; seeing that there were avenues of experimentation that just hadn't been pursued by other DJ's. With rock solid production, and an emphasis on original material and on the fly remixing and mash ups to keep it fresh; it's truly a dance set that goes beyond what you've seen in a club, pushing into band territory. Joined by Willow Davidson on wind instruments that are affected live and blended into the mix, it's the perfect dreamy heavy hitting summer jams for any party.


FIELDS OF JOY - on Lazersquid Records (2012)

NO WONDER - self distributed, digitally released (2012)