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"Coming At Cha'll CD Review"

C. Luva

A+ Comin At Cha‘ll (Swoll Records/Indie) In Local Stores Today

With his laid back rhymes and consistent flamboyance, C. Luva was still declaring that he was the world’s fastest rapper after releasing his independent-label debut, Crunkdafied, in 2001.
Now, his vocals and lyrics are crispier and possess a deeper, more unexpected edge. Comin At Cha’ll may use only a few big name collaborators here and there, but C. Luva stretches his artistry beyond the expected flashy side of rap and reaches back to hip hop for new heights.
This album is more than just a southern classic and should be studied by aspiring artists and fans alike and Comin At Cha’ll helps us to reminisce on how good hip hop is really made.
It’s evident from Comin At Cha’ll’’s opener, “Cha’ll Not Feelin Meh,” where C. Luva is more clever and seasoned this time around. He switches styles and tones from smooth lyrical approach to a swift, rapid switching style emcee that would impress Twista and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. On the hypnotic “Call Meh,” a collaboration with Chamillionaire, C. Luva professes to a girl to call him when she’s feeling lonely: “Obviously u not playin ya part, I admit u mighta have won her heart, but like Kels I had her body callin; right from the start.”
On the banger “Face Wuz Tha Shocka,” he switches styles and spits: “I tried tha classy, C. Luva need tha nasty, backseat wit Ashley, forgot her name, she asked me, I said it wasn’t Silkk, tha ass made me stop ya, butcha turned around n ya face wuz tha shocka.”
On Comin at Cha’ll, he proves that he is the world’s fastest rapper. There are a lot of great notables over original beats like “Tru 2 Tha TX,“ where C. Luva reps his hood in: “3 15s , got ya ears juss, bleedin for weeks, when I say Comin At Cha’ll, I’m juss, feedin tha streets, fresh and unleashed, Is hip-hop really deceased?”

Bottom line: This album balances emceeing, lyricism, hip-hop and rap extremely well. It’s intensely fast then slow to satisfy any mood as well as every track displays a different capability and an actual meaning but count on C. Luva’s confidence, flair and lyricism to keep coming and coming at ya’ll. - cNet download.com


Money Walk is the first national single that is receiving airplay in major music markets. C. Luva is a mixtape artist developing his talents into the upcoming major debut LP "Success Or Starvation". Upcoming singles include: "Put That Luva N Ya Lyfe" and many more...



A breath of fresh air has come to hip hop and he goes by the name of C. Luva. Born in Texas, C. Luva (Chris Love) was born at a time when Fort Worth AKA Murdaworth’s gang violence was on the way to its peak. Being affiliated with gang’s in his neighborhood, he quickly saw that lifestyle would lead him to a closed casket and started taking a different lifestyle.

Entertaining people around his neighborhood gave him the confidence to pursue the entertainment business while finding other talents by becoming a DJ and producer to keep him out of trouble.

C. Luva had instant success with an underground CD called 'Tear Da Skool Up' but a number of distractions had fallen on C. Luva including the deaths of four of his best friends and his battle with the West Nile Virus in 2001. His most recent setback was his near death car accident with two semis in March 2007. C. Luva struggled to get back to good health while vowing not to give up on his hustle and amazing talent.

Today this hungry, ready, and now able young artist is ready to begin his journey into dominating the mainstream. Along with a fresh voice, undeniable swagger and passion for success, C. Luva will prove to be a vital ingredient for hip-hop as few are able to duplicate his signature style. Put That Luva N Ya Lyfe!